Didcot parkrunners of the Month – August 2018


Didcot parkrunners of the Month - August 2018




Daniel and Olivia Brenchley have been fantastic supporters of Didcot parkrun in volunteering regularly since joining us in June 2018, they really are an inspiration to us aren’t afraid to get involved with all aspects of parkrun.


Olivia has embraced all the volunteering roles whilst being the first to cheer and high five our parkrunners, she has the best sense of humour whilst always wearing a smile.


Daniels running has seen him gain an almost 8 minute improvement since June and gaining a PB of 36:32. We love having both Daniel and Olivia involved with Didcot parkrun and we hope it can help inspire other young people to come and join in.




Daniel Brenchley
9 runs completed (all at Didcot parkrun)
3 PB’s
8 Volunteered


Olivia Brenchley
14 times Volunteered


1) How did you hear about Didcot parkrun?

Olivia: My mum told me and I was like yeah!

Daniel: From my mum


2) What did you do on a Saturday morning at 9am before Didcot parkrun?

Olivia: Watch YouTube videos

Daniel: Sit down and watch cartoons or YouTube


3) Your Barcode - is it paper, laminated, permanent or other?

Olivia: I don't have one yet

Daniel: Paper


4) Do you have any parkrun goals?

Olivia: I want to run it when I'm a teenager

Daniel: To get my time below 30 minutes


5) Do you have a favourite parkrun moment?

Olivia: Seeing my friend Maya and her family and seeing Eddie & Dot

Daniel: When I beat my first PB


6) Has parkrun changed your attitude to running, fitness and general wellbeing?

Olivia: Yes

Daniel: Yes, I want to do more running


7) What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Didcot parkrun?

Olivia: Overtake!

Daniel: That they should do it because it gives them a goal to achieve, to get faster. It's a great way of socialising and meeting people


8) Which do you prefer……Laps on the field or the long path to the finish?

Daniel: Laps on the field


9) What’s your favourite volunteer role?

Olivia: I like marshalling at point 2

Daniel: Same as Olivia, marshalling at point 2


10) What is your favourite parkrun to date?

Olivia: My first one

Daniel: The one where I got my current PB (29/9/18)


11) Describe what parkrun is to you in three words?

Olivia: Tiring, fun, jolly

Daniel: Fun, achieving, motivating