Dinton Pastures parkrun Event 87 – The alternative-alternative course, Take 2!

Event #87: The alternative-alternative course, Take 2!
Run report by: Kirstin Henderson

Anyone who saw the Facebook post on Friday evening, with a photo of a flooded path at Dinton Pastures, knew they were going to be in for a splish-splashing treat on Saturday morning.

Heavy rain had made the main course, and the alternative course unusable. There was only one solution: the alternative-alternative course!

This course, being used for only the second time, involved 3 small laps, 3 times over the bridge, and 3 dog-legs. In the pre-run briefing we were asked to "turn right, turn right, then turn left". Which I promptly forgot, but thankfully the marshals did a fantastic job of directing the 200 runners and walkers around the muddy, puddly course.

Congratulations to the 26 parkrunners who got a PB, and a big "Well done" to the four people who made their parkrun debuts this week. We all know their Saturday mornings will never be the same!

Huge thanks, of course, to all the volunteers today:

Tom P HARRISON • Chris MOSELEY • Nicole RICKETT • Daniel RICKETT • Martin C DOUGLAS • Catherine Y DOUGLAS • John HAMMOND • Hayley HAMMOND • Paul MACKENZIE • Lauren THORNTON • Tracey ABBOTT • Kirstin HENDERSON • Edward THORPE • Ashley PINDER • Joy ELSMORE • Jan L THORPE • Sanjana SHYAM PRASAD • Dominic COLLINS • Jack JAMES • Alex GREEN

A visit to Dinton Pastures parkrun is always a great way to start the weekend, and today was especially good fun. Glad I remembered to bring spare socks and shoes for the journey home though :)



Dinton Pastures parkrun Event #85

Run Report by Tom Lamb

Watching the 336 participants line up for this morning’s event, ready to head down the damp tracks for two laps of the lake, it struck me how remarkable parkrun is - there cannot be many events that draw such a diverse crowd with the sole aim of covering 5000 metres.

For some parkrun is the goal at the end of a long road in the couch-to-5K training – a massive personal milestone. For others it could be more about the social side of things or an reason to ditch screens for the morning and draw some fresh air in to the lungs. For others the event is used alongside other runs for longer distance training. I wonder which ‘bucket’ this week’s 49 first-timers are in?

From a personal perspective, I don’t particularly enjoy running, and yet I’m consistently drawn to it. This mild addiction is fuelled in part by the statistics available. The 5K App shows your PR data and has a range of challenges such as the ‘Alphabeteer’- running an event beginning with every letter of the alphabet, or ‘Single-ton’, running 100 events at the same location. elliotline.com and parkrun.com also reveal a plethora of global data and localised information.

So with that in mind here are a few key stats from this week:

Congratulations to the 49 first-timers were joined by about 18,000 others across the world also running their first event.

At 336 participants, this is almost half the size of the largest number seen at this event, someway short of the UK’s most popular event (Bushy – circa 1,500), but significantly up on Dinton’s average attendance of 257, perhaps helped by Thames Valley Park event still water logged.

Dinton joined about a third of a million global parkrunners

4169 new PBs have been achieved at Dinton, of which 65 were today

Finally, if there was an award for ‘biggest age gap between volunteers’ then surely Dinton would win it this week. Nathan aged 4 (nearly 5) was joined by 23 other volunteers including Tom, nearly 8 decades his senior. Thank you to all for making this event possible.

Tom P HARRISON • Martin C DOUGLAS • Catherine Y DOUGLAS • Veronica ANDREW • Alan HALE • Nicola WOODMAN • Paul MACKENZIE • Thomas LAMB • Tom GIBBS • Issie STOOLE • Gillian WRIGHT • Gina HALE • Tamsyn FLYNN • Matthew DOLAN • Ashley PINDER • Joy ELSMORE • Bernadette RENDER • Ian RENDER • Sanjana SHYAM PRASAD • Bruce HUNTER • Nathan HUNTER • Chris GARRETT • Dominic COLLINS • Jayden GILL



Dinton Pastures parkrun 01/02/2020 | #84 – Run Report by Jemima Thackray, age seven

I went to parkrun with Mama who was run director. I was only going to do the run report but I ended up scanning as well because we were short of volunteers. It did not matter because I like scanning anyway. I like scanning because I get to press the button. I had to scan Paul’s barcode on his shoe. Paul is our event director. He was very muddy. There were three-hundred and fifty runners. Fifteen of them were running their first parkrun. The person who has run the most is Phil Nash. He has run four hundred and eighty seven. When we were finishing I had to pull the trolley with all the cones and signs back to the hut. Mama balanced all the stuff and pushed a bit. Then we went to the cafe and Dan bought me a hot chocolate. My favourite part of the morning was pulling the trolley. It was really tricky getting it through the mud but very funny.

Thanks to the volunteers
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Heather BARNES, Holly CHRISTOPHER, Catherine COLLINS, Matthew DOLAN, Martin C DOUGLAS, Tony Evans, Jayden GILL, Alan HALE, Gina HALE, Tom P HARRISON, Ethan JOHNSON, Paul MACKENZIE, Ashley PINDER, Sanjana SHYAM PRASAD, Charlie ST AUBYN, Issie STOOLE, Jemima THACKRAY, Rachel Clare THACKRAY, Lauren THORNTON, Peter TURNER, Penny WEBB


Dinton Pastures parkrun event number 83

Dinton Pastures parkrun
Event number 83
25th January 2020
This week 351 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 47 were first timers and 84 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 39 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Brian Matthew PEERS • Martin C DOUGLAS • Katherine PATTISON • Colin TENNANT • Alan HALE • Penny WEBB • Lauren THORNTON • Keith STONEMAN • Peter GLASS • Emma GRIFFITH • Gina HALE • Barbara TAYLOR • Holly CHRISTOPHER • Angela RIGBY • Luke PEERS • Ashley PINDER • Leonie SULLIVAN • Joy ELSMORE • Sanjana SHYAM PRASAD • John RIGBY • Bruce HUNTER • Nathan HUNTER • Dominic COLLINS • Jayden GILL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Dinton Pastures parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Max COSTLEY who recorded a time of 16:29 on 25th August 2018 (event number 7).
The female record is held by Georgia HAYES who recorded a time of 18:04 on 24th November 2018 (event number 20).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mary MCGUIRK who recorded 86.94% (20:33) on 23rd March 2019 (event number 38).

Dinton Pastures parkrun started on 14th July 2018. Since then 6,170 participants have completed 21,257 parkruns covering a total distance of 106,285 km, including 4,121 new Personal Bests. A total of 367 individuals have volunteered 1,886 times.


Dinton Pastures parkrun #82 18/01/20

A huge thank you to Run Director Emma Griffith and her merry band of volunteers who managed to make Event 82 happen this week.  Parts of the normal course were under deepwater but thankfully the alternate course survived inspections on Friday and on Saturday morning.
For the 381 that walked, jogged and ran on Saturday you will have appreciated that Dinton Pastures was at its stunning best  - sun, blue sky, crisp temperatures with a scattering of white from the heavy frost.  The icing on the cake was the muddy puddles which meant we could ask for nothing more than maybe a change of footwear once your tokens had been collected and barcodes had been scanned...
First finishers were Daniel MacMillan and Laura Thomas - well done both.  Worth noting that of the 20,906 parkruns at Dinton so far Daniel's was only the third under 17 Minutes - great running.
I'll end where I started with a further thank you to all the volunteers who made this happen - even more work goes into events when conditions are as good for ducks as they are for runners.  Please do check the future roster and consider volunteering in the coming weeks as your help will be really appreciated by the core team and all the runners.
Will you be back again next week?!


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