Dishley parkrun, Loughborough is cancelled on 30 May 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Not-Dishey parkrun #5

I got invited to Dishley parkrun one year ago and wasn't sure how it would be as I'd never taken running seriously or timed myself, plus with IT work and commuting had been too sedentary for a few years.

So I dusted off my old running trainers with no grip, that I'd bought last century from Running Fox (1998? Awaiting carbon dating), and put on some swimming shorts and a football shirt and stumbled around in 27:54!


I found parkrun very friendly and saw some other friends there so started to go more often, until the waterlogged pitches thwarted us all.

Now in 2020 with the Covid crisis, I can't do many activities so have found running such a lifeline. It is so good for our physical, mental and spiritual health. I trust you are all feeling energised with running! I so look forward to each run. I'm in better shape with lockdown than in I have been in years!

So the virtual run #5 again was popular, 121 runners with lots of amazing times recorded and many virtual PBs! This weekend was getting very warm and some of you had to tackle hills so well done everyone! I appreciate Richard the tail walker to make sure we're safe!

I did my Sunday afternoon run around the university campus pitches only a few families out strolling and an odd runner to navigate around. I went for a PB (I've been improving a lot lately) and set off as fast as possible for 2k and then hoped to hold my pace below 4:30. Half way through I was feeling it with the heat and a heavy lunch, but somehow managed to keep going. I got a new PB of exactly 22:00 (at least 15 seconds faster than my previous best!)


Thankfully for you all, when we are all back at parkrun, I have some new running kit and trainers!! I'm missing the camradery and the crowds, and the chats at the finish line and the happy bell! I really encourage everyone to try and get out and walk or run, breathe some fresh air and to enjoy the amazing nature around us - to help us get through this difficult time!

By Paul H (A2643567)

Today's results can be found on the Not-Dishley parkrun Google docs spreadsheet!

Thanks again to everyone for submitting their photos, the album can be found on Facebook.


Not-Dishley parkrun #4 – Still making a difference

After a lovely, socially distanced VE day with neigbours on Friday, a day in the garden on Saturday and the completion of my Star Wars education (thank you Disney+) I found myself still somewhat glued to the sofa at 6pm on Sunday evening - blame the weather and the need to recover from the excitement of speaking to real life people face to face on Friday!


Scrolling through social media I saw the comment that entries were low this week... now, not one to shy away from a competition (whether my usual opposition realise it or not as I try and catch up the dog walkers and members of the general public out on my plods) I thought this could be my one and only chance to crack the top 20!


So, in to kit I dressed, and after the usual amount of faff to actually get out of the door off I set on the route that I and my partner have come to do as our evening walk, as I knew it was almost bang on 5k (and last week's loops, whilst quicker, did drive me a little err... round the bend)...


Unintentionally I hit the sweet spot for isolated running... I can only assume everyone else was sat diligently watching our esteemed leader's update on the rules... safe in the knowledge that I'd not miss much the only other living creatures seen were a rabbit on Millionaire's row (a higher class of wildlife I'm sure) and a dog walker. The wind did it's best to change to a head wind direction whichever way I was running, but having cut out the worst of the undulations I still managed to keep up, what for me, was a fairly decent pace. I think all my lockdown Yoga is starting to pay off! and - as ever, I felt so much better for getting out.

So thank you parkrun - virtually, you're still making a difference.

By Katy Young (A47899)

Today's results can be found on the Not-Dishley parkrun Google docs spreadsheet!

Thanks again to everyone for submitting their photos, the album can be found on Facebook.


Not-Dishley parkrun #2 – The Long Whatton 5K

Despite official parkrun not being available to us at the moment, it is nice to see familiar names on the Not-Dishley results, as a reminder of when we will be able to all get together again.

There were 84 participants for Not-Dishley #2, and I was thinking about all the different courses that have been created. Perhaps some just run until 5K is up, others run randomly, or has a course been created? I have invented the Long Whatton 5K, which is on a single loop, rather than doing laps (like three times round Dishley Pond – how I miss the lovely Dishley Pond).


The problem in my case is that there is a gradual hill, nearly a mile in length, so my times are never going to be great. I’m thinking that our lovely tourist friends from Holland will have a flatter course! My course is on the road, though some may have decided to go off road on footpaths or parkland. I’m also doing the same course very week, I’m up to Long Whatton 5K #5 now. (It was a PB this week).


Because the Not-Dishley parkrun window of opportunity is over the whole weekend, I also wonder when everyone is going out. Funnily enough, although morning is not my best time for running, I am still going out at around 9am on Saturday morning. I think that has something to do with routine.


I’ve learnt that from retirement – it’s nice to have some regular things to do during the week, as it helps you to remember what day it is, quite useful in this lockdown period. I keep meaning to run it one day in the evening to see how much faster I can get round.

The important thing is to get the most we can out of the situation. I have the world’s fastest time on Strava for the Long Whatton 5K. OK, so I created the segment myself, and it starts and finishes at my house, so I’m fairly confident of retaining it – but records are records. The important thing is that we should continue to do our running and walking until we can get together again.

By Bob Haskins (A403376)

Today's results can be found on the Not-Dishley parkrun Google docs spreadsheet!

Thanks again to everyone for submitting their photos, the album can be found on Facebook.


Not-Dishley parkrun #1, 17 – 19 April 2020

Write a run report for an event that took place over various locations during various times over a period of a few days where nobody actually met”, they said.

“It’ll be fun”, they said.

Well it would certainly serve as a very welcome distraction from all the challenges of the home schooling that I’ve been so absorbed in recently, I thought. I have more chance of being taken notice of, after all, and it is subject that I at least understand, so why not?

However, as I subsequently discovered, you can take the girl out of home schooling but you can’t take home schooling out of the girl and so, wearing my strictest home-schooling Mum hat, I’ve set you all a piece of homework to do while you’re stuck in the house: parkrun’s very first do-it-yourself run report.

Decide how you want your own run report to sound by making the appropriate choices in the passage below. And, in the interests of the environment, this DIY report can be continually recycled and reused so there’s no use to get rid of it after this week’s run!

Today's full results can be found (not on the Dishley parkrun, Loughborough Results Page) but on the Fancy Google docs spreadsheet!.

And thanks everyone for sending in their photos, the full ablum is on Facebook.


The day was [Friday/Saturday /Sunday/just a hazy blur in the midst of this crazy lockdown situation] (delete where applicable) and runners missing their weekly parkrun fix found themselves full of [enthusiasm/feeble excuses/an irrational fear and a sense of foreboding/cake, tea and an abundance of other treats consumed during quarantine] following a [motivating and inspirational run briefing/promise of more cake/strange but curiously uplifting incantation] from Dishley’s Run Director.

Five long weeks had passed since [the last Dishley parkrun had taken place/Dishley’s Run Director started creating daily work-out routines for Joe Wicks/the incessant rain that had been the blight of our Saturday mornings for weeks miraculously stopped and the Loughborough Rugby Club pitches started to dry out to resemble a near-perfect running surface] but a solution to the [cancelled parkruns/toilet paper shortage/lack of #PEwithJoe at weekends] was offered, in the shape of the inaugural Not-Dishley parkrun.


This was just like a normal parkrun, only different. The distance was the same but it could be completed at any time, on any course, within a three-day period. Alone. Now can you see the challenges facing the run report writer?

With trainers laced, kit on and timers primed and ready to go, 113 runners, walkers and joggers, with their trusty parkrun barcodes [safe in their possession/still yet to surface after several weeks of inactivity] took their place in [unseasonably hot sunshine/unrelenting Dishley-esque rain/the comfort of the home gym] to pound the [streets/trail/fields/treadmill] for 5km and complete the very first Not-Dishley parkrun. There were no marshals, no tail-walkers and no finish funnel managers but the spirit of parkrun was very much alive.


The event attracted runners from not only the Loughborough area and surrounding villages but also much further afield; there was a large contingent taking part in Den Haag in the Netherlands and there were representatives in Inverness too! With several hundreds of miles separating many of the participants, it was clear they were all taking social distancing guidelines very seriously!


The first to complete the distance was Poplar Running Club’s Paul Woolridge who got round his own 5k route in a time of 19:01, almost a year to the day since recording his Dishley parkrun PB of 18:40. Club-mate Nick White ran home 30-seconds behind, while Helen James of 100 Marathon Club was the first to finish for the ladies in a time of 20:29, almost a minute and a half quicker than her Dishley PB.

Seth Gardner, competing in the JM10 category, was the first junior home, completing his own 5k run in an impressive 25:51.

Special mention, however, must surely go to [insert your name here] who [insert notable achievement here] which will undoubtedly be the talk of Dishley parkrun once it gets off the ground again.

Week 2 of Not-Dishley parkrun takes place soon. See you then (or not as the case may be), until which time it’s back to home-schooling for eating cake for me.

Take care, stay safe and keep well.


By Anne NEWBERY (A95326)


Run report #77 – International Women’s Day

The first Saturday of the month rolls around again and it is time for me and my merry band of parkrunners to hit the tourist trail... After a slightly late start and a mere one wrong turn we arrive at Dishley parkrun still with plenty of time to spare. We pull up to a car park full of volunteers guiding us in and I have to say, the warmest welcome from any parkrun I have ever been to. A little bit of banter later and we are off to find the first timers briefing.

parkrun are celebrating 'International Women's Day' (which falls this year on Sunday 8th of March) so many of the volunteers are decked out in 'THIS GIRL CAN' t-shirts. Our very own tourist Stacey manages to bag herself a t-shirt and a photo in front of the #IWDparkrun selfie frame. As the dad of two amazing daughters I am proud to support initiatives like this and I am really pleased that parkrun is obviously dedicated to supporting women and women in sport.


Dishley parkrun is currently on it's 4th alternative route and has had to cancel the previous 2 runs. The course has suffered in the past couple of weeks due to the recent bout of storms but is soldiering on with the dedicated team of core team volunteers. The course today seems very interesting; with a run round a field, a turn around the lake and an out and back next to a canal.

192 amazing souls ran, jogged or walked around Dishley parkrun this week and there were a few milestones... Congratulations to Harry LONGMAN, David CLADINGBOEL, Emma PATTISON and Amber CHALLIS who along with 1353 other people world wide joined the 50 club. Victoria MCDERMOTT and Rishi PATEL who both ran their 10th parkrun as juniors, well done to the both of you!

One thing that stuck out in the results was that of the top 5 finishers, 4 of them were first timers! I don't think I have ever seen such a result at any parkrun I have ran before.

As we are celebrating International Women's Day it would only be right to mention Shannon DEXTER who was first female to finish on only her second ever parkrun.

Another thing to mention was the positivity that surrounded the whole event, we all know the power of positive parkrun but Dishley was something special, I don't think I have ever been so supported by other runners during the run. So many runners who I passed on the out and back section were congratulating and celebrating the runners that were coming the other way, fantastic scenes!

Of course, parkrun could not take place without the amazing volunteers and this week there were 36 hi-vis heroes making sure you didn’t get lost, scanning your tokens, helping you park and everything in between! Katy YOUNG • Philip CASWELL • Ray DRAYCOTT • Linda PULLEN • Roger Martin PULLEN • Paul BENTLEY • Mat RICHARDSON • Kevan HOWARTH • Gillian LEESON • Judith COLES • Jenny FARMER • Garry LEESON • Tom MILLER • Kirsten FASEY • Charlie WALTERS • Susan ANKERS • Olivia ESLIGER • Paula MELBOURNE • Richard CHALLIS • Amber CHALLIS • Jessica NECCHI • Margaret BUDDING • Esther HOPE • Laurie FLUCK • Richard MATHESON • Charlotte COLES • Christopher HUGHES • David BAINES • Hannah GUNN • Rachael GUNN • Amy MASON • Nigel STRONG • Rebecca MOODY • Ella GOULD • Henry SPENCER • Isobel DIXON.

Hi-Vis heroes... we salute you.

After the run, we stuck around, had a chat with the run director about the challenges they had been overcoming with the course and finally popped into the cafe for a well earned cup of tea. Shout out to the 3 gentlemen who sat and chatted to us, hopefully we will see you at Rosliston soon.

Dishley parkrun was a lovely trip out, a really positive experience and I am sure that we will be back again sometime.

By Tom Miller (A2864030)

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Dishley parkrun, Loughborough Results Page.

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