#7 How cold?

A bitterly cold morning didn't deter the hardy dover junior parkrunners! It was great to see some more first-timers today and witness some pretty spectacular runs by all - the cold must make you run faster!

A massive thank you to the army of volunteers who turned up again today in search of their favourite hi-viz vest and whistle - we really appreciate your support, especially when we're sure you'd rather be home in the warm!

After a very energetic warm-up from one the runners (special thanks to Tom for that!), 36 juniors took off round the very frosty course, not even letting the slippery bridge put them off their stride - well done to every single one of you, we hope it didn't take long to warm up when you got home!

Apologies for the delay in processing the results, technology is wonderful all the time it works! There are a few unknown runners on the list, if you know you were in one of these positions and are registered with parkrun, please let us know and we'll update the list.

See you next week!

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