Event #25

With the wild weather already having put paid to several other Scottish parkruns, it was a joy to see RD Dougies Facebook post update at 8am - ‘We are ON!’!!

And so 172 hardy souls braved the elements at the 25th running of Drumpellier Country parkrun.

First of all, a huge shout out to the volunteer team who were absolutely amazing. Your time and efforts are appreciated every week but even more so on days like today.

Amongst the 41 first timers to Drumpellier Country parkrun, congratulations to the 19 of you who did your first ever parkrun this morning. If you can run in that weather, you can run in anything! Welcome to parkrun and we hope to see you back soon.

An intrepid 11 runners did their second ever parkrun with us this morning, with most of you doing both runs here. Nine of you have done both runs in January - well done on those New Years Resolutions!
Of the ‘twos’, special mention to David Macfarlane on achieving “Groundhog Day” - exactly the same time two weeks in a row at the same parkrun. If you get hooked on parkrun and the various unofficial challenges,  you’ll appreciate this one day!

4 parkrunners did their hat-trick this morning. Deborah Ross and Lorraine Meeke are now Drumpellier regulars having done all three here, while Carl Elsegood and Kate Cameron seem to have already gotten the tourist bug and have done 3 different parkruns since New Years Day.

There were 2 runners celebrating milestones this morning.
Simon D’Mello did his 50th parkrun. He was either too shy to shout this out at the pre-run briefing or was still sheltering in his car!
Congratulations to junior Thomas Johnstone on doing his 10th parkrun this morning. He has also done a stint volunteering as barcode scanner - well done young man!

Welcome to our 22 first-timer visitors. They included a group of runners from Portrush parkrun in Northern Ireland, and Louise Shorten from Fountains (Fabby) Abbey parkrun in Yorkshire. Both very lovely parkruns on many a tourists wish list - we hope you enjoyed your run at Drumpellier. We also had visitors from Perth, Falkirk, several Glasgow parkruns and Edinburgh (me!).

Well done to the 20 of you who got PBs - a fantastic achievement in the conditions.

Thanks again to the volunteers. There are spots available on the rota in the next few weeks for anyone who would like to help out. Just email drumpelliercountryhelpers@parkrun.com or get in touch via the Facebook page.

Run report was provided by Aileen Galvin from Edinburgh


Run Report 30 Nov 2019

For me personally, this was an amazing parkrun. And yet, it might not have happened at all. We always thank our volunteers but this week it should be more than just the usual courtesy. Had it not been for those who went out earlier than they had planned, in order to ensure both that the course was safe and that the rest of us knew that early enough to get ourselves along, none of us would have had our weekly parkrun at all and this writer would have missed a truly memorable day.

What would make a memorable parkrun for you? A milestone run such as a 50th? A tourist run away from your normal course? An opportunity to volunteer as well as run? Or maybe beating your PB by some margin? I actually couldn’t believe my luck because I did all of those on the same day - though my volunteering consists of this report and I was not one of the superheroes out in the half light early on Saturday. Family celebrations taking me to my native Coatbridge instead of my home parkrun at Montrose, I ran under 30 minutes for 5k for the very first time in my life on, of all days, my 50th parkrun. So when I express profound gratitude to those Saturday morning heroes I’m not pretending!

It was a special day for many other people too among the 185 who walked, jogged or ran the free, weekly, timed 5k at Drumpellier Country Park. Only four of those are listed as Unknown so that means an amazing 181 (98%) remembered, and chose to use, their printer paper or plastic barcode. Excellent stuff. But there’s more:

Milestones are great but most of us know the hardest achievement at parkrun is getting off your backside and out the door to do your very first one - I think it’s around a million people worldwide have registered without ever turning up to run. Among no fewer than 58 first timers at Drumpellier this week were four doing their first parkrun anywhere, ever. Congratulations to Thomas ONEIL, Craig ROSS, Deborah ROSS and Tracy COGAN. Welcome to parkrun!

parkrun PBs are course specific so are only indicated for those who have run the course and recorded a time before - not first timers or unknown runners. Of the 123 known runners who had a previous time recorded here, an amazing 54 recorded course personal bests (Including one regular volunteer who told me at the start he wasn’t going to run as he had a race on Sunday, no names no pack drill, eh, Deacon Bill?) That’s an unbelievable 44%, of all those who had been here before, who chalked up a PB. We certainly had great running conditions thanks to the early morning heroes (yes them again, not even sorry for mentioning them again.)

Missing a PB by mere seconds only because he chose to show consideration for another runner was Alan Morrison, whom I’ve never met and still haven’t despite being within a couple of minutes of him all the way round. I wish I’d known he was there: Alan is a regular contributor to the excellent running message boards provided by Health Unlocked. If you consider yourself a beginning runner do give Health Unlocked a look: there are boards for Couch to 5k, Bridge to 10k and Marathon and Race Support. It’s a very supportive environment and remarkably troll free - not unlike parkrun in fact.

Special congratulations to our two international class performers on the day: Robert SOUTAR and Stephen ALLAN both exceeded the age grade bench mark of 80%, with Robert’s PB of 18’19” giving him the day’s best age grade performance at 83.17%. A further fifteen runners attained ‘national class’ age grades of over 70%. Among these it is appropriate to mention Michael O’HAGAN and Paul FORBES, who were both less than one percentage point below the ‘international’ 80. Our male and female first finishers, Robbie KENNEDY (17’15”, 74.78%) and Evelyn STRUTHERS (21’56”, 73.86%), were also in the ‘national class’ group by age grade. Congratulations to all.

parkrun is only possible due to the efforts of voluteers. At Drumpellier this week, these were Donna ALLAN, B CANDY, Elspeth FERGUSON, Liam FIDDES, Emma Kate GALLAGHER, Julie GALLAGHER, Max GALLAGHER, Yvonne GENTLES, Arthur GRANT, Douglas HOLMES, Emma MAIN, Ian MCRAE, David MURRAY, Samantha PATERSON, David Gordon SLATER, Hannah STEVENSON, David STEVENSON, Cara SULLIVAN, Linda WALLACE and David WALLACE. If you value your local parkrun and have not volunteered before, please do give it some consideration.

On behalf of all us tourists - including a group from Wales as well as parkrunners from various pars of Scotland - thanks to Julie (RD) and all at Drumpellier for your hospitality. See you again soon.

Arthur Grant


Run Report Event #17 – 23rd November 2019

‘Drumpellier Country parkrun Event 17 Run Report’ or ‘Four months in’

I realised during the week that it would be about 4 months or a third of a year since we had started a 5k parkrun at Drumpellier Country Park. It seems to have gone very quickly, especially since it had been a long wait to get the event up and going.

Because I’ve been playing truant a little, I wasn’t around last week so my RD week really started with arranging to collect our equipment from last week’s RD’s house. Of course there was the usual dealing with emails and arranging a few social media posts. Then because I didn’t have use of the car, calling in another core team member to ‘load up’ their car with gear the night before, and the same person kindly giving me a lift in the morning (and helping with setup too!).

It was actually a straightforward week for filling the volunteer roster, many thanks to all our heroic #teamcrannog - both the familiar faces (I’m still working on names, sorry!) and those new to volunteering. Kudos to: Yvonne GENTLES • David WARDMAN • Marta DROZDOWSKA • Ken ECCLESON • B CANDY • Cara SULLIVAN • Gayle OGILVIE • Max GALLAGHER • Julie GALLAGHER • Beth SLATER • Roderick CAMPBELL • Elspeth FERGUSON • Deacon Bill MCMILLAN • Nick GROVES • G MCARTHUR • Hannah STEVENSON • David STEVENSON • Ian BEGGS • Maja DROZDOWSKA

We got there at 8:15, with the rest of the setup team joining us, and once we got all the gear round to the start area, it was time to dispatch some of the team to put out signage and cones, while we prepared the start and finish areas.

The course was not bad - some leaf fall of course (we do run through the woods after all!) and we had a good number with us, perhaps partly due to a cancellation at Strathclyde. Indeed after our First Timers Briefing I was advised of visitors not only from Strathclyde but also Lanark Moor, Polkemmet (who I’d seen on my visit there), Eglinton, with farthest afield probably Newcastle. Some from Camperdown also made themselves known and we gave a shoutout to Greig Neilson from Pollok on his 50th parkrun - a milestone also achieved by Eileen Dow.

Greig also celebrated his 50th with a PB, along with 40 others, from those on their “difficult 2nd parkrun” to members of the ‘250 Club’. Well done to all.

It looks like 7 of our runners were brand new to parkrun - welcome and haste ye back! Although two were actually first-timers at a 5k, having completed a few 2k junior parkruns! (Look out for Drumpellier junior parkrun coming in 2020!) We also had 8 coming back for their second, and 7 for their third! This parkrunning can be addictive!

Briefing completed, I counted down and our 216 walkers, joggers and runners were off! We arranged the cones to keep runners on the tarmac for most of the finish funnel (an arrangement that still needs refining!) and watched and waited - it seemed no time at all before we could see the front runners passing the peace garden as they began their second lap.

Soon it was time for the finish funnel team to gear up for our finishers, with Robert Gilroy leading the pack home with a PB on this course, followed by Stephen Allan and Robert Soutar. First female was Laura Warnock in 28th overall, a junior, Ella Sharp in 31st, and our own Core Team member Maria Hunter in 41st.

We had some nice ‘matching’ times including Dylan Burns (20:20), Andrew Wilkes (24:24), Josh McKay (25:25), Fran Scorah (28:28), Cara Sullivan of our Core Team (32:32), and ‘symmetrical’ times: Jaime Campbell (34:43) and Fraser McHenry (23:32).

One or two either had put so much effort they had to step to the side (but fortunately a family member took a token for them) or else didn’t realise the importance of staying in the funnel, in sequence. Results processing is really easy if everyone crosses the line, doesn’t duck out of the funnel, takes and then returns their token (either when having their barcode scanned, or directly if they don’t have one or don’t want a time).

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you complete it, we all cover 5km and there’s always a Tail Walker to come behind you - thanks to Deacon Bill on completing this role for the third time here!

It’s always great to see everyone ‘mucking in’ to tidy up the equipment, and we managed to squeeze it all into the car of next week’s RD, Julie G!

Remember that parkruns are operated entirely by volunteers, and anyone can take a turn as the roles are straightforward and easy to pick up. Just email us on drumpelliercountry@parkrun.com and we'll slot you in. It's also great fun!

Then it was back to the excellent Drumpellier Park Cafe for a breakfast roll and a cuppa - or an empire biscuit if you preferred, while we got the results processed.

Another run that went very smoothly, thanks as always to the wonderful team around me, I had very little to do! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next run!

Dave Slater
RD of the day

Drumpellier Country parkrun
Event number 17
23rd November 2019
This week 216 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 67 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Drumpellier Country parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Jennifer WETTON who recorded a time of 18:10 on 10th August 2019 (event number 3).
The male record is held by Lewis RAEBURN who recorded a time of 16:05 on 14th September 2019 (event number 8).
The Age Grade course record is held by Fiona MATHESON who recorded 99.29% (18:44) on 14th September 2019 (event number 8).

Drumpellier Country parkrun started on 27th July 2019. Since then 1,763 participants have completed 3,692 parkruns covering a total distance of 18,460 km, including 813 new Personal Bests. A total of 128 individuals have volunteered 374 times.


Event 15

A very cold and icy morning, bitterly cold but beautifully scenic conditions for Drumpellier’s 15th event. The cold air wasn’t a problem for the 176 hardy runners that joined us this morning, crisp conditions underfoot made for a perfect track.

A magnificent amount of first timers this morning, 59 in total including our first finisher this morning Robbie Kennedy. There were also several first timers within the Couch to 5K team that joined us today from the Airdrie branch of Jog Scotland, well done to Kenny Dickson, Ali Leith, Fiona Elliot and all the others, that’s you part of the parkrun family.

Jogscotland Airdrie Couch to 5k Graduates

The conditions today definitely made a difference for a whopping 32 runners who recorded a PB, well done Martyn Glancy, John Friel, Megan Stewart, Gail Tennant and all the others. The atmosphere was fantastic this morning, as it always is, there was plenty of chatting and laughing around the course, so well done to everyone.


A special shout out to the Bark Runners today, woof, especially Dan the border collie that dragged Ann Dickson to the finish line.

Anne and her 4 legged friend

There were a few who reached parkrun milestones today, they included Arthur Duggen who chalked of his 150th in the company of his son Luke on his 9th birthday who was a first timer at Drumpellier, well done team Duggan.

Another fantastic event, well done Dougie Holmes our run director and all the Hi-Viz heroes you were all amazing.

A cold start ended with a very warm feeling as we all crossed the 5K finish line, you are all amazing , thank you for coming along to Drumpellier parkrun.

parkrun really wouldn't happen without volunteers so please consider it for future weeks. Full training is given and nothing is too difficult so come on and give it a try!

Drumpellier Country parkrun

Event number 15

9th November 2019


This week 176 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 59 were first timers and 32 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.


The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:


Yvonne GENTLES • David LYTTLE • Michelle SINCLAIR • Ken ECCLESON • David MURRAY • Cara SULLIVAN • Douglas HOLMES • Gayle OGILVIE • Sophie MURRAY • Julie GALLAGHER • Cheryl HOLMES • William TAYLOR • Elspeth FERGUSON • Deacon Bill MCMILLAN • Grace GALLAGHER • Arlene SHAW • Audrey JOHNSTONE • Brenda MCRAE • Hannah STEVENSON • David STEVENSON • Ian BEGGS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Drumpellier Country parkrun Results Page.


The female record is held by Jennifer WETTON who recorded a time of 18:10 on 10th August 2019 (event number 3).

The male record is held by Lewis RAEBURN who recorded a time of 16:05 on 14th September 2019 (event number .

The Age Grade course record is held by Fiona MATHESON who recorded 99.29% (18:44) on 14th September 2019 (event number

Drumpellier Country parkrun started on 27th July 2019. Since then 1,658 participants have completed 3,320 parkruns covering a total distance of 16,600 km, including 726 new Personal Bests. A total of 116 individuals have volunteered 336 times.

Drumpellier Country parkrun started on 27th July 2019. Since then 1,552 participants have completed 2,955 parkruns covering a total distance of 14,775 km, including 628 new Personal Bests. A total of 107 individuals have volunteered 288 times.

David Lyttle


Have yourself a Drumpellier parkrun Christmas !

Great news - you can kick the festive season off with a parkrun!

We will be on at 9:30am Christmas Day and look forward to seeing you and hearing from any potential volunteers too!

Ho ho ho

A previous Christmastime run, with some of our now Core Team

Please note that the centre and access to toilets will NOT be available on Christmas Day. Please help us to keep our good relationship with the Country Parks department by planning ahead and ‘going before you go’ - not using the nearest (or any) tree!

We won’t be doing additional events on New Year’s Day but keep an eye on https://www.parkrun.org.uk/special-events/ which will be updated in the coming weeks and finalised by 17th Dec. It will show which of our neighbours are running on NYD - you could even get a ‘double’ in on that day, if you are safe to travel from one to the other.

Have a great festive season, whatever your running and parkrunning plans!

Dave Slater (co-Event Director)

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