Drumpellier Country parkrun is cancelled on 22 February 2020: Fell tree on course

Event #30

“It Must Be Love, Love, Love”

Storm Dennis has arrived today but a massive 210 of us still love to run in all types of weather!

So, what’s to love about Drumpellier Country parkrun?

Firstly, the setting of the course is beautiful and is a mixture of tarmac and trails on a 2 lap course. Despite the weather, the view at the Loch this morning was inviting.

Photo 10

We all love the volunteers at parkrun. Every week, it takes a large number of volunteers to make sure the event can go ahead. We need our Hi Viz heroes to help and it is always good to take a turn in between running. All jobs are straightforward and support is always given. We welcome everyone to parkrun, so why not give volunteering a go? I’m writing this Run Report for this first time, so there’s a first time for everything.

Photo 9

It is always good to welcome First Timers and Tourists to Drumpellier Country parkrun. This week we had an amazing 42 First Timers – welcome everyone. We love having visitors and welcome those new to parkrun for the first time ever. Very special mention to Kirsty Heath who joined us from Seewog, Germany this morning.

Photo 7

Special thanks to Ken, our Run Director this morning, for keeping us all safe today and for organising everything from kit, to volunteers, to results. We love all the work that the Run Directors do to keep parkrun going every week – thank you.

Photo 4

And so to the participants. We love that at parkrun you can run, jog or walk. It is definitely an inclusive, community event. Our front runners were raring to go this morning.

Photo 5

Sheena was our Tail Walker this morning. We love that you looked after everyone and brought us all back safe. It doesn’t matter if you are first, somewhere in the middle or with the Tail Walker – it’s all about being part of the event. Tail Walking is a great role that allows you to gain a participation credit and also a volunteer credit, so why not give it a go?

Photo 8

Next it was out on the course. Thankfully, the trails were protected from the storm and the running conditions were good this morning. We love the scenery of the trails and the changing seasons always bring such beauty to this parkrun.


Photo 3

If you are celebrating a milestone, we can give you a special mention. Special shout out to Grace Gallagher who was celebrating her Junior 10 today and also managed to get a PB. We love that you can celebrate milestones with us, but every time you take part, you are completing our own personal milestone, so well done everyone.

Photo 6

For many, parkrun is not just about the run, jog or walk. It is also about spending time with friends and getting a wee catch up. We would love it if you could join us in the café afterwards – everyone is welcome.

Photo 2

So, I have loved writing this Run Report today. It’s another way that you can run and also volunteer on the same day. I can thoroughly recommend the empire biscuits in the café – they are just lovely.

Photo 1

So, thank you all for coming. It was lovely being with you all. Please come back, bring a friend, volunteer, join us in the café and enjoy our parkrun. You can contact us at drumpelliercountryhelpers@parkrun.com

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Julie Gallagher


Event 29 Run Report: “Seriously…?”

Being relatively new to parkrun, one question I had before I started, was how seriously those involved took parkrun.

I read in awe during the week that the World record for a woman’s parkrun was broken by – Charlotte Arter in Cardiff at 15 mins 49 secs, now that was serious run! But she is an Olympic athlete, so what about everyone else?

Serious enough to run 100 parkruns? Well Drumpellier’s own Dougie Holmes and Dave Slater chalked that off last weekend, and I was proud to be part of the run that day. But there was coffee, cake and chat afterwards and it seems parkrunners are as serious about their cake as they are running.


Serious enough to avoid a beer on a Friday night ? – well for some maybe, but I am glad that when I was out with my son last Friday night, (who I would call a serious runner) and fellow parkrunner – he had a beer, meant that I felt like I could too!

This week though, I decided not to run but to volunteer. I am not fast enough to do both for many volunteer positions and so I thought I would do my bit and skip the run this week in favour of barcode scanning. What an experience, I seriously didn't think I would find it as satisfying as I did (you see what I did there?) Once I downloaded the app and had a few practice sessions I was ready to go and duly turned up at 9am for the volunteer briefings.

This event was made possible by 16 other volunteers:

Karen CONNAL • Emma MAIN • Maria HUNTER • Linda WALLACE • Michelle HUMPHREYS • David Gordon SLATER • Ken ECCLESON • Claire BRADY • Claire MCDINES • Becky MACPHEE • David MACPHEE • David WALLACE • Elspeth FERGUSON • Norah MOONEY • Ian BEGGS • Stephen MOONEY as well as myself.

I had been watching the weather forecast earlier in the week with threats of serious weather in Storm Ciara on the horizon, and concerns for parkrun cancellations. However, as it happened on the day it was calmer than expected, the wind died down a bit and was only a challenge to the participants on the open stretches around the Loch.

It was around 7 degrees (without the wind-chill factor) and this rare winter Scottish phenomenon appeared in the sky, just before everyone set off. I think they call it Sunshine! Dave Slater was RD for the day and after briefing the 39 newbies (9 brand new to parkrun and 30 other first time visitors to Drumpellier), he went off to brief a field of 244 participants and welcomed 31 different clubs to the event. The biggest visiting club were the Kirkintilloch Olympians with 24 members taking part. There was a big shout out for Amanda Brown as it was her 50th event.


This week I got a completely different perspective on the run, for the first time I could witness the start line and with a little jostling going on, I knew this was going to be an exciting event with the Olympians keen to be in the pole positions. These guys were certainly taking it seriously. Then 3, 2, 1 and they were off.

Now when I run the event it feels like it takes forever – well about 34 minutes but that feels like a lifetime, but watching it and being part of the scanning team it just flew by. Ken was on the stopwatch and we saw the front-runners come round the bend of the first lap at about 8 minutes, neck and neck with each other, in no time at all they were heading our way and it was time to take up our positions.

There was a real sprint for the finish with Phillip McCaig 17:19, taking first place from Andrew Kirk, Robert Gilroy and Graham McCabe, all coming in within 5 seconds of each other. The guys put their all into the last 100m and by the time they came to scan in they were punch drunk throwing barcodes in any order at us. I thought that’s exactly how I feel when I get to a scanner and can never get it in the right order, because your brain isn’t responding to anything apart from getting over the line.

Sara Nunney 20.13 was first lady across and then there were a number of dog handlers and people were coming in thick and fast and the pressure was on for all the volunteers to manage the funnel, timing and scanning. The lovely thing was though that most runners thanked us for volunteering, made it all worthwhile.


I have a couple of special shout-outs as well as those above, there were two young boys, running with their parents, and I was amazed to see them cross the finish line of a 5k event – they must have been less than 8 years old and one had fallen but he’d picked himself up and kept going to the end.

But my inspiration of the day was absolutely Lorraine McInnes, whose family were at the finish line cheering her on and as they shouted “come on you are 90 seconds ahead of your PB” – she corrected them in no uncertain terms with a huge smile, after checking her watch, “I’m 2 minutes ahead!”

There were another 72 participants who achieved a personal best as well as Lorraine, including Craig Fleming who ran his 200th parkrun with us.

So what is my conclusion, do parkrunners take parkrun seriously? Yes they do, whether they are volunteering, walking, running, jogging, trying to beat their PB, pushing a pram or talking the dog around, they all take it seriously but with the amount of laughter and fun observed, I know that no-one takes themselves too seriously!

PS. A quick reminder that Maria, one of the core team, and a volunteer yesterday is running her 250th parkrun on the 29th February and your support on the day would “seriously” be appreciated.

Jules Collins

Runner photos from Michelle Humphreys


Event #28 – The one with the milestones

3,2,1 Go!

parkrun is for everyone, that’s the motto! 

Do I believe it??...YES I DO! 

My opinion is that I believe it’s the biggest physical activity movement in my lifetime but guess what? I’m late to the party as some would say as parkrun started back in 2004 and I didn’t record a run until 2017 but more on my personal journey later. 

Back to today. Now the weather was not kind to us as we arrived but it’s winter in Scotland so it was never going to dampen the enthusiasm and the rain actually subsided just before we started. it was great to see 252 of you out there on the course today. We are lucky here at Drumpellier as the tree lined course provides us with a natural barrier to the elements and it was great to take advantage of that this morning.

RD Julie excelling her run brief

RD Julie excelling her run brief

As always huge thank you to all of the high viz heroes today braving those conditions for the set up, what a job! Special mention to Julie our RD for today for the early updates and on overseeing another seamless event. This is another positive about this parkrun journey, it has allowed me to give something back to other runners through being part of something in my local community. Volunteering is so rewarding and I’d encourage you to support the events from time to time. The roles are fully explained and easy to facilitate. If you’d like to volunteer then please email Drumpelliercountry@parkrun.com with your name and barcode number. The event today was made possible by 28 amazing volunteers. We are so very grateful to those who made this event happen: Matthew BISSETTArthur DUGGANKen ECCLESONElspeth FERGUSONLiam FIDDESGrace GALLAGHERJulie GALLAGHERYvonne GENTLESDouglas HOLMESAudrey JOHNSTONEJacqueline MACDONALDDavid MURRAYLynda MURRAYSophie MURRAYJulie PATERSONSamantha PATERSONAngus SCOTT-BROWNDavid Gordon SLATERPatrick SMITHDavid STEVENSONHannah STEVENSONCara SULLIVANBilly TAYLORLorraine TAYLORWilliam TAYLORAbby TENNANTDavid WALLACELinda WALLACE

parkrun is a variety of different things, wether you are just starting out or chasing that triple digit milestone, it brings together people from all walks of life for all kinds of reasons. To some it’s a chance to see friends, socialise, just participate, run fast, volunteer, to others it’s training, therapy, preparation for a race, a walk, to get fit, to share coffee and a piece of cake guilt free. It was a great example of that today in our celebration. Wether it’s 3.1 miles or it’s 5k to you, whatever your reason, here at Drumpellier we welcome to take part.


Now, 1120 days! that’s the duration of my parkrun journey and today was my 100th parkrun, I’ve had the privilege to complete 31 different courses in 4 different countries, volunteered on 41 separate occasions, and become part of the Core team here at Drumpellier.

Thinking back to my journey, I still can’t quite remember what made me sign up and go along to Strathclyde park for my 1st parkrun that day but I’m so glad I did. This morning I was joined by my sister Debbie Holmes who drove all the way from Carlisle to join my milestone but it was also her 1st ever parkrun and it was a great surprise when I seen her at the start line. Of the 53 Drumpellier newbies this morning, 14 of them taking on their 1st ever event and we would encourage all of you to join us again soon, you won’t regret it. There is always cake!


Well done to my sis who completed her 1st Parkrun today

Well done to Garrie Nobbs, Craig MacWilliam, Scott Elliott, Marty Begley, Rhys McKendry, Stephen Salmond, John Rowland, Claire Corrins, Jill Walker, Andrew Stark, Laura Sloan, Sara Henry, Christopher Brennan, Thomas Headley on completing their first. 

Despite the weather there was also an incredible 31 PB’s out on the course today, superb running from Joanne Thorburn, Andrew Buchanan, Bryan Smullen, Clare Barr, Sian Watters, John John McLaughlin, Paul Oliver, Darren Wood, Russell Couper, Sean Fitzpatrick, Martin Gallacher, Thomas Johnstone, Caroline McInnes, Debi Ross, Lori Lynch, Bob Neill, Robbie Doig, Laura Doig, Mark Gallagher, Elizabeth Slavin, Helen Caleb, June Duggan, Tracy McKay, Fraser Andrew, Mhairi Pierce, Elaine Japp, Brian Borland, Elaine Leitch, Denise Frew, Lucy McCormack and Kate Cameron.

I wasn’t the only one celebrating a milestone run today. Our very own Event director Dave Slater was also celebrating his 100th by having a Tailwalking party at the rear of the field. Many of you may have seen him out there on the course so I hope you all gave him a shout when you were out there. Both Dave and I also shared our 25 volunteer milestone on the same day recently so it seems our journeys are aligned. Well done Dave.


Another of the Drumpellier RD’s Cara Sullivan celebrated her 50th on the slopes of Drumchapel last Saturday but deserves a mention as doing the other ‘Drum’ is an achievement on its own. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet then I encourage you to get along to Gartscadden Woods. I reckon it’s only rivalled by Lanark, Plean and Queens in Scotland for it challenging course. The latter of those three I have still to tick off.

It was great to see some groups here today and representatives from 38 clubs took part including a shed load from JogScotland Airdrie and the Jiggly joggers in attendance today. parkrun has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and I’m proud that some of them are now really good friends. One of which is our ED David Murray who is responsible for getting me on the tourism trail at the start of 2018. I’m grateful for the invite he gave me that day to join him the following week and the rest is history. We encourage you to come join us in the visitor centre cafe after your run each week (empire biscuits are great)  If you didn’t join us today then don’t be shy in the future, there is always a seat available.


Hope to see you all again soon



Run Report Event #27 – 25th January 2020

Todays Run Report is written by parkrunner Jules Collins. Thanks Jules.

It was only my 5th Parkrun and 3rd at Drumpellier, having started on 28th December last year. The whole event still gives me butterflies and getting my stuff ready the night before is a bit of a ritual, making sure my phone and earphones are fully charged and that I haven’t forgotten my barcode! 

As a volunteer, I arrived early and it was eerily quiet in the car park, with only me and the seagulls making lots of noise catching the early worms! Approaching the start and end point, Yvonne our RD for the day was organising and briefing other enthusiastic volunteers, some were running, some had given up running today to support their fellow park runners and some never ran, but regularly volunteered having been roped into the parkrun family by friends and relatives.

It was Drumpellier’s 27th event and a cold damp morning, with a slight drizzle but nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of the 276 park runners giving up their Saturday morning lie-in to enjoy this inclusive event. Runners and dogs of all shapes and sizes were ready at the start line and the excitement and nervous energy was palpable, (or maybe it was just the crowd shivering!)

There were some starting announcements: David Edelman ran his 50th parkrun today on his 20th different course. (Marie Kane also clocked up her 50th milestone only spotted later in the results so well done Marie!). We welcomed over 20 runners (and 2 dogs!) from Glasgow Frontrunners, in their red club jerseys, joining us for the first stop on their 2020 Parkrun tour as well as a group from Clyderunners. There were 77 first timers amongst us today, I remember how nerve-wracking that feels! RD briefing over, 3,2,1 countdown - and then we were off.

The course was in good shape considering the damp weather - and although it was cold we soon all warmed up as we started striding out. What I love about Drumpellier is the mixture of lochside path and woodland - the water is full of bird life and as I ran past a swan came into land with its wings fully expanded. In and amongst the trees, with little leaf cover at this time of year you can spot fellow runners on other parts of the course in their bright Lycra outfits, colourful in the gloom and all shades of the rainbow.

On my first trip round the loop, Scott McDonald lapped me, what a speed he was going! He took the tape at only 16 minutes and 35 seconds! (Is that even human!) 60 others achieved a personal best today, not me this time but there is always next week.

It was my first time volunteering and report writing and if it wasn’t for the volunteers on the course there would be no parkrun so a huge thanks to them and if you haven’t ever volunteered yourself make it your New Year’s resolution to do so!


Run Report Event #26, 18th January 2020

‘Drumpellier Country parkrun Event 26 Run Report’ or ‘ View through a phone screen’

There are lots of reasons for choosing to volunteer. Initially it might be (once you realise that other runners take a turn) that you want to take your turn too and ‘give back’ to this wonderful thing you’ve discovered called parkrun. I used to only get to parkrun occasionally and so even trying to keep an arbitrary ‘1 volunteer stint every 10 runs’ ratio meant that I only did it about once a year.

Then you might discover that actually it’s quite fun to play your part in seeing how the system works (and keeping the system working right!) - if also a bit of a challenge. Some might get drawn in to being a regular part of the team; others to the idea of starting a new event and feel they need to get well practised beforehand, and maybe end up volunteering pretty much as often as running.

And, once you’re obsessed and parkrunning every week (whether as volunteer or completing the course) then you can get into games, challenges and targets. With my ‘100 milestone’ coming up, and the date set, I knew I had a ‘spare week’ to play with and in fact had to make sure I didn’t get to 100 runs a week early; after all, the invites have gone out, plans made to tour on other Saturdays, and so on.

So finally I had to choose - which Saturday would I be a non-running volunteer - 18th or 25th? A couple of other unofficial challenges settled that for me - another event which I haven’t been to yet, has an ‘event number 7’ on the 25th that I need to ‘collect’, plus I have run on the 18th January before… so volunteering it was!

In a fit of enthusiasm and to plug some gaps in the roster, I said I’d help out with setup, as well as be a Marshal and Photographer, and eventually Run Report Writer as well!

 At this point, congratulations and thanks to my fellow volunteers on the team: Yvonne GENTLES • Lynn REID • Karen CONNAL • Fay MCARTHUR • Linda WALLACE • Carrie COOPER • Jason MCMINN • Jennifer WATT • Cara SULLIVAN • Ruth MCCONACHIE • Johanna MACIVER • Ethan HODGE • Laura PATERSON • Sheena MORROW • Abigail BISSETT • David WALLACE • Gavin MCINNES • Brenda MCRAE • Emma Kate GALLAGHER • David NAISMITH
- a great mix of regulars and newer faces, some supporting while returning from injury, some volunteering and running, some who volunteer but aren’t runners - or not yet! If you’ve never volunteered before, I highly recommend it - just drop an email with your barcode number to drumpelliercountryhelpers@parkrun.com and you can even suggest roles you’d be happy to do, subject to availability - everything’s straightforward to pick up and learn! Also do subscribe to the volunteer email list if you can.


Marshal David and Tail Walker Linda coming to the turn

Things I (re-)learned this week:

- It’s hard to get up early for setup when you go to bed late… (I’m a VM40-44; you would think I would have learned this life-lesson by now…)

- Waking up and discovering that the time on your watch is the time that you were actually supposed to be there is a bit panic-inducing! (Though better than waking up and realising you’ve missed it entirely; something I have done before…) Fortunately there was still some setting-up left for me to help with by the time I got there. Plus I brought some salt!

RD Cara did a great job, deciding on proceeding though with the advice to run on the grass and avoid the icy tarmac; and then updating social media. The coldness of the day might have suggested we would have fewer runners than usual but maybe New Year Resolutions were still in effect, plus some of our neighbouring events called off, meaning that we actually pushed our record attendance on, by 6 from our Christmas Day run, to 326!

I only discovered we had achieved this record afterwards, having made my way to the far turnaround or ‘hairpin’ before the start. A good spot for photos where you can see folk coming down the straight from quite a way off.

Light through trees

Morning in Garnheath Wood

However more learnings:

- It’s hard (virtually impossible) to give high-fives to runners when you are concentrating on keeping your phone steady and to catch a good shot of everyone passing you.

- Also watching runners through a lens and screen means you often don’t realise who it is that is passing you. I saw at least one person on their second lap who I hadn’t recognised the first time, and a few more in the results I hadn’t spotted at all.

- Taking lots of photographs, in the hope that in quantity would appear some quality, gives you more work later. Either editing and deleting (which I largely opted against) or taking ages to upload batches of 80 to Facebook. Or potentially both.

- While a cold day, it was relatively sheltered in the woods, but I still ended up with cold fingers by the time I got back to help with the take-down.

A few stats to highlight from the results:
There were 36 people doing their first ever parkrun (or at least the first time to scan… remember all you need to bring is a printed barcode: no printed barcode, no time, no result!). It’s great to see 21 folk did their “difficult second parkrun”, with several either getting PBs or perhaps catching the ‘tourist bug’ early, coming to us after starting somewhere else. And 19 were on their third parkrun.

Wendy WARREN ran her 50th parkrun, the only new ‘Milestone Club’ member, however there was also a runner with a customised ‘150’ shirt, who turned specifically for a photo before she passed me. And Craig Preston WALKER of ‘Scottish parkruns’ YouTube channel joined us for his 275th run, one of eight members of the ‘250 Club’ who were present ranging from 260 to 365 parkruns

150 runs?

150 shirt makes the turn

Overall there were 53 ‘Personal Bests’ achieved on this course.

And after 26 events, I quite like the numbers that a total of 2,333 participants have run 5,554 parkruns here!

However I know there will be many individual achievements that don’t happen to mean a milestone or PB - it might be that you achieved a ‘comeback PB’ after months or years, or that you’ve knocked off a particular target - or just the fact that you got yourself out the door and along to your local event. Well done to everyone for their achievements! And if you didn’t quite manage what you’d hoped - there’s always next week.

To the turn

Runners approach in a group

It was great to see a number of ‘bark-runners’ with their owners, some perhaps providing more ‘assistance’ than others! And also some buggy runners - kudos to them also - in my experience it’s not easy.!

I enjoyed my volunteering day again (and still had my customary roll and sausage thanks to a friend, despite me not having run!) — I haven’t actually marshalled that often, and never been the official photographer before (perhaps I won’t get to be it again - too many photos!). Now, onwards to my ‘Flake run’ and then the big 100th!

Dave Slater

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