Event #28 – The one with the milestones

3,2,1 Go!

parkrun is for everyone, that’s the motto! 

Do I believe it??...YES I DO! 

My opinion is that I believe it’s the biggest physical activity movement in my lifetime but guess what? I’m late to the party as some would say as parkrun started back in 2004 and I didn’t record a run until 2017 but more on my personal journey later. 

Back to today. Now the weather was not kind to us as we arrived but it’s winter in Scotland so it was never going to dampen the enthusiasm and the rain actually subsided just before we started. it was great to see 252 of you out there on the course today. We are lucky here at Drumpellier as the tree lined course provides us with a natural barrier to the elements and it was great to take advantage of that this morning.

RD Julie excelling her run brief

RD Julie excelling her run brief

As always huge thank you to all of the high viz heroes today braving those conditions for the set up, what a job! Special mention to Julie our RD for today for the early updates and on overseeing another seamless event. This is another positive about this parkrun journey, it has allowed me to give something back to other runners through being part of something in my local community. Volunteering is so rewarding and I’d encourage you to support the events from time to time. The roles are fully explained and easy to facilitate. If you’d like to volunteer then please email Drumpelliercountry@parkrun.com with your name and barcode number. The event today was made possible by 28 amazing volunteers. We are so very grateful to those who made this event happen: Matthew BISSETTArthur DUGGANKen ECCLESONElspeth FERGUSONLiam FIDDESGrace GALLAGHERJulie GALLAGHERYvonne GENTLESDouglas HOLMESAudrey JOHNSTONEJacqueline MACDONALDDavid MURRAYLynda MURRAYSophie MURRAYJulie PATERSONSamantha PATERSONAngus SCOTT-BROWNDavid Gordon SLATERPatrick SMITHDavid STEVENSONHannah STEVENSONCara SULLIVANBilly TAYLORLorraine TAYLORWilliam TAYLORAbby TENNANTDavid WALLACELinda WALLACE

parkrun is a variety of different things, wether you are just starting out or chasing that triple digit milestone, it brings together people from all walks of life for all kinds of reasons. To some it’s a chance to see friends, socialise, just participate, run fast, volunteer, to others it’s training, therapy, preparation for a race, a walk, to get fit, to share coffee and a piece of cake guilt free. It was a great example of that today in our celebration. Wether it’s 3.1 miles or it’s 5k to you, whatever your reason, here at Drumpellier we welcome to take part.


Now, 1120 days! that’s the duration of my parkrun journey and today was my 100th parkrun, I’ve had the privilege to complete 31 different courses in 4 different countries, volunteered on 41 separate occasions, and become part of the Core team here at Drumpellier.

Thinking back to my journey, I still can’t quite remember what made me sign up and go along to Strathclyde park for my 1st parkrun that day but I’m so glad I did. This morning I was joined by my sister Debbie Holmes who drove all the way from Carlisle to join my milestone but it was also her 1st ever parkrun and it was a great surprise when I seen her at the start line. Of the 53 Drumpellier newbies this morning, 14 of them taking on their 1st ever event and we would encourage all of you to join us again soon, you won’t regret it. There is always cake!


Well done to my sis who completed her 1st Parkrun today

Well done to Garrie Nobbs, Craig MacWilliam, Scott Elliott, Marty Begley, Rhys McKendry, Stephen Salmond, John Rowland, Claire Corrins, Jill Walker, Andrew Stark, Laura Sloan, Sara Henry, Christopher Brennan, Thomas Headley on completing their first. 

Despite the weather there was also an incredible 31 PB’s out on the course today, superb running from Joanne Thorburn, Andrew Buchanan, Bryan Smullen, Clare Barr, Sian Watters, John John McLaughlin, Paul Oliver, Darren Wood, Russell Couper, Sean Fitzpatrick, Martin Gallacher, Thomas Johnstone, Caroline McInnes, Debi Ross, Lori Lynch, Bob Neill, Robbie Doig, Laura Doig, Mark Gallagher, Elizabeth Slavin, Helen Caleb, June Duggan, Tracy McKay, Fraser Andrew, Mhairi Pierce, Elaine Japp, Brian Borland, Elaine Leitch, Denise Frew, Lucy McCormack and Kate Cameron.

I wasn’t the only one celebrating a milestone run today. Our very own Event director Dave Slater was also celebrating his 100th by having a Tailwalking party at the rear of the field. Many of you may have seen him out there on the course so I hope you all gave him a shout when you were out there. Both Dave and I also shared our 25 volunteer milestone on the same day recently so it seems our journeys are aligned. Well done Dave.


Another of the Drumpellier RD’s Cara Sullivan celebrated her 50th on the slopes of Drumchapel last Saturday but deserves a mention as doing the other ‘Drum’ is an achievement on its own. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet then I encourage you to get along to Gartscadden Woods. I reckon it’s only rivalled by Lanark, Plean and Queens in Scotland for it challenging course. The latter of those three I have still to tick off.

It was great to see some groups here today and representatives from 38 clubs took part including a shed load from JogScotland Airdrie and the Jiggly joggers in attendance today. parkrun has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and I’m proud that some of them are now really good friends. One of which is our ED David Murray who is responsible for getting me on the tourism trail at the start of 2018. I’m grateful for the invite he gave me that day to join him the following week and the rest is history. We encourage you to come join us in the visitor centre cafe after your run each week (empire biscuits are great)  If you didn’t join us today then don’t be shy in the future, there is always a seat available.


Hope to see you all again soon