Drumpellier Country Parkrun #33 – 14/3/20 – Run Report

With Cheltenham ending yesterday and the vast majority of sporting events around the UK being cancelled or on hold due to the Covid19 pandemic, the eyes of the sporting world turned to Coatbridge and the 33rd edition of the Drumpellier Country Parkrun. One hundred and eighty five (185) took part in very good conditions for this time of year – dry under foot and overcast overhead - under the guidance of run director Cara Sullivan and her band of excellent volunteers. Remarkably, there were 45 personal bests amongst the runners and walkers this time round.

And they're off!

And they're off!

This morning saw a number of Parkrun tourists from Linwood, Edinburgh and London, to name a few. Matt Garner from North London completed his 205th Parkrun and has chalked up more than a hundred different venues throughout the UK. Amongst the first timers were Ethan Kidd (aged 7) and his dad, Scott. Ethan also gets involved in junior Parkrun and was delighted to have ran todays course in less than 30 minutes. He was on his way for a well-deserved Empire biscuit treat! Other notable runs were had by Elaine Kennedy, Gordon Christie and Richard Baird – who all managed to smash their previous best runs.

Sheena enjoying her run!

Sheena enjoying her run!

Johanna MacIver had a good run round the park with her well behaved and playful beagle, Lucy. Alistair Macintosh was happy with his time and plans to challenge himself with another shot at Plean Parkrun in the near future ……..good luck with that one Alistair! Locals and siblings, Berny and Frank, had very strong finishes on the last long sweeping corner. No idea where their final shot of energy came from, perhaps the marshals encouragement on the last corner helped. Frank, in particular, is really feeling the benefit of starting to run again in his local park.

Some happy parkrunners!

Some happy parkrunners!

Very impressive runs were had by husband and wife, Lewis and Morag Miller. Lewis was first male finisher with a PB of 17.33 and Morag was first female finisher in a time of 19.32. Exciting times ahead for Morag and Lewis as they are expecting their first child in May. Wishing them lots of luck on their parenting journey - you never know, they may have a future Olympian on their hands! Another family out running this morning was Stephen, Jennifer and Malin. Stephen was glad to not be pushing the buggy around the hills of Tollcross this morning and is rapidly bearing down on his black t-shirt.
A massive well done to the organisers, volunteers and participants from today. Another successful morning with everyone benefitting physically and psychologically from todays event. We look forward to seeing you all again soon - keep your fingers crossed (and washed) for next week.

Morag and Thomas McCabe
A4791771 A4885706


Event 29 Run Report: “Seriously…?”

Being relatively new to parkrun, one question I had before I started, was how seriously those involved took parkrun.

I read in awe during the week that the World record for a woman’s parkrun was broken by – Charlotte Arter in Cardiff at 15 mins 49 secs, now that was serious run! But she is an Olympic athlete, so what about everyone else?

Serious enough to run 100 parkruns? Well Drumpellier’s own Dougie Holmes and Dave Slater chalked that off last weekend, and I was proud to be part of the run that day. But there was coffee, cake and chat afterwards and it seems parkrunners are as serious about their cake as they are running.


Serious enough to avoid a beer on a Friday night ? – well for some maybe, but I am glad that when I was out with my son last Friday night, (who I would call a serious runner) and fellow parkrunner – he had a beer, meant that I felt like I could too!

This week though, I decided not to run but to volunteer. I am not fast enough to do both for many volunteer positions and so I thought I would do my bit and skip the run this week in favour of barcode scanning. What an experience, I seriously didn't think I would find it as satisfying as I did (you see what I did there?) Once I downloaded the app and had a few practice sessions I was ready to go and duly turned up at 9am for the volunteer briefings.

This event was made possible by 16 other volunteers:

Karen CONNAL • Emma MAIN • Maria HUNTER • Linda WALLACE • Michelle HUMPHREYS • David Gordon SLATER • Ken ECCLESON • Claire BRADY • Claire MCDINES • Becky MACPHEE • David MACPHEE • David WALLACE • Elspeth FERGUSON • Norah MOONEY • Ian BEGGS • Stephen MOONEY as well as myself.

I had been watching the weather forecast earlier in the week with threats of serious weather in Storm Ciara on the horizon, and concerns for parkrun cancellations. However, as it happened on the day it was calmer than expected, the wind died down a bit and was only a challenge to the participants on the open stretches around the Loch.

It was around 7 degrees (without the wind-chill factor) and this rare winter Scottish phenomenon appeared in the sky, just before everyone set off. I think they call it Sunshine! Dave Slater was RD for the day and after briefing the 39 newbies (9 brand new to parkrun and 30 other first time visitors to Drumpellier), he went off to brief a field of 244 participants and welcomed 31 different clubs to the event. The biggest visiting club were the Kirkintilloch Olympians with 24 members taking part. There was a big shout out for Amanda Brown as it was her 50th event.


This week I got a completely different perspective on the run, for the first time I could witness the start line and with a little jostling going on, I knew this was going to be an exciting event with the Olympians keen to be in the pole positions. These guys were certainly taking it seriously. Then 3, 2, 1 and they were off.

Now when I run the event it feels like it takes forever – well about 34 minutes but that feels like a lifetime, but watching it and being part of the scanning team it just flew by. Ken was on the stopwatch and we saw the front-runners come round the bend of the first lap at about 8 minutes, neck and neck with each other, in no time at all they were heading our way and it was time to take up our positions.

There was a real sprint for the finish with Phillip McCaig 17:19, taking first place from Andrew Kirk, Robert Gilroy and Graham McCabe, all coming in within 5 seconds of each other. The guys put their all into the last 100m and by the time they came to scan in they were punch drunk throwing barcodes in any order at us. I thought that’s exactly how I feel when I get to a scanner and can never get it in the right order, because your brain isn’t responding to anything apart from getting over the line.

Sara Nunney 20.13 was first lady across and then there were a number of dog handlers and people were coming in thick and fast and the pressure was on for all the volunteers to manage the funnel, timing and scanning. The lovely thing was though that most runners thanked us for volunteering, made it all worthwhile.


I have a couple of special shout-outs as well as those above, there were two young boys, running with their parents, and I was amazed to see them cross the finish line of a 5k event – they must have been less than 8 years old and one had fallen but he’d picked himself up and kept going to the end.

But my inspiration of the day was absolutely Lorraine McInnes, whose family were at the finish line cheering her on and as they shouted “come on you are 90 seconds ahead of your PB” – she corrected them in no uncertain terms with a huge smile, after checking her watch, “I’m 2 minutes ahead!”

There were another 72 participants who achieved a personal best as well as Lorraine, including Craig Fleming who ran his 200th parkrun with us.

So what is my conclusion, do parkrunners take parkrun seriously? Yes they do, whether they are volunteering, walking, running, jogging, trying to beat their PB, pushing a pram or talking the dog around, they all take it seriously but with the amount of laughter and fun observed, I know that no-one takes themselves too seriously!

PS. A quick reminder that Maria, one of the core team, and a volunteer yesterday is running her 250th parkrun on the 29th February and your support on the day would “seriously” be appreciated.

Jules Collins

Runner photos from Michelle Humphreys


Run Report Event #17 – 23rd November 2019

‘Drumpellier Country parkrun Event 17 Run Report’ or ‘Four months in’

I realised during the week that it would be about 4 months or a third of a year since we had started a 5k parkrun at Drumpellier Country Park. It seems to have gone very quickly, especially since it had been a long wait to get the event up and going.

Because I’ve been playing truant a little, I wasn’t around last week so my RD week really started with arranging to collect our equipment from last week’s RD’s house. Of course there was the usual dealing with emails and arranging a few social media posts. Then because I didn’t have use of the car, calling in another core team member to ‘load up’ their car with gear the night before, and the same person kindly giving me a lift in the morning (and helping with setup too!).

It was actually a straightforward week for filling the volunteer roster, many thanks to all our heroic #teamcrannog - both the familiar faces (I’m still working on names, sorry!) and those new to volunteering. Kudos to: Yvonne GENTLES • David WARDMAN • Marta DROZDOWSKA • Ken ECCLESON • B CANDY • Cara SULLIVAN • Gayle OGILVIE • Max GALLAGHER • Julie GALLAGHER • Beth SLATER • Roderick CAMPBELL • Elspeth FERGUSON • Deacon Bill MCMILLAN • Nick GROVES • G MCARTHUR • Hannah STEVENSON • David STEVENSON • Ian BEGGS • Maja DROZDOWSKA

We got there at 8:15, with the rest of the setup team joining us, and once we got all the gear round to the start area, it was time to dispatch some of the team to put out signage and cones, while we prepared the start and finish areas.

The course was not bad - some leaf fall of course (we do run through the woods after all!) and we had a good number with us, perhaps partly due to a cancellation at Strathclyde. Indeed after our First Timers Briefing I was advised of visitors not only from Strathclyde but also Lanark Moor, Polkemmet (who I’d seen on my visit there), Eglinton, with farthest afield probably Newcastle. Some from Camperdown also made themselves known and we gave a shoutout to Greig Neilson from Pollok on his 50th parkrun - a milestone also achieved by Eileen Dow.

Greig also celebrated his 50th with a PB, along with 40 others, from those on their “difficult 2nd parkrun” to members of the ‘250 Club’. Well done to all.

It looks like 7 of our runners were brand new to parkrun - welcome and haste ye back! Although two were actually first-timers at a 5k, having completed a few 2k junior parkruns! (Look out for Drumpellier junior parkrun coming in 2020!) We also had 8 coming back for their second, and 7 for their third! This parkrunning can be addictive!

Briefing completed, I counted down and our 216 walkers, joggers and runners were off! We arranged the cones to keep runners on the tarmac for most of the finish funnel (an arrangement that still needs refining!) and watched and waited - it seemed no time at all before we could see the front runners passing the peace garden as they began their second lap.

Soon it was time for the finish funnel team to gear up for our finishers, with Robert Gilroy leading the pack home with a PB on this course, followed by Stephen Allan and Robert Soutar. First female was Laura Warnock in 28th overall, a junior, Ella Sharp in 31st, and our own Core Team member Maria Hunter in 41st.

We had some nice ‘matching’ times including Dylan Burns (20:20), Andrew Wilkes (24:24), Josh McKay (25:25), Fran Scorah (28:28), Cara Sullivan of our Core Team (32:32), and ‘symmetrical’ times: Jaime Campbell (34:43) and Fraser McHenry (23:32).

One or two either had put so much effort they had to step to the side (but fortunately a family member took a token for them) or else didn’t realise the importance of staying in the funnel, in sequence. Results processing is really easy if everyone crosses the line, doesn’t duck out of the funnel, takes and then returns their token (either when having their barcode scanned, or directly if they don’t have one or don’t want a time).

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you complete it, we all cover 5km and there’s always a Tail Walker to come behind you - thanks to Deacon Bill on completing this role for the third time here!

It’s always great to see everyone ‘mucking in’ to tidy up the equipment, and we managed to squeeze it all into the car of next week’s RD, Julie G!

Remember that parkruns are operated entirely by volunteers, and anyone can take a turn as the roles are straightforward and easy to pick up. Just email us on drumpelliercountry@parkrun.com and we'll slot you in. It's also great fun!

Then it was back to the excellent Drumpellier Park Cafe for a breakfast roll and a cuppa - or an empire biscuit if you preferred, while we got the results processed.

Another run that went very smoothly, thanks as always to the wonderful team around me, I had very little to do! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next run!

Dave Slater
RD of the day

Drumpellier Country parkrun
Event number 17
23rd November 2019
This week 216 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 67 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Drumpellier Country parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Jennifer WETTON who recorded a time of 18:10 on 10th August 2019 (event number 3).
The male record is held by Lewis RAEBURN who recorded a time of 16:05 on 14th September 2019 (event number 8).
The Age Grade course record is held by Fiona MATHESON who recorded 99.29% (18:44) on 14th September 2019 (event number 8).

Drumpellier Country parkrun started on 27th July 2019. Since then 1,763 participants have completed 3,692 parkruns covering a total distance of 18,460 km, including 813 new Personal Bests. A total of 128 individuals have volunteered 374 times.


Drumpellier Country parkrun #10 Run Report 2

Drumpellier Country parkrun
Event number 10
28th September 2019

Saturday the 28th September 2019 saw the 10th event at Drumpellier Country parkrun. Each week, Drumpellier is seeing over 150 participants, it's great to see so many turning out every Saturday morning.

The weather was kind to us this week, with the sun coming out and burning off the early morning fog that was clinging round the loch. For many a balmy temperature of +10°C is still shorts and t-shirt weather, hopefully this will last a few more weeks!

To help celebrate Drumpellier’s 10th parkrun, here are 10 facts you may find interesting:

1. Yvonne GENTLES and David Gordon SLATER have volunteered for all 10 events. Many others have had a combination of running and or volunteering each week, and we are very grateful.

This week's parkrun was brought to you by the following volunteers:

2. John FRIEL has ran in all 10 events.

3. There have been a total of 209 first timers, who have made Drumpellier their first ever parkrun - welcome and we hope you come back soon!

4. This week saw visitors from Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, Aberdeen and Lincoln. There have been parkrunners from 122 different running clubs, with the most from jogscotland.

5. The course time record has been broken 3 times, it currently stands at 00:16:05 for the last 2 weeks.

6. On the 17th August 2019, Drumpellier had the highest number of parkrunners, with 308 taking part, with the average turnout each week of 244.

7. The average time round the course is 00:29:25, this compares to the national average of 00:33:54.

8. 50km is the total of 10 parkruns, together all the participants we have covered a total distance of 12,230km.

9. Only 76 participants over the past 10 weeks have not received a time, due to not having a barcode, that's only 2.8% of the total participants #dfyb (don't forget your barcode).

10. I've always wondered why there was an A at the front of the parkrun number… when I was barcode scanning for the first time, I learnt that it stands for Athlete - a proud moment when you realise, yes I am, and everyone else that runs, jogs, or walks round the course is also an Athlete!

Cheers to the continuing success to Drumpellier parkrun!

Becky MacPhee


Drumpellier Country parkrun Event #10 Run Report 1

This week, we have the pleasure of bringing you two run reports!

Our first is from Junior parkrunner Rylee. She has written a brilliant report, giving us her views from a junior perspective.

Thanks Rylee, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s brilliant



















Rylee hard at work









Rylee result








Rylee Gray




Drumpellier Country parkrun Event #9 Run Report

A trip back home for my brother’s birthday bash offered a chance to visit the recently launched Drumpellier Country parkrun. My son travelled up from London. I flew in from Wales and we picked up a stray nephew from East Kilbride, who registered for parkrun 2 years ago but had never run, to form a wee group of family on parkrun tourism.

First thing at the park

Drumpellier, pre-parkrun

There had been good reports about the possibility of a brisk run out and there was the joy of picking up a D in the alphabet challenge. Nothing not to like so far. A look at the course page for directions, a plug in the Satnav and off we set from The Bubble and got to Drumpellier in 20 minutes. Unbelievably none of us had been before. What a gorgeous setting for a parkrun and such a beautiful day to have for Scottish outing in September. The heat of summer and the colours of autumn …. fantastic.

We got there early and had a quick word with RD David who seemed to have everything under absolute control and was busy making notes of the tourists who had travelled from afar including Forest of Dean, Falkirk, Cumbernauld, Cambuslang, Strathaven, Strathclyde Park (off today!), Motherwell and Newton to name but a few. Shona had a shout out for a special birthday and there was applause for a number of milestones as Zoe Mansour and Robert Woodham became eligible for a red t-shirt joining the 50 club today with Jaime Campbell joining the 10 club and earning himself a much deserved white t-shirt for juniors. Those are the official ones and David rightly pointed out that there are many arbitrary milestones and we should all celebrate as we see fit. Well said.

Briefing over it was time to get to work on finding out about the course. A run out and 2 anti-clockwise laps in the woods before a run down to the finish. Seems fair. Bit of a tight start but once in the woods the field of 264 runners soon spread out as people found their pace. An interesting twisty turny course this is going to be fun in the wet season. In amongst the field there were 7 unknown runners, 1 of them my son. NBNTNE! and so there might have been more than just the 18 brand new parkrunners recorded today. 1st steps on a journey of friendship and fun. Welcome all. Another 93 runners were here for the 1st time so there's clearly something attracting the masses. Could be the friendly marshals, could be the location, it could be the opportunity for a fast time or all of the above.

Marshal Point 1

Runners pass Marshal point 1

There were 3 new age category records today for JW10 Maya Barcella, VM50-54 Michael O'Hagan and VW60-64 Jill Horsburgh who took a minute off her PB and registered an age grade rating of 80.39%. Well done. It was a strong field out there today with lots of good running going on with 21 runners recording age grade ratings over 70%. Fantastic.

I was enjoying running with the boys and the backdrops of the water on one side and the woods on the other just made it such a pleasure. The running was going quite well too. We all have little battles out there, with ourselves, perceived rivals, people we think we can match or hang onto. It's part of the fun of parkrun. It's a run with whoever you want to - walk, jog or run with and everyone is welcome. I love it. You also get to meet some interesting people, like Angus from Inverness, back for a 2nd shot at Drumpellier, who was also sporting a cow cowl, denoting a penchant for touring, having visited at least 20 different locations. We exchanged stories of other events we both had been to and maybe we'll bump into each other on future travels.

Peace Garden corner

Approaching turn onto Lap 2

The 1st lap came and went then on lap 2 I had split from my running buddies and somehow took more notice of the course. There were more turns than I remembered and that hairpin was surely not as tight last time. Out of the woods and then the home stretch. I could hear some heavy breathing and a pace picking up behind me .... can't have that - time for a bit of a wiggle and keep my nose in front of JM15-17 Kyle Paterson who matched my time and set a new PB today as did 66 other parkrunners. Wow! That's some feat. Well done everybody.

1st finisher for the men today was VM45-49 Graham McCabe in 17.34 just 10 seconds ahead of 1st timer VM45-49 Stephen Allan then in came VM50-54 Michael O'Hagan in a new PB of 18:25.

For the women today's 1st finisher was SW30-34 Jennifer Wetton in 19:28 (who then carried on with some barcode scanning) with VW45-49 Linda Johnstone coming home in 21:32 and 3rd to cross was JW11-14 Ella Sharp in 22:35. Impressive!

Gerry & family

A spot of VI guiding

It was great to see such a turnout and to hear the encouragement round the course from marshals and from fellow runners alike. I'd encourage everyone to have a go at volunteering and there's quite a few roles you can carry out whilst still getting your Saturday morning parkrun fix. It's a good buzz to give as well as to get. Our grateful thanks go to this week's Hi-Vis heroes: Arthur DUGGAN, Ken ECCLESON, Elspeth FERGUSON, Emma Kate GALLAGHER, Julie GALLAGHER, Yvonne GENTLES, Douglas HOLMES, Cheryl HOLMES, Maria HUNTER, Robert LEE, Brendan MACDONALD, Lindsay MCGOWAN, David MCNULTY, Harry MCPAKE, Ted MCPAKE, Sheena MORROW, Lynda MURRAY, Sophie MURRAY, David MURRAY, Eilidh ROUSE, David Gordon SLATER, Elizabeth SLOAN, Michael STEWART, Cara SULLIVAN, David WALLACE, Jennifer WETTON, Mark WILLIAMSON

You too can join them and any training required will be given.

Off to the cafe then for a bacon roll (one of the joys of coming back to Scotland is a good, well fired crusty roll) and a cup of coffee but not before thanking David and the team for putting on such a slick show this morning.

Tail & family

Tail Walking Team!

Hard to believe it's only 9 weeks old. I'll be back to do this one again.

I hope you enjoyed your time here today as much as we did. Happy parkrunning.

Mark Williamson
Event Support Ambassador (South West)

Photo Credits: Finola Ashe (first one) and Holly McPake


Drumpellier Country parkrun Event #8 Run Report

A co-Event Director writes…

I can hardly believe we are on week 8 of Drumpellier Country parkrun already! In one way we spent so long waiting, planning, preparing, chasing contributions that it seemed it would never arrive - and in another, that it’s just the natural thing to do now: turn up to Drumpellier Country Park on a Saturday morning to volunteer, walk, jog, run and socialise.

RD at the start line

Cara gives the run briefing

The Core Team have been taking part in the ‘guess how many participants we’ll have today’ game - not sure if anyone’s keeping score but I know that apart from one of the early weeks, I haven’t been anywhere close. Today in fact turnout was slightly down on last week and the lowest attendance so far at 180. However as a running participant it was difficult to tell and I seemed to be among a group of similarly paced runners for at least the first stretch round the tarmac path before we got into the woods and more gaps opened up.

Start line view

Runners ready for the off

Of those 180, 71 were visiting us for the first time (thanks, and haste ye back!) and 13 of those 71 were brand new to parkrun - although a few low Athlete numbers suggest that 3 folk registered their barcode about 2 or 3 or 9 years ago and have just come along to their first run! So glad you joined us, and hope you come back soon.

At the other end of the scale, we had 10 members of the ‘250 Club’ with us, including one Davie BLACK (of Edinburgh parkrun and ‘parkrun Friends Scotland’ fame) who is just a couple of weeks away from joining the ‘500 Club’. Along with Davie we welcomed Angus SCOTT-BROWN from Inverness, and judging by their running clubs and profiles, most of our other tourists and visitors were from Glasgow or the Central Belt generally. However no matter how little or how far you travelled to be with us - thanks for coming!

Davie in a leap

Davie makes himself known

Drumpellier has a great Core Team and wider and growing circle of volunteers - we’d love you all to click ‘subscribe’ to receive volunteer emails, the link should be in your results email - and we’re thankful to today’s 20 hi-vis heroes: Yvonne GENTLES • Julie PATERSON • Emma MAIN • Ross BAYLISS • Maria HUNTER • Angela REILLY • Alan DONALDSON • David Gordon SLATER • John FRIEL • Ken ECCLESON • Cara SULLIVAN • Douglas HOLMES • Ruth DONALDSON • Gayle OGILVIE • Gerry BOYLE • Becky MACPHEE • David WALLACE • Suzanne REID • Elspeth FERGUSON and Nicola MAHMOOD.

Whether arriving early for set-up, looking after the finish funnel, marshalling and encouraging out on the course, or doing the other jobs before and after the run that go to contributing, you are all much appreciated. And it’s my experience that joining in to volunteer on an occasional basis can very quickly become something you enjoy, look forward to, and miss when you’re not doing it! Contact drumpelliercountryhelpers@parkrun.com to book your slot for a future week!

Two of our core team actually joined the Volunteer 25 Club last week, and after some previous delays in the ‘free t-shirt system’ that parkrun operate (partly victims of their own success I think, as so many people now qualify for Club shirts each week) - we were both delighted that we could order our purple V25 shirts and have them arrive to wear this week! It’s a bit weird to congratulate myself but well done Douglas HOLMES (who’s had a busy weekend all round, organising the Cumbernauld 10k)!

Dave & Dougie in V25s

Two new owners of the purple shirt

One running milestone achieved at this run was Linda JOHNSTONE who celebrated her 50th run by finishing second female, with Kirsty MILTON-MOIR coming in third. Ahead of them both was Fiona MATHESON who had a great run to repeat last week’s first finish, while improving her time for a new PB, and beating our Age Grade record (from the one she set last week!) to an incredible 99.29%. Only Fiona and Jennifer WETTON our female course record holder have so far repeated a first finish, with 4 other ladies and 8 different gents doing so.

Lewis Raeburn at the finish

Today's first finisher and new course record holder

This week our first male finisher Lewis RAEBURN also improved the overall course record by 5 seconds from last week - well done! Second was Rudi PAUL and third Iain MCDONALD.

A front runner

One of the front runners approaches a marshal point.

No matter what time you finished in, or what number of runs you have completed, though, well done to each and every one who participated. Many of you achieved PBs on our course - 57 this week - and in fact I was one of them, which I’m pleased with - considering I had to stop and tie my laces!

Three parkrunners near the finish

Participants enjoying their run

I do like to spot patterns in numbers and times, so a shoutout for Brian BEATTIE (19:19), Gavin MEIKLE (21:21), Peter MCAULEY (31:31) and Sandra SHERWOOD (32:32), as well as symmetrically speaking, Gill RAE (25:52) and Kerry HASTIE (31:13). Also, in 81st position was Alan MORRIS on his 81st run, while I was 82nd male on my 82nd run!

The full results are available to view on https://www.parkrun.org.uk/drumpelliercountry/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=8 - which ones would you highlight? Why not volunteer to write a Run Report another week?

I’m on duty as Run Director next parkrunday so I look forward to seeing you then, and don’t forget to drop us a line if you fancy volunteering!

Dave Slater

Photo credits: Douglas Holmes, Nicola Mahmood, Cara Sullivan


Drumpellier Country parkrun Event #7

I’d been l a keen eye on developments at Drumpellier Country ever since stumbling on the Facebook group detailing the plans for a new parkrun many, many months ago. Being a (somewhat) local lad from Holytown, now exiled to the South West of England, I was really looking forward to running at the park on one of my visits home to see family. So, when the exciting news broke of the event start date, the first thing I did was check the diary to see when I could make it along!parkrun 7.1
And so it was that I rocked up to Drumpellier on Saturday morning, for event #7. Knowing the Scottish weather as I do (and despite RD Ken’s later, potentially slightly dubious, assurances that the weather was always great for this event) I was half expecting to barely be able to see the loch for rain, but instead it was an absolutely glorious sunny morning with hardly a cloud in the sky. Thankfully I was here this week and not last bad on what I've heard about the weather then!
I got parked nice & early, but there were plenty of parkrunners arriving, so I simply followed them around the loch to the start line. I wouldn't have had any difficulty finding it anyway, as the high viz is easily spotted from the car park! I spied Ken and went to introduce myself but left him alone for a bit as he was in the midst of the volunteer briefing. Once done though, I said hello, and identified myself as the bloke he'd put himself forward for report writing duty!
Introductions over, I joined a good-sized group for the first timers briefing – 66 of us in total, including 10 doing their first ever parkrun! Welcome to the amazing parkrun family all of you, I hope you all enjoyed it & will be back for lots more! A check was done for tourists, with people traveling from places as varied as Springburn, Salford & Gatwick! And, of course, Cheltenham...
Then it was time to make our way to the start line. A great, loud, positive briefing from Ken, and then we were off – all 186 of us, plus a few parkrunners! As I'm a bit on the slower side, I headed towards the back of the pack... The slight hangover I had probably also contributed to that decision!
I’d heard good things about the route, but I have to say, my expectations were surpassed. Starting around the edge of the loch, you run along the water’s edge for 500m or so, before cutting in and having on a lovely route along the trail through the woods. You do that twice, then it's a sprint finish back to where you started! It really is a beautiful route, both beside the loch & through the woods; and with it being pretty much totally flat, it's definitely got PB potential! Sadly, not for me this week (I blame the beer), but congratulations to the amazing 69 who DID smash it! Also a huge well done to first finisher Jamie BURNS who set a new course record of 16:10; and to first female Fiona MATHESON who finished in 18:51 with a frankly incredible age grading of 98.67%, the highest I've ever seen by quite some distance! Absolutely amazing running!
A huge well done & congratulations as well to William TAYLOR, who ran his 50th parkrun this weekend and earned himself that delightful red t-shirt! parkrun 7.2 parkrun 7.3
Unfortunately, I couldn't make the café afterwards, but I did hear since excellent reviews on it, so give it a try if you're visiting! Overall this was an absolutely brilliant event, one that is recommend to anyone thinking of a spot of parkrun tourism in the area, and definitely one I'll be visiting again when I'm back home doing the family visits!
Lastly, as we all know, parkrun couldn't happen without the amazing High Viz Heroes, so a massive shout out & thank you to everyone who volunteered this week - Yvonne GENTLES • Emma MAIN • Brian MAIN • Linda WALLACE • Angela REILLY • Michelle HUMPHREYS • David Gordon SLATER • Jayne ECCLESON • Lorraine TAYLOR • Cara SULLIVAN • Arthur DUGGAN • Douglas HOLMES • David NELSON • Lindsay MCGOWAN • Julie GALLAGHER • Cheryl HOLMES • Becky MACPHEE • David WALLACE • Elspeth FERGUSON • Deacon Bill MCMILLAN • Grace GALLAGHER • Ian MCGREGOR and David NAISMITH. Please do put yourself forward to volunteer if you can - it's really rewarding, and incredibly enjoyable! parkrun 7.4
All that remains for me to say is thank you to all at Drumpellier Country for a great morning & a fantastic parkrun. I'll see you again soon, but until then, happy parkrunning!

All photos by Dougie Holmes


Drumpellier Country parkrun Event #6 Run Report

Drumpellier parkrun

Heather & Scott at Drumpellier

Heather's 250th with Scott at Drumpellier

After a 6 week gap I finally manage to run my 250th parkrun. After much debate and consideration with Scott my parkrun running partner we decided on Drumpellier Park. I’m no stranger to the park as it’s 2 miles from home – it’s funny how runners all know how many miles everything is from their front door - so I was looking forward to being part of something local and it didn’t let me down.

The park itself wraps around Drumpellier loch, a place for dog walking, bike riding, family walks and fishing. It’s part of the greater ‘Seven Lochs’ and home to various birds and wildlife.

On arrival on what had to be the wettest day this year the car park was filling up nicely; this was run number 6 for the team and numbers were averaging around 200+ runners - this week the final tally was 245. The walk from the car park to the start was clearly marked and very easy to spot. The high viz visible from the car park heading round the loch. As I said this was a local run and within minutes of arrival, although technically a first timer, it was great to see so many familiar faces even if most were already soaked at this point.

Julie & Dave at the Start

Julie's debut RD brief is rainy but excellent

First timer brief was conducted by the lovely Lorraine and I joined 128 others to the briefing. We then joined the pack for the RD briefing, normal rules apply and it was great to get a shout out for my 250th. I was joined in milestone celebrating today by Linda Wallace who completed her 50th parkrun and Tom Keenan also completing his 250th. A chat later in the café we both agreed it was more but you all know the rules, no barcode no time.

So briefing over it was 3,2,1 go … Drumpellier is a two lap course it starts with a run about a third of the way round the loch, then cuts left into the back trails running through avenues of trees and natural marsh lands. It very pretty, the trails are a good width plenty room for passing and today was extra fun with puddles to splash in some mud but mainly wet. The trail part of the course accounts for the biggest section of the run which loops back around to the loch side to do all again. This was my first proper run in 6 weeks so I promised myself and Scott I would be easy paced and slow. Not sure my legs got that message, just so happy to be back parkrunning - it was no way a PB for me but probably faster than I intended. However 53 people did happily manage a PB today and first home was Craig Lockens in 16:46. Top of the pack in age grade was Anne Smith with a whopping 84.11% (a new AG record!).

Drumpellier is blessed with a visitors centre which means toilets for visitors: lots of cow cowls around today as well, tourists were out in force. Most importantly it means a great place for coffee and cake and the post run chat. Today after the soaking it was good to see so many people heading back to the café.

Loch from carpark in rain

A dreich day at Drumpellier

I felt very welcome today, spoke to lots of new people; the core team and volunteers were fab and of course we can’t run without them. I know the RD says this every week but really: no volunteers no run. So a big thanks to all 26 people who marshalled, scanned, timed, set up, briefed, pulled results even wrote reports and made the whole thing possible:

Yvonne GENTLES • David WARDROPE • Julie PATERSON • Vicki O'HARE • Fay MCARTHUR • Maria HUNTER • David Gordon SLATER • Kirsty CAMPBELL • Ken ECCLESON • Lorraine TAYLOR • David MURRAY • Ted MCPAKE • Douglas HOLMES • Max GALLAGHER • Julie GALLAGHER • Cheryl HOLMES • Sheena MORROW • Harry MCPAKE • Grace GALLAGHER • Lynda MURRAY • Martyn STEWART • Lisa HULL • Brenda MCRAE • Emma Kate GALLAGHER • David NAISMITH • Heather ANGELOPOULOS

Finally for those who like your stats: The female record is held by Jennifer WETTON who recorded a time of 18:10 on 10th August 2019 (event number 3). The male record is held by Duncan ROBINSON who recorded a time of 16:34 on 10th August 2019 (event number 3). The Age Grade course record is held by Anne SMITH who recorded 84.11% (21:49) on 31st August 2019 (event number 6). Drumpellier Country parkrun started on 27th July 2019. Since then 1,057 participants have completed 1,599 parkruns covering a total distance of 7,995 km, including 271 new Personal Bests. A total of 72 individuals have volunteered 144 times.

Thank you Drumpellier parkrun for the lovely welcome and giving me the pleasure of writing the run report. I will be back ☺

Heather Angelopoulos

Photo Credits: Heather Angelopoulos, Davie Easton, Julie Gallagher


Drumpellier Country parkrun Event number #5 Run Report

Drumpellier Country parkrun
Event number 5
24th August 2019


Julie P on her RD debut.

This week was event number five at Drumpellier Country Park, and after nearly nine and a half years of enjoying parkrunning and other volunteer roles, I finally took on the role of Run Director. For those of you that know me, this took me way out of my comfort zone, hence the reason it took me so long!

Once again on parkrun morning, the sun shone brightly and was kind to our volunteers and runners. Interestingly, some of who have made comments enquiring about our name, so we turned to fellow RD and team historian Cara, who advises us that the name Drumpellier comes from ‘Dun Peledar’ - Fort of the Broken Spears! It therefore seems fitting, that we start our parkrun next to the play park named after the historic Crannog site.

I often also get asked why I enjoy parkrun so much, back when I started, I worked shifts in the hospital, and it allowed me, and often made me, get out and clear my head after tough shifts. Quite a few times, this was straight off night shift! I’ve always found parkrun great therapy, as I tend to be a solo runner. Trying to explain the parkrun family is difficult, but the joy you get from people, you have often never met, but have a common goal with, is second to none.

I’m so happy I bit the bullet and took my volunteering a step further, and offered to be RD, as it offers a special amazing opportunity, to see everyone arrive, set everyone off, and see the joy on their faces when everyone finishes. This week, I set off 210 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 98 were first timers - which is always amazing to see - and 66 people recorded new Personal Bests! Representatives of 30 different clubs also took part.

Young Beattie giving the thumbs up, on his first buggy run.

Young Beattie giving the thumbs up, on his first buggy run.

We couldn’t provide a safe and happy parkrun, without our brilliant team of volunteers. We are always looking for people to join us; the team at Drumpellier is so supportive. Why not receive our weekly volunteer email, by signing in to your parkrun profile, and request to ‘opt in’. If you have ever considered volunteering and not sure, or like me not confident, come speak to us, and if you’d like, we’d be more than happy to let you shadow us first. It's really rewarding and great to see how parkrun happens from the 'other' side, and after 25 separate days of volunteering, you get the amazing purple T-shirt I was sporting in my “selfie” picture. Speaking of which, please remember to take your picture with our new selfie board and show off your achievements to friends and family. Tag us on our twitter - @DrumpCparkrun.


Our next new RD Julie, getting ready to take over next week.


This week our awesome event volunteers were:

Yvonne GENTLES • Tom ROSS • Julie PATERSON • Annicea MADINE • Pete SCOLLS • Fiona SEWELL • Linda WALLACE • Gordon HUMPHREYS • Michelle HUMPHREYS • David Gordon SLATER • Lorraine TAYLOR • David MURRAY • Cara SULLIVAN • Arthur DUGGAN • Sophie MURRAY • Julie GALLAGHER • Marianne STIRLING • David WALLACE • Lynda MURRAY • Lisa HULL • Brenda MCRAE • Ian MCRAE • David NAISMITH

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Drumpellier Country parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Jennifer WETTON who recorded a time of 18:10 on 10th August 2019 (event number 3).
The male record is held by Duncan ROBINSON who recorded a time of 16:34 on 10th August 2019 (event number 3).
The Age Grade course record is held by Graham MCCABE who recorded 83.59% (17:22) on 3rd August 2019 (event number 2).

Our tourists this week, putting the selfie board to good use.

Our tourists this week, putting the selfie board to good use.

Drumpellier Country parkrun started on 27th July 2019. Since then 928 participants have completed 1,354 parkruns covering a total distance of 6,770 km, including 218 new Personal Bests. A total of 64 individuals have volunteered 118 times.

So do not be like me and hold off any further, put yourself forward! There is a great feeling of self satisfaction, maybe even more so than if you run in the event, to see all these amazing people finish and to be a part of every one of their runs. It makes you feel so special and privileged.

I hope to see you all again soon, and remember #DFYB - Don’t Forget Your Barcode!

Julie P

Photo Credits: David Murray and Brian Beattie

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