Event cancelled, 27th November

Quick note to say that we have cancelled the event on the 27th November due to the rather inclement weather that is forecast.
Please don’t head to The Dell as we won’t be there!


Update on Christmas and New Year events

as with previous years, there will not be an event on Christmas day or New Years day this year.
The last event of the year is scheduled for Saturday 18th December, with a return on Saturday 8th January.


What’s changed?!?!

To enable our return, we've made a few changes to our event and so we thought it was worth putting them all on 1 page.

The route has had a small change. We now start towards the top of the back straight on the opposite side of the track to the main buildings. You'll do 2.5 laps of the track to begin with and finish with 1.5 at the end, finishing in the same place. The barcode scanning will also take place on this side of the track, near to the long jump pits.
First timers briefing has also moved, this will now take place by the high jump mats at, just on the inside of the track.

There are also a few changes around the facilities. On our return we will not have access to the buildings and club room expect for the use of the cupboard to store our kit and for emergencies.This means, for the moment at least, no cafe, no changing rooms and no toilets.

Parking is next. If you do drive to the event, please consider parking either at the Brockmoor Community Centre, or at the Fenns Pools Wardens office and to avoid The Dell car park if possible (map below). If you do arrive by bike, please lock your bike up on the railings around the outside of the track and not in the proper bike rack.

There's a couple of changes for volunteers too. Firstly, we will now be meeting under the stands and not in the club room. We've moved virtual too, timekeeping and barcode scanning will now be done with your own smart phone on the parkrun virtual volunteer app.
Finally, the point of entry and exit to the track has also changed. When you arrive you'll need to enter via the emergency exit on the far side of the car park which takes you onto the back straight, you'll exit at the same point after having your barcode scanned.We're also encouraging people not to arrive too early, 8:45am ish.

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