Dukeries junior parkrun is cancelled on 2021-04-18 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Provisional restart of event

Hopefully it won't be too long before we can all meet up again on a Sunday morning for a walk, run, hop or skip around our course.



We've had to push back the provisional date for the restart of Dukeries junior parkrun to at least Sunday 18th April.

We're currently busy behind the scenes working on the necessary plans in line with parkrun UK's Covid framework, including talking to the land owner and the all important risk assessments to ensure the safety of our volunteers, the junior runners and their supporters and we just need to align to the opening of other services.

One key temporary change implemented by parkrun UK HQ is to only open junior events for children aged 4-10 initially, to limit the number of runners who may usually attend nearby 5k events, which are currently not opening. Please bare this in mind when thinking about attending the event.

Nearer the time we'll post more updates as we get them.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please ask and we'll do our best to answer them and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The Dukeries junior parkrun team



An event update

This time last year we held our 24th parkrun event. Little did we know that would be the last event for a while.


Hopefully it won't be too long before we can all meet up again on a Sunday morning. The Dukeries junior parkrun team are currently busy behind the scenes working on the necessary plans. Stay safe and we look forward to welcoming our juniors back in the near future.

Here's the latest update from parkrun HQ 




parktoberfest – let’s (not)parkrun


Have you been missing Dukeries junior parkrun?

Have you been searching for an opportunity to have a bit of fun, walking, jogging or running in your local neighbourhood? Something that is free, easy to do and doesn’t require any experience or fancy gear?

Look no further! PARKTOBERFEST is here, and absolutely anyone can take part.

Building on the success of the 5k (not)parkrun, we’re encouraging people to get together with friends, family, neighbours (respecting local and national government guidelines) and inspire each other to complete as many (not)parkruns as possible in the month of October.

And the great news is now junior parkrunners can register their own walk, jog, or run. Like normal junior parkruns, which are 2k in length, 4 – 14 year olds can complete this distance and see their name in lights when they log their time.

You choose the course and decide when and how you want to take part. You could stroll or jog around a park, plot out a route around your local streets, or complete your (not)parkrun as part of your daily routine. It all counts, it all adds up, and it can all make you healthier and happier. (not)parkrun can be whatever you want it to be.

To help you decide where to (not)parkrun during parktoberfest, we'll be sharing some of our favourite 2k routes around the local area, especially for junior parkrunners

Once you have completed the distance simply log your time via your parkrun profile. If you’re new to parkrun, just sign up to register and take part. Results are shared each Monday.

Whatever the weather, whatever the time of day, wherever you live, join thousands of others around the world in completing some (not)parkruns for parktoberfest and get a much-needed dose of fun, activity and positivity.

Get active. Have fun. (not)parkrun.

parkrun Sign in

Please follow the (not)parkrun Safety Guidelines


Event #22 Dukeries junior parkrun

It was a lovely morning for event #22 of Dukeries junior parkrun.


A massive thanks to all of the volunteers for whom it wouldn't be possible to host the events. Special thanks to the junior helpers that offered to support today with marshalling, giving out tokens and tail-walking. It's always great to see young volunteers wanting to support the junior runners. Well done

Speaking of which...this week's Run Report is written by a parkrun tourist, Olivia aged 10.

Olivia's Run Report...

Today was my 1st ever Park Run at Dukeries Junior Parkrun, and only my 2nd overall (Brierley Forest being first). I love going to Parkrun, because it helps me keep fit and healthy. It was so nice to see my Cousin Mia there today too.

This morning, it was sunny, but a bit windy, and the ground was a bit soft.

This week's Run Director was my Uncle Andrew, and he gave us our Marshall Briefing and told us to watch out for Mole Hills!

It was great to see Mia and Charlotte get their 11th Parkrun Milestone, meaning they've ran half a marathon each, well done!

I was asked to do the warm-up, which was ace, and thanks to Mia for helping me, I really enjoyed it.


Well done to all 19 runners that took part, they all did a fab job.


Park Run is great!!

Olivia x


Dukeries junior parkrun #21

This week's run report is written by one of our junior runners and volunteers, Mia.

Today was my 10th parkrun at Dukeries junior parkrun. I love going to parkrun because it helps me to get fit and stay healthy. It's also nice to meet up with some friends from school.
This morning it was lovely and sunny. I helped out with the other high-vis heroes to set up the course.

This week's run director, Daniel gave us our marshall briefing and told us to watch out for the pesky mole hills. The course was drying out and it was just a little bit windy.

It was nice to see Tyler and Sienna getting their 11th parkrun milestone which means they've ran a half marathon each. Well done!

Felix and Daisy did another great job of warming us all up. They really put us through our paces with opposite arm swings.

Rohan was amazing again as our tail walker!

Well done to all 17 runners who took part today and a special well done to a young girl who ran with their mum and dad to try out our course for when she's older.
Parkrun is great fun!

Mia x


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