Event #22 Dukeries junior parkrun

It was a lovely morning for event #22 of Dukeries junior parkrun.


A massive thanks to all of the volunteers for whom it wouldn't be possible to host the events. Special thanks to the junior helpers that offered to support today with marshalling, giving out tokens and tail-walking. It's always great to see young volunteers wanting to support the junior runners. Well done

Speaking of which...this week's Run Report is written by a parkrun tourist, Olivia aged 10.

Olivia's Run Report...

Today was my 1st ever Park Run at Dukeries Junior Parkrun, and only my 2nd overall (Brierley Forest being first). I love going to Parkrun, because it helps me keep fit and healthy. It was so nice to see my Cousin Mia there today too.

This morning, it was sunny, but a bit windy, and the ground was a bit soft.

This week's Run Director was my Uncle Andrew, and he gave us our Marshall Briefing and told us to watch out for Mole Hills!

It was great to see Mia and Charlotte get their 11th Parkrun Milestone, meaning they've ran half a marathon each, well done!

I was asked to do the warm-up, which was ace, and thanks to Mia for helping me, I really enjoyed it.


Well done to all 19 runners that took part, they all did a fab job.


Park Run is great!!

Olivia x

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