The Inaugural Dulwich Park Run #1!

Last Saturday, Dulwich Park hosted its own inaugural Park Run event. With its three flat laps, this course is going to ensure some fast 5Ks will be run over the coming months & years. This park sees its fair share of runs over the year and it was great to see 161 people turn up. Conditions were virtually perfect, with the air cleared from the rainfall the night before. Moderately cool temperatures and virtually windless, the only evidence was a few puddles on the ground, but the pathways were not slippy.

And it didn’t disappoint with three men joining the sub-17min club for the course. In a closely fought contest, Roy Reeder & Neil Reissland came in virtually together with a time of 16:48 with Andrew Tappin just a few seconds behind them in third place. In the women’s competition, Lisa Harris came in first with 20:32, a personal best in all park run events. A special mention should be made for Ros Tabor who came second but has set the bar extremely high with a very good 90.15% age grade record as well.

In the junior competition, there was a fantastic run from Alexander Yee who not only clocked 18’24” but also came 9th overall. Laurie Pope and Alex Elms came in 2nd and 3rd with sub-20min times and again inside the top 20. Twelve juniors took part, nearly ten percent of the field.

Next week, there is a small event taking place from Blackheath to Westminster and we ask all those who are not looking to race to come down and help marshal the course. You will not only gain points toward the competition but you will be legend to all the runners as one of the volunteers for this event!


Event director Neil Sutton chatting to someone from Dulwich Park Runners just before the start of the race.      


At the start of each race, there is a quick briefing, informing the prospective runners about the new course


And they’re off!