A little challenge for Dulwich parkrun(ers)

Adidas - who are one of the parkrun sponsors are running a motivation challenge for runners during January - March 2013.  The challenge is called Jantastic and as Dulwich parkrun we have a team of runners entered.

The idea is simple:

-          During January decide how many runs per week you plan on doing and each week submit to the website how many you've done.

-          February is the same as January, just adding what your longest run per week is going to be.

-          Then March is the same as January and February, but with the added challenge of predicting your time for a race.  And that could be Dulwich parkrun, with the aim of setting a PB!

So far there are 7 Dulwich parkrun participants already signed up and we are doing well in the small team category, so why not sign up and set your own goals?  There are spot prizes each month provided by Adidas, but it is also about setting your own goals and trying to meet them as consistent running is the easiest way to get fitter and faster.

Plus there is the option to ‘rival’ other entrants, so you could challenge the parkrun director or even anyone else with the same name or target as you!

To sign up head over to www.marathontalk.com/jantastic and select “Dulwich parkrun” as your team.