News from our volunteers at Dulwich parkrun #167

June 1st-7th was National Volunteers' Week so when better to get our volunteers to contribute to the run report!

Our Volunteers are parkrunners just like everyone else and the Run Director is a parkrunner from our Core Team who liaise with parkrun Head Office and Dulwich Park over 'official' matters which are fortunately few.  We also have Duke of Edinburgh participants who, especially at this time of year, are giving up revision time to help out.

The Core Team are also the coffee-drinkers and cake-eaters who can be found in the cafe afterwards downloading results (cafe internet connections permitting), hoping there are no timing or scanning glitches, and sorting finish tokens, always happy to welcome anyone who wants to join us.  It is the same core team that hope each week that there are enough volunteers to ensure parkrun happens safely and happily for everyone on Saturday morning.

Back to 6th June and the volunteers who told me 'why I volunteer......' one of whom left me speechless but absolutely delighted to be talking to him!  Read on to find out why!

Why I volunteer

  • It saves me from staying in bed
  • It's a nice thing to do on a Saturday morning
  • It is great to see everyone getting together - a real community feel

I volunteer

  • whenever I've planned to go to the pub the night before
  • when I have a big bike ride the next day

I volunteer

  • because it sets the tone for the rest of the day
  • to keep wonderful activities like parkrun going

I volunteer

  • because parkrun nearly killed me..........then saved my life!  It was parkrun volunteers and other runners that resuscitated me after a cardiac arrest on New Year's Day
  • each week until I can get out running again.  I'm almost back to full fitness.

Good luck everyone for a safe and successful this week and thank you to the volunteers!