Notes from a (not-so) small parkrun #168

For the 5th week in a row more than 200 runners (248 to be precise) completed our 5k course, including Greg Lawrie who ran his 50th parkrun - Congratulations!

After another bumper run we are well on the way to our next milestone of 25,000 runs (just 596 runs to go)

This week 48 runners ran personal bests (well done!)

We had 53 first-timers - 25 ran their first-ever parkruns.  First-timers, of course, cannot get PBs, as parkrun will only award a PB at a run where you already have a registered time.

So, well done to the 9 runners runnning their 2nd parkruns, 3 of who were running Dulwich for the 1st time (so no PB possible) and 4 of who got PBs - that's a 44% PB rate!.  And to the 13 3rd timers, 7 of who ran PBs (4 running Dulwich for the first time).

Keep coming back!

It is always disheartening to see 'Unknowns' in the results list, especially when you have gone to all the effort of getting out of bed bright and early and running three times round the park.  This week there were 13 'Unknowns'.  We really want to credit you with runs towards your milestone T-shirts and points for the annual points table (if Dulwich is your 'home' run), and, of course, to recognise your own personal bests.  Please make us happy by bringing and scanning your barcode!

See you next week when Chris will be directing, and hopefully there will be no 'Unknowns'

P.S. A little note of thanks too for those of you who have given up your runs to volunteer.  It is much appreciated.