First timers @ Dulwich Parkrun #170

Another 200+ run this week! (201 to be precise) with a whole gang of first timers.

In Karen's welcome she mentioned volunteering was an opportunity to see everyone running from the front rather than from behind.  One of our first-timers this week was doing the opposite.  Oscar, one of our regular Duke of Edinburgh volunteers, used to seeing runners as they pass the volunteer team each lap and finish their runs, ran the course for the first time this week.  Well done Oscar! You now have a personal best to beat so we look forward to celebrating that.

More first-timers were a group of pupils and teachers from St Dunstan's College who were running as part of the fundraising programme for their Tanzania project 2015.  The pupils are going to Tanzania to help build a classroom at the Malangi Primary School in October.  There is more information about the project and fundraising on their website.

This weeks milestoners were:

Julian Day who has run 41 out of his 50 runs at Dulwich


Neil Aikman who ran his 100th parkrun, 13 at Dulwich

There is news that milestoners T shirts will start to be available next week through your parkrun profile page.  If you are waiting for a T-shirt. keep an eye on that page to claim your TribeSports parkrun milestone T-shirt, especially if you have been waiting a long time for it.


Watch out for the 'special' 25,000 finish token.

Will you be our 25,000th runner completing our 125,000th kilometre?

See you there!