News from a holiday parkrun #172

166 runners completed this Saturday's sunny parkrun fewer than the usual 200+.   I am guessing many people are on holiday.

23 runners celebrated personal bests and 3 joined the 50 Club: Congratulations to Janet Clark, Cristina Smith and Robert Brushfield-Hodges.

Congratulations too to Stephanie Burchill who was June's Sweatshop Runner of the Month!

If you are going on holiday dont forget to look out for a local parkrun.  Our core team have run parkruns in St Peters in Sydney, Durham in North Carolina, Naas in Ireland, Lodz in Poland, East Coast Singapore and most recently in Cubnezais, Bordeaux as can be seen on our Twitter page.

If you were thinking of touring locally Brockwell parkrun is cancelled next week as it is the weekend of the Lambeth Country Show

Happy Holidays everyone!