Advantages of years?

You will notice when your parkrun results come through that they include the placing, which is the position number on your finish token, your time (which may be that long awaited PB!), your age category and also your 'age-grade' expressed as %.

We are sometimes asked what the age-grade means?

The age-graded score compares runners' times taking into account gender and age.

For example, a 35 year old man running a 5k parkrun in 26 minutes would have an age graded score of 50.7%

A 35 year old lady running the same time would have an age-graded score of 57.5%.  So the lady has performed better.  Sorry guys!

5 years later, after our runners' 40th birthdays the same runs would give age-graded scores of 52.5% and 58.8% so performance has improved.

The % is calculated by dividing the world record time for a person of the same age and gender by the recorded time.  So the higher your % score the closer you are to getting a world record!

Our age-graded champs last week were:

Anthony Prangley (4th position) 84.61% and

Teresa Murphy (19th position) 77.15%

And at the bottom of the Dulwich parkrun homepage you can see our Age-Graded record holder who is Ros Tabor, who achieved an amazing 95.44% at event 149 on 31st January this year.

So when you get your results this week you can look at them differently and celebrate your parkrun success in more than one way!