Report on our 7th anniversary event: Saturday 13th April 2019

Last Saturday was Dulwich parkrun’s 7th birthday and in keeping with tradition we enjoyed a celebration. Not surprising when you consider that since our event started on 14th April 2012 just over 8,000 people have registered with parkrun UK naming Dulwich as their home event and since then 14,219 participants have completed 82,381 parkruns with us, between them covering a total distance of 411,905 km and including 14,636 new Personal Bests. Phenomenal!

So how did we celebrate? Well we had balloons, bunting, cake (lots!), chocolate medals and spot prizes all kindly donated by our volunteers and Intersport Herne Hill. And of course our 373rd free, timed, 5k run, jog or walk around our beautiful park on a chilly but thankfully dry spring morning.

Dulwich parkrun briefing

Dulwich parkrun 7th birthday

This week 424 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 58 were first timers at our Dulwich event (including 23 doing their first ever parkrun) and 86 recorded new Personal Bests. Congratulations to all and particularly to our regular runner Andrew McDougall who completed his 250th parkrun and is now able to claim a very special milestone shirt.

Andrew McDougall 250

And to make our day even more special, our new parkrun ‘selfie frame’ arrived just in time, here modeled by our MP Helen Hayes (herself just a few runs short of her 100 milestone shirt) and a number of our other regulars. We are sure this will be a feature of many future social media postings!

Helen Hayes MP parkrun

Dulwich parkrun selfie frame

Saturday’s event was made possible by the following 22 volunteers to whom we are hugely grateful:

Gillian CAVELL • Margaret PEDLER • Rosslyn TURNER • Hannah ISSETT • Helen SIMMONS • Trevor Anthony MOORE • Lucy FERMAN-MOORE • Errol ROBATHAN • Louise ROBATHAN • Julia MCDOUGALL • Andrew MCDOUGALL • Philip LAWRENCE • Robert BRUSHFIELD-HODGES • Ben ROBACK • Peter SANDERS • Joshua BELCHEM • Chris INCE • Colette DOLLIN • Jennifer CHIAROTTI • Juliet MATOVU • Olivia LARLHAM • Adam LANGSTON

As you know, parkrun would not happen without our hi-viz heroes and during our seven year history, 658 people have helped put on our 373 events, volunteering on 4,460 occasions between them. Every week we thank our volunteers again and mention that we would welcome more help. At the start of this new year for Dulwich parkrun, please do think about how whether you could help too. You can start by opting in to receive our weekly volunteer appeal email and then letting us know when you’re available. It would be great to grow our team of regular helpers still further, particularly as we get used to managing bigger events.

Here’s hoping for many more successful years to come for parkrun generally as well as our Dulwich event. Whether you will be returning to us this week for what is bound to be another ‘egg-citing’ Easter event or in the weeks and months to come we look forward to seeing you again.