Huge attendances at Dulwich parkrun – What we are doing and how you can help

If you've joined us this month you'll know that we've had record-breaking attendances at our parkrun throughout January, an experience repeated across the country. Whilst this is great for parkrun, inevitably it has created new pressures and we are not alone in having challenges managing the larger numbers.

We want to update you on further changes we are making to help keep our parkrun safe and successful for all. This is 'work in progress' and we will continue to review arrangements and make further adjustments as needed.

- We have introduced a longer double finish funnel to ensure everyone can get across the finish line before queueing for their position tokens. Tomorrow (25/1) we'll have extra posts and tape to provide more distinct lanes.

- We are increasing the number of volunteers helping us each week to provide extra help marshalling the event (subject to sufficient offers of help obviously)

- We are moving the weekly pre-event briefing to the start area in the hope that more people will be able to hear it properly and will also listen to it...

- We will be encouraging runners to line up roughly in order of their likely finishing time so as to reduce congestion at the start of our event

We're very grateful for the support and feedback we've had from our community in recent weeks. The ongoing success of our event depends on all our participants remembering these simple messages and your help in spreading these further would be appreciated:

#Remember it's a 'run not a race'
#Bring your printed barcode - we can't give you a time without it
#Keep quiet during our pre-run briefing
#Give way to other park users on the course, showing respect for them and fellow runners
#Stay in order in the finish funnel and return your position token once scanned
#Join our volunteer team when you can - we need more help now to manage bigger events successfully.