Current position on Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and implications for parkrun events

For those of you not on social media, we are sharing here a link to parkrun HQ’s live update on COVID-19 / Coronavirus:

From this you will see that the current overall position is that where specifically recommended or required by health organisations, governments or landowners, events will be closed and this would mean all events in a region regardless of size. Whilst so far all parkruns in 15 other countries have for now been cancelled, we are not (yet) in that position here and as such Dulwich parkrun will continue as normal until and unless the central position changes.

In remaining open we do of course ask you to adhere to government and health advice. Please do not join us to run or volunteer if you have symptoms of Coronavirus infection, however mild, as this action will help protect our community whilst you may be infectious.

As you know, this is a fast moving situation. Please keep checking for further updates to be posted on a daily basis by parkrun HQ.

Thanks for your ongoing support in worrying times.