We are back! Dulwich parkrun restarts on 24th July :)

We’re delighted to confirm that our parkrun restarts this Saturday 24th July along with other events locally and across the country :)

It’s been a long and difficult 17 months and there's no doubt that parkrun has been sorely missed. Whilst many of you have carried on running or exercising in other ways throughout the pandemic, that's not been possible for others and nothing can replace parkrun's social wellbeing benefits.

So, we’re really looking forward to welcoming our community back to run, jog, walk or volunteer with us again. There will be a few tweaks to our start and finish arrangements to comply with parkrun's Covid-safe framework but our simple 3-lap course remains the same.

As you know, parkrun’s success depends on volunteers and we need lots more help than previously to make the finishing process smooth and enable participants to disperse without delay. This includes more help scanning barcodes and keeping finishers moving (in the correct order!) through an extended finish funnel. We’ve had a lovely response for this Saturday’s restart event (thank you!) but need to sustain this going forward. Please do drop us an email (dulwich@parkrun.com) if you are able to help us at any time and check the ‘opt-in’ link on your parkrun profile to receive our weekly emails on the state of the volunteer roster. You can also check that your emergency contact details are up to date there.

Whilst obviously no-one should attend our parkrun with any Covid-19 symptoms or if exposed to the risk of infection, we do hope that many of you will be able to join us again. Please arrive in time for a prompt 9am start. We're moving our gathering area to half way down the driveway to the Queen Mary Gate which is where our first-timers briefing will be at 8.50am. Look out for the parkrun flag. It will be 71 weeks since it was last on display!

See you all soon – and don’t forget your printed barcode :)