Extra events on Christmas Day (9am) and New Year’s Day (10am)

We are pleased to confirm that as well as our usual Saturday 5ks at 9am we will once again be hosting extra events on Christmas Day (Wednesday 25th December) and New Year's Day (Wednesday 1st January). The Christmas Day event will start at 9am this year (as will all parkruns this year). Our NYD event will start at the later time of 10am allowing you a lie-in or (if so inclined) the opportunity to ‘do the double’ by joining our friends at Peckham Rye parkrun for their 9am event beforehand.


Run Report for Event #378 on 18th May 2019 (with thanks to Simon Grigor)

Saturday mornings don’t get much better for running. An ideal temperature, maybe just a little cool for standing about but not too hot for those on the go. Summer definitely in the air with the first swifts to arrive from Africa wheeling overhead, while on the pond the coot parents were proudly showing off their offspring.


425 participants lined up for Dulwich parkrun Number 378. But before the starting whistle was blown, there was a special Runners’ Briefing, delivered on Eurovision Day, in Eurovision theme, by today’s Run Director Hayden Judd, dressed in Euro-flag shirt, who wished everyone ‘Bienvenu a la parc de Dulwich’, before proceeding with gems such as 'There’s no need to Russia, you can go as Slovenia as you like, or run like Greece lightning'; ‘Remember to keep the Sandy Shaw on your left’; 'When you've Finnished, if you're Hungary, you can go the café and have a Bucks Fizz while You're Making Your Mind Up what to eat'; and ‘Czech Republic our Facebook page and TwItaly-er site’. There were more along the same lines: great stuff, Hayden – were we supposed to laugh or groan? (!)


Completing the Euro theme, Gillian Cavell, who gave me a friendly welcome when I arrived, had brought along some Euro-flag bunting which was stretched across the finish area. Loved your jacket, Gillian!


James Bentley got a well-deserved round of applause for doing his 50th parkrun: get that red tee-shirt ordered, James! And there was applause too for the first-timers and visitors, one of whom had come all the way from Australia: cue another Eurovision remark ‘you are allowed to take part, whatever others might think’. And most importantly, there was applause for the wonderful volunteers, 20 of them today, without whom parkrun couldn’t happen: do have a look at the rota and consider helping in the coming weeks.


On to the results. First home today was Edward Chuck 16:18, and first female was Teresa Murphy in 18:36. Well done to them and to everyone who clocked up personal bests, one being second man home, Nick Twin-Buggy – oh, I’d love it if that really is your name, Nick!

Finally, what am I, a visitor from Harrow parkrun, doing writing this report? Well, I was in Zielona Gora, western Poland, last Saturday, completing my parkrun alphabet with the letter "Z". There were at least a dozen like-minded souls from the UK there, among them a minibus load from Dulwich: Hayden, Philip and Jenny (all of whom I saw again today), plus Dan, Becky and Karen. I was told about today’s ‘Eurovision special’ and thought it would be fun to come along. It certainly was! Good wishes to everyone at Dulwich parkrun, and special wishes to Hayden who I understand celebrates his 50th birthday soon.

Simon Grigor


Run Report for Event #375 on Saturday 27th April 2019 (with thanks to Mark Pinney)

Whilst other parts of the UK were being blown about in the storm, Dulwich stayed remarkably calm. Just a few spots of rain greeted our arrival for my first time visit to Dulwich parkrun. Along with many other parkrunners, I chose to visit Dulwich on 27th April to ensure I could pick up my London Marathon race number. Unfortunately, I had been ill all week and had to withdraw from the marathon, which also meant I was walking at the back today. Special mention should go to Rebecca Jasper, the volunteer ‘Tail Walker’, who was wonderful company for almost an hour and kept my mind off feeling quite so ill.

I'd like to say a big thank you to all of the volunteers for running such a great event and ensuring it went smoothly and safely. There were 26 volunteers on Saturday including a number of marathon runners resting up before the big day:

Gillian Cavell (Run Director), Shelby Akosa, Joni Arthur, Joshua Belchem, Robert Brushfield-Hodges, Lucy Ferman-Moore, Alison Foots, Sarah Gaskell, Daisy Herrington, Chris Ince, Rebecca Jasper, Juliet Matovu, Julia McDougall, Andrew McDougall, Lucy O'Connell, Christopher Oakes, Phoebe Parton, Mark Pinney, Olga Rayner, David Robbins, Pete Sanders, Kate Searle, Helen Simmons, Clare Sutherland, Rosslyn Turner, Dan Watts.

On to the stats....

This week we had 417 runners, joggers and walkers comprising 153 Females and 227 Males and sadly 37 ‘unknowns’ who we hope won’t forget to register and bring their printed barcodes next week…

First 3 Males to finish were Andy Bond in a fantastic 16:33 (who even had enough puff left to comment on my bobble hat when he lapped me twice!), Sam Holland in 17:34 and Rob Hollands in a new PB of 17:35. First 3 Female finishers were Jo Williams in 17:45, Teresa Murphy in 19:07 and Hannah Somani in a new PB of 19:20. The best age-graded result this week was achieved by Pamela Iannella whose time of 21:53 in the VW60-64 age category will be the envy of many half her age!

63 parkrunners were new to Dulwich (no doubt including more marathoners?) with 21 doing their first ever parkrun and an amazing 51 recording PBs. Well done to everyone and we hope to see you back next week.

The "most runniest runner" was Gary Slater on 442 parkruns, but there were 8 other members of the 250 Club, 76 members of the 100 Club, 62 members of the 50 Club and 9 members of the 10 Club present. Official milestones achieved today were Victoria Widdows who joined the 100 Club and Jack Elton-Walters who joined the 50 Club.

The people who have run at Dulwich more often than anyone else are Alexander Baker and Marilyn Cook who have run an amazing 256 times here each out of a possible 375. Well done Alexander and Marilyn, that's commitment!!

Other news....

Did you know there are now two excellent parkrun podcasts available each week? "Free Weekly Timed" is the official parkrun podcast with Vassos Alexander and Louise Ayling. We also have "With Me Now" with Danny Norman and Nicola Forwood which is an independent parkrun-based podcast (and some of you may remember Danny and Nicola from the much loved "The parkrun Show"). I thoroughly recommend them both.

Mark Pinney (A2522444)

Editor’s note:

Huge congratulations to all our Dulwich parkrun regulars and tourists who completed the London Marathon the following morning. We hope to see you running, jogging, walking or volunteering with us again once you’ve recovered! Along with other London parkrun events, we had a team of volunteers collecting bags from the marathon runners early in the morning and loading them on to the baggage lorries in Greenwich Park and Blackheath. This was superbly organised by Andy O’Connell and in return we will receive a donation for our event fund and two places in next year’s event, to be selected by ballot from amongst this year’s team. The winners of last year’s ballot, Lucy O’Connell and Sarah Gaskell, both finished successfully and had a great day.


Report on our 7th anniversary event: Saturday 13th April 2019

Last Saturday was Dulwich parkrun’s 7th birthday and in keeping with tradition we enjoyed a celebration. Not surprising when you consider that since our event started on 14th April 2012 just over 8,000 people have registered with parkrun UK naming Dulwich as their home event and since then 14,219 participants have completed 82,381 parkruns with us, between them covering a total distance of 411,905 km and including 14,636 new Personal Bests. Phenomenal!

So how did we celebrate? Well we had balloons, bunting, cake (lots!), chocolate medals and spot prizes all kindly donated by our volunteers and Intersport Herne Hill. And of course our 373rd free, timed, 5k run, jog or walk around our beautiful park on a chilly but thankfully dry spring morning.

Dulwich parkrun briefing

Dulwich parkrun 7th birthday

This week 424 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 58 were first timers at our Dulwich event (including 23 doing their first ever parkrun) and 86 recorded new Personal Bests. Congratulations to all and particularly to our regular runner Andrew McDougall who completed his 250th parkrun and is now able to claim a very special milestone shirt.

Andrew McDougall 250

And to make our day even more special, our new parkrun ‘selfie frame’ arrived just in time, here modeled by our MP Helen Hayes (herself just a few runs short of her 100 milestone shirt) and a number of our other regulars. We are sure this will be a feature of many future social media postings!

Helen Hayes MP parkrun

Dulwich parkrun selfie frame

Saturday’s event was made possible by the following 22 volunteers to whom we are hugely grateful:

Gillian CAVELL • Margaret PEDLER • Rosslyn TURNER • Hannah ISSETT • Helen SIMMONS • Trevor Anthony MOORE • Lucy FERMAN-MOORE • Errol ROBATHAN • Louise ROBATHAN • Julia MCDOUGALL • Andrew MCDOUGALL • Philip LAWRENCE • Robert BRUSHFIELD-HODGES • Ben ROBACK • Peter SANDERS • Joshua BELCHEM • Chris INCE • Colette DOLLIN • Jennifer CHIAROTTI • Juliet MATOVU • Olivia LARLHAM • Adam LANGSTON

As you know, parkrun would not happen without our hi-viz heroes and during our seven year history, 658 people have helped put on our 373 events, volunteering on 4,460 occasions between them. Every week we thank our volunteers again and mention that we would welcome more help. At the start of this new year for Dulwich parkrun, please do think about how whether you could help too. You can start by opting in to receive our weekly volunteer appeal email and then letting us know when you’re available. It would be great to grow our team of regular helpers still further, particularly as we get used to managing bigger events.

Here’s hoping for many more successful years to come for parkrun generally as well as our Dulwich event. Whether you will be returning to us this week for what is bound to be another ‘egg-citing’ Easter event or in the weeks and months to come we look forward to seeing you again.


Run Report for Dulwich parkrun event #369 on 16th March 2019 (with thanks to Steve Waters)

Well, that was a windy one. With the gusts from the last week not letting up, it was great to see so many happy parkrunners out to battle the elements today. Well done to all 407 runners today and a huge thank you to the volunteers who braved the wind to ensure we could all enjoy our parkrun fix for the week. The event at Dulwich runs like clockwork, important due to the fast course.

This week we thank all the volunteers who made event 369 happen: Joni ARTHUR, Gillian CAVELL, Adam LANGSTON, Olivia LARLHAM, Philip LAWRENCE, Chris LAWRENCE, Julia MCDOUGALL, Andrew MCDOUGALL, Rob MURPHY, Andrew O'CONNELL, Lucy O'CONNELL, Lola PETHYBRIDGE, Anthony PRANGLEY, Errol ROBATHAN, Louise ROBATHAN, Alice SHERIDAN, Ian SIPPITT, Steven WATERS and Soo YAU.
Will it be you in the coming weeks? You can see the future volunteer roster via our specific future roster page. To get in touch with our team directly, just send an email to dulwichhelpers@parkrun.com. Why not start earning your volunteer credits? We look forward you joining us.

Now to our finishers this week…

We fielded a heathy number of runners, joggers and walkers this morning, with 407 taking on the course. What is great to see, is that, despite the wind, 60 Dulwich personal bests were set today – champion efforts there.

There were 63 finishers joining us in Dulwich for the first time today, we hope you enjoyed your visit including 14 who completed their first ever parkrun. Keep going, see you next week! And we had some ‘milestone’ runs with one Junior finisher earning his ‘10’ shirt with a new PB on our course (Evan COWELL-NEW), three of our parkrunners joining the ‘50 club’ today (Conan D’ARCY, Peter GREANEY and Joseph WINLAW, also a Junior runner who hit a new PB) and another of our regular juniors, William GARDINER, joining the ‘100 club’. Congratulations to all of you. Far beyond most of our imaginations, we also saw Gary SLATER clock in another park run… up to 436 runs now with over 100 at Dulwich.

Our Top Threes today:
19:46 Nikki STURZAKER
19:54 Rosemary HURFORD
20:32 Michelle EDYE
16:05 Johnny VAN DEVENTER
16:24 Tom MOWER
16:58 Lucas ZURDO
Age Grade
88.24% Tony TUOHY
82.02% Lucas ZURDO
80.89% Tom MOWER
There were 6 runners with 80%+ and 44 in the 70%s. Great effort by all!

37 different clubs were represented today and only 36 ran with no barcode. Always remember to bring your barcode as each run counts towards your parkrun milestones. #DFYB

That’s it for this week. Hope you all have a great week as the countdowns begin: 7 days left to parkrun; 1 month left to yet another Dulwich anniversary (13th April) – see you all there. Let’s make it a big one.


Run Report for Dulwich parkrun Event #368: 9 March 2019 (with thanks to Cat Fuller of Clapham Pioneers Running Club)

A total of 474 people walked, jogged and ran three laps of beautiful Dulwich Park this Saturday to take on the parkrun’s 368th event. It was a chilly but dry morning and we were lucky to have the sun breakthrough from time to time.

On the back of International Women’s Day, it was fantastic to see 153 women complete the course, representing 32% of all finishers. Women across all age categories inspired us today, with 50 first timers at Dulwich and 34 PB’s!

Special shout-outs to the youngest female finisher, Freja Fenner Scally (J10 age category) who achieved a PB, and to Marcia Tolfts and Diane Bright in the VW65-69 category, a first timer and PB achiever, respectively.

Congratulations to first female finisher Hayley Rigby with a time of 19:49, second female finisher Stacy Wheat with a time of 19:53, and third female finisher Jennifer Berg with a time of 19:59 – fantastic results!



The top male finishers impressed too - Andrew Fyfe came in first place with a time of 15:14, achieving a PB, and Jacob Harrison and Benjamin Harrison both in the JM11-14 category came in 5thand 6thplace – great job! Additionally, there were five finishers in the VM70-74 category with some seriously impressive times – outstanding.  Volunteers this week were members of local running club Clapham Pioneers. The volunteers did a superb job ensuring runners were paced and cheered throughout their run, as well as re-fuelled post-run with a delicious selection of home-baked treats.


Well done to all participants – It’s an absolute inspiration seeing everyone week after week at parkrun, no matter their age, gender or pace. Keep it going!


Festive parkruns!

Tis the season to be jolly and we are jolly pleased to be giving you a total of 4 parkruns here in Dulwich over the festive period :)

1. First up is this Saturday 22nd December when our friends at Colicci's Dulwich Clock cafe in the park will be providing mince pies and mulled wine for our finishers and volunteer team. Oh what fun it is to run!

2. Then it's our Christmas Day additional event next Tuesday 25th with a later start of 10am. We hope that many of our regulars will be able to join us along with visiting family and friends. Peckham Rye parkrun is also hosting a Christmas Day event at 9am but please note that you can only record one parkrun on Christmas Day (so if you run there and then with us, your Dulwich parkrun time will not count towards your total).

3. Saturday 29th December next week brings another 'normal' parkrun with a 9am start for our final event of 2018.

4. And then it's our New Year's Day additional event at 10am on Tuesday 1st January when you'll be able to get 2019 off to a happy healthy start with another free, timed run, jog or walk in our lovely park. And this time if you 'do the double', completing the earlier parkrun at Peckham Rye (9am start), both runs will count.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


Extra parkruns on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day: Both 10am starts

We know it's only just October and the clocks are yet to go back, but we like to plan ahead here to make the most of our parkrun year. We are therefore pleased to confirm that as well as our usual Saturday 5ks at 9am we will once again be hosting extra events on Christmas Day (Tuesday 25th December) and New Year's Day (Tuesday 1st January). Both these events will start at the later time of 10am. More details nearer the time!


Run Report for Event #344 on 6th October 2018: parkrun’s 14th birthday

All parkruns are special but this week’s event was particularly special, marking the 14th anniversary of parkrun’s creation back in 2004. From humble beginnings parkrun now has over 5 million registered participants and here in Dulwich we are proud to be part of this global phenomenon.

So Saturday was the excuse for a celebration (not that we need much excuse…) and our 380 finishers were treated to cakes and other goodies on completion of their free, timed, walk, run or jog around our beautiful park. Even the weather was kind to us too with torrential rain arriving after we’d all gone home. And those lucky enough to collect a finish token with a ‘14’ in it were lucky winners of spot prizes too . We trust that Ian, Neil, Rachel and Jo have now enjoyed the fizz or chocolates taken home with them and that Stuart McDougall has recovered from the shock of being presented with a prize for being our 70,000th finisher since the Dulwich event started in April 2012!

Our 380 finishers this week included 61 who were joining us in Dulwich for the first time of whom 18 completed their first ever parkrun, 12 with registration numbers of over 5 million! Additionally, 59 runners achieved new PB times. Congratulations to all and we hope to see you again soon. As always, none of our events are possible without volunteers – 16 in total made this week’s event possible – and we do urge you to opt in via your parkrun profile to our weekly emails seeking help with future events.

Finally, a reminder that to continue the celebrations, our core organising committee is meeting for a social drink this Wednesday evening at the Crown and Greyhound Pub (aka ‘The Dog’) in Dulwich Village. Please do join us if you can - We’ll be there from 8pm and will also be using the occasion to draw the ballot for the two places we have in the 2019 London Marathon from those who helped our team at this year’s event.


This Saturday is parkrun uk’s 14th Birthday: Please come and celebrate with us!

This Saturday 6th October is parkrun UK’s 14th anniversary event. Yes, 14 years ago 13 people took part in a free 5k timed run in Bushy Park and the rest is history. We are proud to be part of what is now the biggest running event in the world. It’s still free and over 3.2 million people have had their barcodes scannned worldwide since then. This Saturday will see our 70,000 finisher at our own event which started in April 2012.

We will be celebrating parkrun’s birthday ourselves with cake (of course!) and spot prizes and hope for a bumper turnout from our lovely local parkrun community.

As last year, we will also continue the celebrations by meeting up for a social drink next week. Your core volunteer committee will be at the Crown and Greyhound pub (aka ‘The Dog’) in Dulwich Village next Wednesday 10th October from 8pm and it would be lovely to see you there too. And if you volunteered as part of our team at this year’s London Marathon we’ll be using this occasion to draw the lucky winners of the two places we’ve been awarded in the 2019 event too.

Hope to see you on Saturday and next Wednesday :)

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