News from Dulwich parkrun #235 where there were 60 PBs

Whilst I enjoy running at Dulwich parkrun I do find volunteering particularly satisfying and this week was no exception.

It is great to have a chance to chat to the volunteer team and during that 30 minutes or so we do get to know more about one another than you would if you were simply chasing them round our 3 lap course.

This week, 3 of our volunteers, Andy, Giles and Peter were running half marathons today, Sunday, at Kingston, Windsor and Ealing.  As they were having a rest day to gear up for their events they volunteered at parkrun instead of running, which was greatly appreciated.

Welcoming first-timers is also rewarding and it always amazes me that every week there are more and more people who have committed to getting up and out early to join us.  This week there were 14 people running their first ever parkruns.  To motivate you all I can tell you that if you come back next week you may well get a PB: of 17 runners running their 2nd parkruns this week, 12 got PBs (2 were already very quick and 3 ran their first runs at other parkruns).

And talking of PBs, Asa Burnett, this week's first finisher has run at Dulwich 6 times - no PB possible on your first run of course but Asa has improved his time each week from 19:04 to 17:11 with NO LESS THAN 5 PBs.

And it is not just parkrun newcomers who get PBs.  Jo Quantrill was one of our 60 PBs this week.  Jo, who runs regularly at Banstead Woods, was running her 270th parkrun with us and got herself a new fastest time and an age-graded score of 85.40%.  Well done, Jo!

Whilst PBs are great confidence boosters just taking part is better than not taking part and everyone is rewarded with points towards our annual points competition.  Our birthday is the 2nd Saturday in April so we are just about halfway through the Dulwich parkrun Year - a good time perhaps to look at our points tables.  Points are awarded each time you run and for volunteering up to 3 times a year

Top of the men's points table are Jack Harrison (1468 points), Oliver Wyncoll (1398 points) and Anthony Prangley (1138 points)

Top of the ladies' points table are Victoria Donlevy (1240 points, Olivia DelCarlo (1234 points) and Sarah Manley (1144 points)

Run with us regularly and you will soon be catching them up!

Next week is parkrun's 12th birthday,

so another excuse to come along and bring a friend to make it a huge celebration of the fact that we can run a free, timed, 5k in so many parks in the UK every Saturday morning.

Hope to see you there..............


Run Director






Achievements and Pretzels at Dulwich parkrun #206


Many thanks to Sarah Watson and Kevan Wilkinson for giving us their perspectives of Dulwich parkrun

'Achievements' from Sarah:

252 runners got their weekends off to an excellent start, completing 756 laps of Dulwich park between them, and all before 10am.

Other than G Thornicroft who ran his 50th parkrun there were unusually few milestones among us this week - a quick scan of the latest results shows that Alex Graves, Ian Johnson, Mark Pascoe, and Simon Allocca are fast approaching their 50th runs, with Peter Sanders and Simon McGinley well on the way to 100.  Keep up the good work.

Huge congratulations to the incredible 59 runners who ran PBs - no mean feat on a Saturday morning when most of the world is still asleep!

Special mention goes to Tony Tuohy who achieved the highest age graded score of the week, as well as to Ellie Osmond who was first junior home. Olivia del Carlo who was second junior, smashed her previous PB.  Well done to all of you.

Unfortunately, the first two runners were barcode-less. Having completed the run on more than one occasion to find that my paper barcode has degraded into an unscannable scrap, I’d recommend the plastic (and thus infinitely more durable) barcodes available from ‘ERS’ - (
Parkrun barcodes for 5K TimeTrial Running printed with ICE number and medical information, barcoded PVC cards, tags and Wristbands ensuring your performance is always ...

As ever, a big thank you to the runners who make it all possible by donning the fluorescent vests and volunteering.

Having run at Dulwich for several years now parkrun remains one of my favourite ways to begin a weekend, not least because of the friends I have made over time. I'm sure we can all agree it is a brilliant way to bring people together.

Well done to all, and we hope you will be back with us again soon. "

and 'Pretzels' from Kevan

On my previous visits to Dulwich I have been intrigued about what appear to be three enormous pretzels flanking the main path and wondered what they were meant to be and signify.
I can be certain that it wouldn’t have anything to do with a previous pretzel and running incident when, during a very hot LA Marathon as temperatures hit 30 degrees bystanders had set up impromptu water stations whilst others were offering hamburgers, Chinese takeaways and beer. Someone had a big bowl of pretzels. I went for the pretzels and spent the many miles left trying to soak up the sandy mixture in my mouth.
These Dulwich pretzels are made of cast iron, standing out starkly against the green grass of the park providing a visible landmark and reference point on the run, occasionally being used by the British Military Training groups as a climbing frame.
Entitled ‘The Perpetual Chord’, they were created by sculpture and artist Conrad Shawcross.
Now I can see Conrad’s vision in placing these three objects in a harmonic arrangement and can appreciate the everlasting significance, previous sculptures in the park have been stolen, these pretzels are not going to be moved or turn to sand in a hurry but, I doubt that the sculptor would have imagined that I, and no doubt a few others, would now be using his artwork as a reference point to gauge how their run was going.
So, we have a set of three sculptures, passed three times which, to me, have now come to represent three stages of the Dulwich parkrun route.
First lap, less than 1 km done and I hope that the early, enthusiastic, rush haseased itself gently into a nice pace rather than my legs screaming at me to stop.
Second lap, by now we are nearing the 3 km point, past halfway and I am hoping that the nice steady pace continues and takes me over the slight rise and past them once again.
Third lap, 600 metres to go and I will soon see the finish, how am I feeling, do I still have the energy to give it one last push before turning the final corner, will I breeze up that slight incline up to the finish or will it be more of a mountain?
Most of us have a target landmark, the place that they hope to have reached in a certain time or without having to stop for a walk, just like the young boy running alongside me today who, towards the end of the first lap proudly announced to his dad that this would be the first time he had run a full lap without stopping. Spurred on by the cheering volunteer team …
… he managed another few hundred meters before slowing. Let's hope he continues building up the distance week by week until he is running the whole 5k.
No doubt some of the 12 first time parkrunners welcomed to the event by RD (Rebecca Dennis) today, were just starting on that journey and we wish you luck and don't forget, most of those around you have been in a similar place, we are all here to support and encourage.

A few niggling pains and bit of arthritis has curbed any speed that I once had but thankfully I am still running and now get immense satisfaction from seeing others achieve targets, more so if I have been able to help them in some way so, today was especially pleasing, as my wife, Lizzie finished with a new PB: 20 seconds quicker and now just 5 seconds away from her personal 2016 target (sub 28 minutes).
Among our many touring visitors today was Ian Taylor. Ian has visited 59 other events and plans to visit Hilly Fields or Crystal Palace next week, neither of which will be quite as flat as Dulwich but they both have sculptures though the Hilly Fields stone circle and Crystal Palace dinosaurs are both off route. I am sure that, as at all events, he will receive a warm welcome.

A run reporter’s life may become easier in the future if we all buy the new apricot parkrun shirt that can be customised with the name of your home run as elegantly modelled by today’s Run Director. I have to admit that she looked much better and a lot younger than I did in mine :)

On the subject of Club shirts, just one milestone this week,G. Thornicroft hitting 50 runs ( all at Dulwich ) but there were others with even more runs to their barcodes. We spotted one who had just recently completed quite a major landmark - Jo Quantrill who now has 253 runs under her feet. So along with Lizzie that put two ladies on top of the attendance list. Did you spot those rare dark green Club 250 shirts in the line-up? Looks like the men have some catching up to do.
You might find this sad but my next 18 weekends are already scheduled including a run near Heathrow just a few hours before a long haul flight and organised to the extent that I know where and when my 250th run will be (barring unforeseen circumstances). Then again if you are a parkrunner you probably won't be that surprised at all.
I just hope that the post run snack will be a bit more exciting than a pretzel!

If you would like to put pen to paper to write a report please get in touch.  It is great to hear your views.


News from Dulwich parkrun #205 – 20th Feb 2016 – at which a new course record was set

with thanks to this week's author Lizzie Wilkinson

One of the aims of this morning’s parkrun was to encourage regular parkrunners to bring a friend or family member to their first event and maybe create a new attendance record.

During the week Vicki Langston had joked on facebook that if the record was not beaten, then all parkrunners would need to run twice so that it would look like there was twice the number. Heather Cripps was also volunteering to run/walk with anyone who wanted to do about 35 minutes pace and would like company. Heather ended up doing 30.46 but looks like she kept Laura Parrott company who was doing her first ever parkrun. Laura: we hope you enjoyed it and will be back again!
Despite Heather’s help and Vicki’s threat the number-of-runners record was not broken with 235 runners finishing, although there was at least one more than that lining up at the start, more of which later! Perhaps many of the regulars wanted to do the run twice – and with near perfect running conditions who could blame them! The speedier ones would be more than capable of running two 5k in the time it takes me to finish one.
The sky started off cloudy but as 9am approached, the sun could be seen breaking through the cloud (parkrun weather fairy working magic again). As we huddled around the briefing bench, we were unaware of the panic that the volunteer team were experiencing – one of the timers was not working properly! Eventually the briefing started and today’s run director (Lucy Ferman-Moore) gathered the runners together and explained the reason for the delay. Whilst most runners primed watches and kept their fingers crossed that there were no problems with the other timer one young lad in front of me seemed quite pleased planning to ‘knock a few seconds off the watch time’. No pressure for the volunteer with that role today then! A big round of applause for today’s volunteers: Alison FOOTS • Ann COLEY • Gillian CAVELL • Hayden JUDD • Heather CRIPPS • Henry OSMOND • Ian FERNANDEZ • Jennifer DEL CARLO • Karen KEENAN • Leila IMAM • Louise ROBATHAN • Lucy FERMAN-MOORE • Oghene AARON • Philip LAWRENCE • Simon MCGINLEY.

Lucy then reminded the runners of the importance of volunteering and with the roster looking a tad bare over the next few weeks, volunteers coming forward would be appreciated. Having volunteered over 60 times I can confirm that all roles are relatively easy, nothing to be scared of and you get full support from the ED and RD. If you haven’t volunteered before please give it a go, it is a very rewarding experience.

There were several runners achieving milestones, congratulations to Bernard Simmons and Errol Robathan who were doing their 100th parkruns and Simon Burnett who was doing his 50th parkrun. First timers and visiting parkrunners were given an enthusiastic welcome.
This was only my 6th parkrun at Dulwich and, as instructed, I had brought a female friend with us for her first run at Dulwich, Lynne Crane. Lynne was coming back from injury and she was wanting a parkun that was flat and not muddy, so that there was no risk of her injuring her knee or ankle again. Well Dulwich certainly is flat. Not just flat but quicker than most and that gives you a great buzz, no matter what pace you run at. Dulwich is the only parkrun that I have been to where I have been lapped during the first lap! There are some very speedy runners here.

My very first visit to Dulwich was back in September 2015, where part way round the first lap, I was surprised to be lapped by a very fast guy making very light work of things, this was Paul Martelletti, a very recognisable character and as I headed to the start today it was pointed out to me by my husband that he was warming up in front of us. I braced myself expecting to get lapped again but hoping that I might be able to complete one lap at least before he flashed past. On a couple of times we have been to Dulwich there have also been wheelchair athletes, again they go whizzing by before we have got to the end of our first lap but none were evident at the start today amongst the throng of runners of all abilities, those with dogs and a few pushing buggies.

What is nice about Dulwich is that it is so flat! It is like a massive running track that loops around – so basically you set off and just keep running around in a loop – 3 times! The path is also very wide so no getting crunched up or falling over other runners feet, or getting bunched in by runners, who are running across the path in a line so blocking it. No worries about getting lost here! In fact this parkrun is quite unique in that no marshals are needed out on the course to direct parkrunners to where they need to go as the course is so clear to follow. Also as a 3 lap course you go past the finish three times – so three lots of times of getting cheered on by the marshals. And to encourage you around each lap sometimes there is a marshal holding a clock on an ipad so that you can see how you are doing and work out whether you need to speed up in order to get that elusive PB. Hmmm I could have done with that today! (Sorry Lizzie - we were using it as a back-up timer)

parkrun is great for getting strangers talking and today was no exception as I met Karen and John Sparrow. They normally run at Nonsuch park, close to where Karen works but today they were on holiday and able to go further afield deciding to check out Dulwich. They had been told it was a mud free, fast course and looked very happy when I confirmed that there wouldn’t be as much mud as they are used to at their local event. I initially bumped into them near the car park and then as we were doing our pre (half) lap warm up they came wandering by in the opposite direction looking for the start. They joined in with us for our warm up and we showed them the bench, which would soon be covered in spare clothes, equipment, bikes, spare kids and was effectively the start. Funny how you get used to people arriving just a few minutes before the start at your local event but when you visit others you always arrive early and wonder where everyone is or are you in the right park. Although on my visit to Nonsuch I was surprised at how many were there early and even more surprised when they burst into a collective warm up session! I last saw them at the finish line with John having his thumbs up saying how much he enjoyed the course.

Due to the timer issues, the run eventually started at about 9.10am. We congregated at the start line and off we went. Now the question in my head was how far would we get before Paul came flying past. The path seemed more crowded at the start but we soon all stretched out.

Alison Bell, a friend from Bexley, was also with us. She had set her all time 5k PB on her previous visit to Dulwich (23.35), relishing the change from our Bexley mud and the drag that has to be covered twice, but with a late night the night before she was going to be “taking it easy” today but still managed a very commendable 25:49.
That first lap, I was feeling great – another friend, Adele, who we know from a local Sunday morning free run at Cyclopark Gravesend, came past, said hi and eased away – she would end up with a new PB. I was heading towards the end of the first lap – I have a target to get below 9 mins for that first lap (not yet achieved) – a quick look at the watch: 9.06 – drat – 7 seconds to shave off! But, yay, I hadn’t been lapped by Paul! So we were quicker than our first time at Dulwich. Paul soon came whizzing past – I love watching the fast runners as they glide by making it look so easy. Oh if only it was.

Several Kent Athletics runners were running today, with their coach, another familiar face from a few years ago as the club normally train at Ladywell track, close to where we used to live so we nodded in that I know you sort of way. He was half way round on the second lap with stop watch in his hand looking out for his runners – they were obviously taking it very seriously! As we approached the end of the second lap, the coach was there again. One of his runners came in, closely followed by another: he called out the time as we went past “18.45” – very handy to know. Drat as always I had slowed down on that second lap. My PB time at Dulwich is 28.24 – hmmm it was going to be tight. And so it proved – despite sprinting for the finish line, I crossed it in 28.28 – so agonizingly close. Oh well – next time maybe and at least it is an “aesthetically” pleasing number.

There were an amazing 13 complete first timers at today’s parkrun: perhaps some of you were brought along by a friend to try parkrun for the first time? Well done to Florence Herrington, Harry Friend, Laura Parrott, Bethany Wright, Alan Mole, Sarah Falconer, Stacey O’Keefe, Ellie Balfe, Samuel Pritchard, Marie Redmond, Lauren Harpham, Chris Adshead and Matt Eglen. We hope you enjoyed it and that you will be back for more. Believe me after running 257 myself – parkrun can be very addictive.
We also had 18 tourists from other parkruns including two “Stragglers” who were doing their 272 and 274 parkruns. They are certainly no stragglers – having done over 70 different parkruns including a series of runs in Italy, South Africa and Poland. Even more impressive is George Frogley who has done an amazing 312 runs (11 at Dulwich). Well done George!

Finally for the PBs: we had a staggering 49 of you getting new PBs – including Paul Martelletti with a new COURSE RECORD. Our PB winners today were Paul Martelleti, Thomas Hall, James Burrows, Tom Calvert, Joe Hartley, Alex Martin, Teresa Murphy, Matthew Aylott, Victoria Buck, Edward Craig, Stephen Elsworth, Andrew Harrison, Tom Cope, Tom Swanbury, Oliver Pope, Satish Jayawardene, Oliver Wyncoll, Nick Harris, Paul Lacey, Edward Farrer, Jonathan Guntrip, Dan Watts, Matt Nichols, Santos Diana, Jonny Rowse, Mark Read, Lydia Gardiner, Matthew Norris, Michelle Campbell, Deborah Watt, Eimear Keller, Karl McGovern, Jamie Livermore, Natalie Graham, Amy Obradovic, Barry Holden, Hannah Gray, John Cobb, Adele Tudor, Holly Earl, Rachael Annear, Fiona Atwood, Andrew Pelczarski, Abby Clyndes, Julia McDougall, Sam Morrissey, Daniel Tough, Annabel Dow, Chloe Jorgensen.
Well done and we hope you enjoyed that PB buzz. Some parkruns have PB bells where if you get a PB you can ring the bell. Just imagine the cacophony of noise that would have made today!

So how did our friend Lynne do on her first run back at parkrun ?and what about that runner who doesn’t appear in the final finishers? One of the very few rules that parkrun has, is “Don’t Forget Your Barcode”. This barcode has to be in a scannable form (sorry, barcodes on phones don’t scan so can’t be used). No barcode = no time.
Well, Lynne ran, did a fantastic 31.30 which is faster than she manages at Bexley and was really pleased. Such a shame she forgot her barcode though and to avoid messing the timing up or appearing as an unknown, she didn’t go through the finish funnel!!!!!

This parkrun report cannot be complete without a special mention for the Dulwich café, for whom I have a soft spot for as they do gluten free egg rolls. Yay! A fab treat after parkrun for a coeliac.



#183 – the speedy one

*******RECORD BREAKER*********

I am sure you will all have noticed that last Saturday the Dulwich parkrun men's course record was smashed by Paul Martelletti who was running Dulwich for the first time.  (Clearly he didn't get lost - always a risk when you are not following anyone!)

Paul's time was 14:44 a huge 17 seconds faster than Thomas Payn's previous record which was set on 2nd February 2013 and has stood for over two and a half years.  Paul adds this new record to one he set in April this year at the London marathon - he holds the world record for the fastest marathon dressed as Spiderman!

From superheroes to more mortal folk!  155 other heroes ran on Saturday including 6 first-evers, an amazing 36 personal bests and only 5 unknowns (hooray!)

Congratulations to Bernadette Koltai on running her 50th and to Kevan and Lizzie Wilkinson who were first timers at Dulwich but who have run 445 parkruns between them




Advantages of years?

You will notice when your parkrun results come through that they include the placing, which is the position number on your finish token, your time (which may be that long awaited PB!), your age category and also your 'age-grade' expressed as %.

We are sometimes asked what the age-grade means?

The age-graded score compares runners' times taking into account gender and age.

For example, a 35 year old man running a 5k parkrun in 26 minutes would have an age graded score of 50.7%

A 35 year old lady running the same time would have an age-graded score of 57.5%.  So the lady has performed better.  Sorry guys!

5 years later, after our runners' 40th birthdays the same runs would give age-graded scores of 52.5% and 58.8% so performance has improved.

The % is calculated by dividing the world record time for a person of the same age and gender by the recorded time.  So the higher your % score the closer you are to getting a world record!

Our age-graded champs last week were:

Anthony Prangley (4th position) 84.61% and

Teresa Murphy (19th position) 77.15%

And at the bottom of the Dulwich parkrun homepage you can see our Age-Graded record holder who is Ros Tabor, who achieved an amazing 95.44% at event 149 on 31st January this year.

So when you get your results this week you can look at them differently and celebrate your parkrun success in more than one way!



News from a holiday parkrun #172

166 runners completed this Saturday's sunny parkrun fewer than the usual 200+.   I am guessing many people are on holiday.

23 runners celebrated personal bests and 3 joined the 50 Club: Congratulations to Janet Clark, Cristina Smith and Robert Brushfield-Hodges.

Congratulations too to Stephanie Burchill who was June's Sweatshop Runner of the Month!

If you are going on holiday dont forget to look out for a local parkrun.  Our core team have run parkruns in St Peters in Sydney, Durham in North Carolina, Naas in Ireland, Lodz in Poland, East Coast Singapore and most recently in Cubnezais, Bordeaux as can be seen on our Twitter page.

If you were thinking of touring locally Brockwell parkrun is cancelled next week as it is the weekend of the Lambeth Country Show

Happy Holidays everyone!





First timers @ Dulwich Parkrun #170

Another 200+ run this week! (201 to be precise) with a whole gang of first timers.

In Karen's welcome she mentioned volunteering was an opportunity to see everyone running from the front rather than from behind.  One of our first-timers this week was doing the opposite.  Oscar, one of our regular Duke of Edinburgh volunteers, used to seeing runners as they pass the volunteer team each lap and finish their runs, ran the course for the first time this week.  Well done Oscar! You now have a personal best to beat so we look forward to celebrating that.

More first-timers were a group of pupils and teachers from St Dunstan's College who were running as part of the fundraising programme for their Tanzania project 2015.  The pupils are going to Tanzania to help build a classroom at the Malangi Primary School in October.  There is more information about the project and fundraising on their website.

This weeks milestoners were:

Julian Day who has run 41 out of his 50 runs at Dulwich


Neil Aikman who ran his 100th parkrun, 13 at Dulwich

There is news that milestoners T shirts will start to be available next week through your parkrun profile page.  If you are waiting for a T-shirt. keep an eye on that page to claim your TribeSports parkrun milestone T-shirt, especially if you have been waiting a long time for it.


Watch out for the 'special' 25,000 finish token.

Will you be our 25,000th runner completing our 125,000th kilometre?

See you there!




ParkRon 20th June

Last Saturday's parkruns were dedicated to Ron Clarke.

Ron Clark was a champion athlete in the 1950s and 60s and was the first man to run 3miles in less than 13 minutes. He officially set 17 world records on athletics tracks and at one stage in his career held every record between 2miles and 20km.  As Mayor of Australia's Gold Coast he was the guest starter at the first Main Beach parkrun in 2011.  He completed the course and was the 'unknown runner' at position 100. He had forgotten his barcode!

He went on to be the Patron of parkrun Australia.

Sadly, and despite hopes for all our runners to be named we had 12 unknown runners amongst last week's results from Dulwich.  But we did have 219 runners and an impressive 48 personal bests.

Congratulations to Antonia White who ran her 50th parkrun!

We are getting very close now to Dulwich parkrun's next milestone of 25,000 runs, a small contribution to parkrun UK's current total of over 7 million!


See you on Saturday.  Karen will be Run Director.

And please don't forget your barcode!




News from our volunteers at Dulwich parkrun #167

June 1st-7th was National Volunteers' Week so when better to get our volunteers to contribute to the run report!

Our Volunteers are parkrunners just like everyone else and the Run Director is a parkrunner from our Core Team who liaise with parkrun Head Office and Dulwich Park over 'official' matters which are fortunately few.  We also have Duke of Edinburgh participants who, especially at this time of year, are giving up revision time to help out.

The Core Team are also the coffee-drinkers and cake-eaters who can be found in the cafe afterwards downloading results (cafe internet connections permitting), hoping there are no timing or scanning glitches, and sorting finish tokens, always happy to welcome anyone who wants to join us.  It is the same core team that hope each week that there are enough volunteers to ensure parkrun happens safely and happily for everyone on Saturday morning.

Back to 6th June and the volunteers who told me 'why I volunteer......' one of whom left me speechless but absolutely delighted to be talking to him!  Read on to find out why!

Why I volunteer

  • It saves me from staying in bed
  • It's a nice thing to do on a Saturday morning
  • It is great to see everyone getting together - a real community feel

I volunteer

  • whenever I've planned to go to the pub the night before
  • when I have a big bike ride the next day

I volunteer

  • because it sets the tone for the rest of the day
  • to keep wonderful activities like parkrun going

I volunteer

  • because parkrun nearly killed me..........then saved my life!  It was parkrun volunteers and other runners that resuscitated me after a cardiac arrest on New Year's Day
  • each week until I can get out running again.  I'm almost back to full fitness.

Good luck everyone for a safe and successful this week and thank you to the volunteers!





Dulwich Parkrun – May Round-up (and news from event #166)

Our last run in May was another bumper edition with 204 runners!

This brings our totals for May to 1046 Runs!, 199 Personal Bests and 79 parkrun first timers.  Also in May we saw our 5000th personal best.

While we are on the subject of milestones, and with the news that the milestone T-shirts are on their way, we had 49 milestoners at Dulwich this week (five 10s, thirty-four 50s, nine 100s, and one 250

Congrats to:
Nathaniel Widdows who ran his 10th parkrun with a PB and earned his Junior milestone
Jane Mawdsley and Bruce Gardiner who both ran their 50th parkruns.  Jane also ran a PB.

and to

Roy Reeder who was our fastest age-graded runner (83.78%) and was running his 301st parkrun with us.  This was Roy's 2nd visit to Dulwich, one of the 112 different parkruns he has visited.  Amazing!

Thanks again to the team of volunteers who gave up their runs this week to make parkrun happen and to Chris and the core team for coordinating volunteers and results on behalf of everyone.

And so to June..................

Our next milestone is to reach 25,000 runs.  We are currently at 23,920.  Will we make it this month.............?

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