News from a bumper edition of Dulwich parkrun #164

We were expecting a slightly bigger flock* than usual as we welcomed Dulwich Park Runners and Beginnners from the DPR beginners course. Our previous record was around 245 parkrunners and our average flock is 142.4 so we could have anticipated maybe 230-250.

We are not sure what happened but an amazing 281 runners joined us.

Perhaps they had heard that Phil, the run director, had prepared a particularly theatrical and rousing intro?
Perhaps they had heard that the rhododendrons were looking their best?
Perhaps they just wanted to enjoy a run in the glorious Spring sunshine?
Whatever the reason they came, they ran and they excelled.

We also knew that there was a possibility that someone might have been our 5000th 'personal bester'. After last week we had had 4964 PBs so 36 was the target.............

So what were the highlights?
Philip's speech
The 75 runners who were first timers
The 52 PBs (target of 5000 easily exceeded!)
Jason Flannery from Tilgate who joined Club 50
Our furthest-away tourist, Michael Nunn, whose home run is Torrens parkrun, Adelaide, Australia

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*Is there a collective noun for a 'flock' of parkrunners?


23,000 Dulwich parkruns!

This week we exceeded 23,000 runs in Dulwich park - 23029 parkruns have been run clocking a total of 115,145 Dulwich kilometres

At Dulwich parkrun #162 welcomed 17 first timers and 36 parkrunners who have run Dulwich before ran personal bests - Congratulations to all.

Congratulations also to Gavin Wagg who ran his 50th parkrun

Claire Steward was the fastest age-graded lady and Nick Sirs was the fastest age-graded man. 

Special congratulations to both - to Claire who ran the marathon last week, and Nick who has run 85 parkruns - 70 of which have been at different parkrun venues!

Thankyou as usual to the volunteer team for times, tokens, scans etc. and for giving up their weekly parkrun


Event 160. New Ladies course record set

Congratulations to Amy Clements of Kent AC who beat the existing female course record (17:13 set on the 10th May 2014 by Rosalind Kieran) with a time of 17:07

52 runners achieved their best times

Lee Flanaghan achieved the magic 50 milestone and Jude Watson (Jr) ran his 10th run

Well done all!


Dulwich parkrun celebrates 20,000 runs

Congratulations!........ Bernard Simmons who finished in 101st position this morning at Dulwich parkrun becoming the 20,000th runner to complete the course since the event was set up in April 2012.
Bernard is a member of Dulwich Park Runners and has run 50 of his 55 parkruns at Dulwich.






It was a hot and sunny morning……

  • 153 runners and associated volunteers gathered for Dulwich parkrun 120.
  • Congratulations go out to all the runners who have celebrated their 50th run, some of who were presented with their shiny red Club 50 T shirts this morning.
    (unfortunately we have been notified of a delay in getting more T shirts but if you have earned one it will be on its way as soon as Head Office receive them from the suppliers and dispatch them in our direction - apologies)
  • The warm weather obviously suited the 29 runners who ran personal bests.  Special thanks to Eric Richardson who paced an almost perfect 25 minute run (24:57 to be precise) and hopefully inspired a few of you to chase that elusive 25 minute 5k
  • If you did manage the 25 minutes perhaps your next target will be the average time for Dulwich parkrun which, after no less than 15,735 runs stands at 24 minutes 41 seconds.  Good luck!
  • We look forward to seeing everyone again next week, running or volunteering, especially the 11 of you who ran their first ever parkrun.  Thankyou for choosing Dulwich!

Significant achievements from Dulwich parkrun 114

On the morning of England’s first World Cup game, it was good to see that so many were still keen to enjoy running without a ball:

  • 183 successfully completed this week’s Dulwich parkrun.
  • There were 33 first timers, including junior parkrunner Enda Connolly who ran a superb 19:18 and also achieved the day’s highest age grade of 88.17%.
  •  Enda was one of six JM10 runners who were also joined by six 11-to 14-year-olds.
  • Chris Ford, VM70-74, who ran the London marathon earlier this year in an incredible sub-5 hours, easily ran his fastest parkrun to date in 23:01.
  • 35 ran a PB, including a superb run from Claire English who broke 25 minutes for the first time and was 2:38 faster than her last visit to this course.
  • Other notable runs included Carol Muir who has run 146 parkruns at more than 40 locations - from Glasgow to Brighton - but again this was easily her fastest in 25:46.
  •  A special mention to Julia McDougall who celebrated her 50th parkrun on Saturday, with 46 at Dulwich. Well done, Julia!

.......and just to add a reminder for everyone to opt-in to receiving e-mails from the core team.  It is the only way we have to communicate to everyone opportunities, cancellations and pleas for help to keep our much valued show on the road.



Only 2 years old but SO much to celebrate!


our birthday, 106 Dulwich parkruns and 66,660 kilometres!


our trophy winners Sarah Manley, Simon McGinley and Edith Pike who were top of the Ladies' Men's and Juniors' points tables


our Sweatshop Runner of the Month for March, Yvonne Monks


our new age-graded record of 92.47% for Dulwich parkrun achieved by Ros Tabor


Mick Mead who joined the 50 Club, and Beth Atkinson Clark who joined the Junior 10 Club

And last but not least all the runners, supporters, volunteers and the committee for a second successful year.

PS. Photos of Saturday's event and Mary's amazing parkrun cakes are on our website



News from parkrun #102

  • Our Sweatshop Runner Of The Month for February was Ian Grant, who celebrated by knocking 30 seconds off his PB.  Congrats to Ian and thankyou to Sweatshop for their ongoing support for parkrun
  • It was great to welcome all the parkrunners from neighbouring Crystal Palace whilst their park was otherwise engaged. I'm sure they would be equally happy to host any of Dulwich's parkrunners looking for a venue on 31st May when we are unable to run our event.
  • We had 208 runners this week and over 60 PB's. That's 30% of the runners! We told you it was a fast course. We also had over 40 runners new to Dulwich. We hope to see you again.
  • We were also pleased to have the South London Press with us. Check yourself out in this Friday's edition.
  • Just four more runs to our anniversary, which falls on the same weekend as the London Marathon. If you are running the Marathon and don't plan on a 5k the day before, why not volunteer that weekend? You will be in prime position for cakes. Also, keep an eye out for those of us volunteering on the Marathon baggage lorries.
  • Too out of breath to chat on a Saturday morning? Too busy rushing kids off to ballet classes or football practice? Well now you can get to know your fellow parkrunners at our Spring social (is it safe to say Spring yet?). We hope to see you at the Crown & Greyhound pub in Dulwich Village at 7.30pm on Wednesday March the 26th. This will also be a chance to say goodbye to Neil Sutton our founding Event Director who has now moved, but will be back for a less sober farewell.




News from Dulwich parkrun #101

The sun shone as.............

  • 194 runners crossed the line
  • 62 runners ran Personal Best times taking the total number of PBs at Dulwich to 2,955!
  • Simon McGinley and Leslie Humphrey ran their 50th runs (Simon's were all at Dulwich!)
  • Jack Sharples was our first ever barefoot runner (I think!)
  • Eric who was pacing at 23 minutes recorded a time of exactly 23minutes and 00 seconds!!  Such precision!!

News from parkrun #99

  • Thanks to a very determined late starter 200 runners completed event #99!
  • We welcomed back 2 wheelchair athletes - one who completed the course in 13:58 with a new personal best.  Congratulations to Michael McCabe
  • Second and third finishers Hassan Davis and Ben Cockburn both ran PBs at 15:58 and 16:12, along with 47 other runners who achieved their best parkrun times in the February sunshine
  • Congrats to Sarah Cobb who ran her 50th parkrun today
  • We look forward to seeing everyone again next week for Dulwich's 100th parkrun