It’s our 2nd Birthday!!!

Dumfries junior parkrun turns 2 years old on Sunday 4th March............come and help us celebrate.

We will be running as normal but the WRONG WAY ROUND OUR COURSE!!!! Everyone is invited to wear something that matches the parkrun wristband colours...light blue / green / or apricot and to top it all we will have a Birthday breakfast and of course our Birthday cake!!

Hope to see you there 9.30am, Dock Park bandstand, Dumfries.


junior run report 25 February 2018 – by Jenna age 6.

Today at the junior parkrun I got my half marathon wristband. I was a marshal and got to wear a park run
jacket that was too big. I also had a big green hand for high 5s. There were 44 runners today.
Somebody hit the hand so hard that it went flying. The best thing about junior parkrun is getting my
wristband. I have to do 10 more park runs and then I will get a green wristband too and then I will be
a marshal again.

Age 6


junior run report by James (age 6)

Today it was a nice sunny day for running. There were lots of people there today. We had new green high five foam hands that made it good fun. It was a good run and everyone seemed happy. I got my half marathon band today and also got a new personal best time. Lots of people got PBs today too.
From James (age 6)


junior run report by Abigail (28.01.18)

Hi my name is Abigail and I am 7 years old. Today was the 93rd junior parkrun at Dumfries and my 24th run. Today it was wet and a little bit windy but it wasn't too cold. The course was a little bit slippy as the mud from the river had not washed away. The marshal's told us where the slippy bits were and kept us safe. There were 38 runners and some first timers and 7 PB's. I love junior parkrun, it keeps me fit and strong and more people should come and enjoy it.


junior run report by Isla 14-01-18

I am Isla and today it was windy at parkrun. 40 people ran and 6 got pbs. The people who give high fives are really helpful and make parkrun fun. Parkrun is really fun so get out of your beds and come next week.

Isla, age 5.

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