Run Report 04/06/22

Many thanks to our friend Adam Caress for last weeks run report. He's the Event Director at a run in Lincolnshire and it's always great to see him and his brother Jamie.

Despite a late night at Kyeren on Friday evening a parkrun for Saturday morning was never in doubt. Since running my first event at Durham parkrun on 2nd June 2018 I have rarely missed a week and gone on to organise a parkrun back home in the South Holland District of Lincolnshire. That is one of the amazing things about parkrun, its ability to be replicated across the country and still have a great community feeling on a local and global level.
We were greeted by a slightly cooler morning for the Jubilee Weekend at Durham parkrun. After a warmup jog, me and my brother assembled for the traditional Run Director Briefing where we were informed that we would be running an alternative route in preparation for the upcoming regatta event. It was great to see plenty of volunteers on the roster this morning both out on the course and performing the finish funnel positions. Thanks to everyone who volunteered today, parkrun would not happen without you. I know to well as an Event Director of another parkrun event that it can sometimes be a struggle covering some of the roles on the volunteer roster so if you can please do volunteer occasionally. The roster for future weeks can be found online on the Durham parkrun website.
9 attendees completed their first every parkrun. Congratulations and I hope you join us again soon.

First finisher today was Ben Bayly in a swift 17.04, with Charlotte Griffiths being first female to cross the finish in 18.24.

The first junior was Ivo Schulz in an impressive 18.41.

50th parkrun
Andrew Jackson
Jonathan Pearce
100th parkrun
Chris Marlor

Next week I am back home running at Snowden Field parkrun but am certain that I will return to Durham parkrun in the future.

Adam Caress


Durham parkrun, 21 May 2022

This morning was a great morning for a parkrun and it was good to see that 420 other people thought similarly! The biggest parkrun welcome to the 10 folk taking part in their very first parkrun, as well as to the 28 others completing the Durham parkrun for the first time. This morning’s parkrun tourists came to join us from Watford, Croydon and Stirling among others. My ears pricked up at the latter as, in a curiously coincidental Durham-Stirling parkrun exchange, I happen to parkrunning in Stirling next weekend. Maybe I’ll see you again there, lovely parkrunners from Stirling!
It was also good to see all the parkrunning families out on the course. At the start I was fortunate to be within earshot of the wise words given to a young parkrunning Spiderman out on his first longer run that pacing oneself – by not running too fast too soon – was by far the best approach. Oh, how my much older self needs to hear this at the start of every parkrun! I took these words to heart today and so would like to thank the parkrunner dispensing this advice for my consequent much faster and more comfortable finish today. It is a rare event to feel as though I am flying as I approach the finish funnel but today I did!
The wonderful team of hi-vis heroes was on magnificent form this morning. Run director Ken Bradshaw was clearly powered by a secret source of energy and enthusiasm that my ‘9am on a Saturday’ sleepy-headed self can only dream of, and the marshal just past the 2K point kept up a constant motivational monologue that could be heard all the way round the top playing field which was very much appreciated! Durham parkrun hi-vis heroes of 21 May 2022, I salute you all – thank you so much for making it possible for the rest of us to walk, jog and run our way around the course!
Finally, as a stereotypical Brit, I feel as though no run report is complete without a weather bulletin so here we go: ‘Twas cooler and breezier than expected but, as a fussy soul who is only happy within a very narrow band of temperatures, this was extremely welcome! I would particularly like to thank the wind for helping to power me down the final straight. Any help with that long last stretch (how on earth is it only half a kilometre, I would very much like to know!) is always much appreciated!
‘Til next week then, fellow parkrunners, ‘til next week!
Kendra Johnson


Durham parkrun Event 454

What a magnificent morning for a parkrun! Today saw the largest turnout at Durham parkrun since 20 November 2021, and the second largest turnout since parkrun resumed 9 months ago – how great it was to see you all there!
This made me wonder what the collective noun for parkrunners is… A parade of parkrunners? A party? A patter (due to the sound of hundreds of feet carrying their owners around the course)?! After seeing the long colourful line of parkrunners stretching around the fields and along the riverbanks today, my vote is definitely for it being a parade of parkrunners!
Spring was firmly on our side this morning: bright sunshine that already had a good amount of warmth in it at 9am, a gentle breeze, a cherry blossom tree in full bloom perfectly positioned to distract us from that challenging ‘upwards flat section’ just on the approach to Baths Bridge that one has to contend with at exactly the point at which you getting weary, and the stunning sight of the trees wearing their new jackets of fresh young leaves on the north bank of the river to help carry us down that oh-so-long final straight towards the bandstand. Thank you, Mother Nature!
Also firmly on our side was the fabulous team of hi-vis heroes making the whole thing possible. From the timekeepers in action from the official start and end of the run; to all those involved well before and after the majority of us arrived and left who made sure everything was properly checked, co-ordinated, set-up and taken down again; to the large team of ever-cheerful and encouraging marshals, to all those at the finish area making sure every parkrunner in possession of a barcode was able to have their achievement logged; and to the tail walker who brought us all home – the most heartfelt thank you to you all! I thoroughly enjoyed my run this morning and am so grateful for you all being there to make it happen.
Of the 455 of us completing the course this morning, a special shoutout of welcome to the 18 first timers and the parkrun tourists who came to join us. Warm congratulations too to those achieving milestones: hi-vis hero Sarah Smith was volunteering for the 50th time, whilst Timothy McElligott and Mark Morris both ran their 25th parkrun, Matthew Alsop, Louise Balance Gao and Christopher Smith completed their 50th parkrun, and Andrew Teasdale his 100th. I hope you are all basking in a well-earned sense of achievement this afternoon!
That’s all for this week, folks. See you all same time, same place next week to do it all over again!

Kendra Johnson


Durham parkrun, Saturday 23rd April 2022

On a gorgeous, sunny morning at Maiden Castle, 359 runners, walkers and joggers began their weekend by completing the Durham parkrun, event #453. 39 athletes completed Durham today for the first time, including an incredible 13 who ran their first parkruns anywhere!

An impressive 28 new PB’s were set, and this accounts for 3.5% of the total field, or 9.5% of those capable of achieving a PB (when the 39 first timers and 24 unknown runners are taken out of the equation.) Remember guys, don’t forget your barcode…. 44 different Running Clubs were represented today.

As we know, parkun is only made possible by the efforts and dedication of the core team and volunteers, so thank you on behalf of all of those who ran today to the following hi-viz heroes:

Jan YOUNG • Mike ELLIOTT • John HUTCHINSON • Neil YOUNG • Sarah ERLEBACH • Katherine RICHARDS • David GATHERER • Ian RICHARDS • Jamie WILSON • Clare CLISH • Nick LATHAM • Antony CLISH • Steve FARROW • Carolyn ANDREW • Kit ERLEBACH • Gary ATKINSON • Michael CAVE • Robert SCOTT • Sarah SMITH • James PARKER • John CRAGGS • Alex LATHAM • David C JAMES • Tanya CURTIS

A special mention to our regular sign language volunteer James Parker who combined his 200th parkrun today with his 200th Volunteer Credit - what a star!

Congratulations also to this weeks various other milestone achievers,

25 parkruns for Ian White and Jamie Rielly.

50 parkruns for Guy Millen, Paul Wilkinson and Emma Haggie.

100 parkruns for Stephen Soulsby, David Hancock, Lynne Carruthers, Richard Cookson and Gail Richards.

Today’s first male finisher was Jacob Hiom who completed the course in a super speedy 17:19. The first female finisher today was Emma Catherine Bramley whose finishing time of 19:11. Well done Emma!

The male record is held by Dan GARBUTT who recorded a time of 15:12 on 17th March 2012 (event number 32).

The female record is held by Jennifer WALSH who recorded a time of 16:31 on 26th May 2012 (event number 42).

The Age Grade course record is held by Val NAYLOR who recorded 97.65% (24:50) on 16th June 2018 (event number 329).

Durham parkrun started on 13th August 2011. Since then 16,532 participants have completed 134,295 parkruns covering a total distance of 671,475 km, including 21,764 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,272 individuals have volunteered 11,153 times.


Event number 451, 9 April 2022 – report from Jon Gledhill of Saltwell Harriers

When you descend en masse with 30 of your friends - all rocking club colours and threatening to "race" - onto your local volunteer-led "run-not-a-race", there's always a slight apprehension that your presence may come across as more of a burden than you intend. Happily, nothing could have been further from the truth at Durham, whose lovely team welcomed us with wide smiles and open arms.

For context, each year Saltwell Harriers choose 6 local parkruns (5 + Gateshead), for our Spring Series of events, and this was #2 in the 2022 calendar. Although billed internally as a fun competition between club members, what matters most is the parkrun ethos of encouraging everyone to get involved and enjoy running, walking and volunteering at some of the stunning locations the North-East has to offer. And as parkrun locations go, Durham is hard to beat. A fast, flat, single lap course, finishing along the river in the shadow of a double UNESCO World Heritage Site - what's not to love? (Although at one point Matt did try to ditch his buggy into the river to gain a few extra seconds when turning onto the noisy bridge!)

Durham was host to the start of my own parkrunning journey around five years ago, and it's great to see that it's not lost any of its charm since then. It of course helped that, after a week of somewhat varied conditions, the parkrun weather fairies came through for us again, to gift us a beautiful, crisp, sunny morning. But what really makes it special is the volunteers, who are all amazing! Thank you so much to the 25 hi-vis heroes who made today possible, and who come back week after week, rain or shine, to deliver this event for us all. There was so much positivity from everyone from start to finish, spurring us on by name, and it was lovely to be made to feel so welcome.

A huge well done to the 301 runners and walkers who joined us today, including the 42 first-timers, of whom 9 were totally new to parkrun - welcome to the family! And a special shout-out to first-timer Matty Thirlaway for completing his 25th parkrun; Clifford Featherstone and Ciaran Morrell - both completing their 100th, and to Clare Higgins, completing her 250th - congratulations to you all on your amazing achievements! Finally, a massive congratulations to the 26 of you who achieved a new PB today.

Thank you once again to RD Katherine Richards and her team - and all the parkrunners - for welcoming us so warmly - it was the perfect start to the weekend, and we look forward to joining you again soon!

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