Run Report Durham parkrun 367

Paul Swinburne – Run report 30/03/2019

The sun shone beautifully for us this morning and held on long enough for us all to enjoy Durham to its fullest at parkrun this morning. It was my first visit back to my home parkrun in a while but I wanted to return to celebrate my 250th parkrun with my friends from Elvet and parkrun.

I was pleased to see the route problems had all been sorted out really well.

I noticed this morning that the announcements were listened to really respectfully. You could have heard a pin drop. Well done Durham!

I was lucky to get the opportunity to pace today at 22 minutes. Pacing is really good fun. You need to be confident of running the pace as it would be stressful if you weren't sure you would make the time. As a pacer the run flies by. You constantly need to assess your speed. You don't want to start off too fast and dishearten those who are hoping to keep up. After that it is a memory test. Working out how many seconds above or below your target kilometre time you are with each passing kilometre and adjusting accordingly.

My son passed me after about 2km today which was good to see. He'd been doing his characteristic teenage moans about some ache or pain or other beforehand. Confidently telling me he was going to be really slow. In the event he was only about 30 seconds off his PB.

It surprises me how long it takes to cover that last 500m or so. It always looks a lot closer than it seems to take!

In the event I was about 12 seconds quick so had to wait to cross the line to fulfil my 22-minute obligation. There were a few happy people overtaking me as I waited at the finish line.

Thanks to my partner Helen for the delicious traybake and to everyone for their congratulations. Thanks to the Durham team for another fab event!

This week 379 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 24 were first timers and 103 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 25 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 30 High Vis heroes!

See you next time. x