Durham Mums on the Run Take over – Durham parkrun 379

It was a beautiful day for our third Durham Mums on the Run ‘parkrun takeover’, we felt very fortunate that (just like last year’s take-over!) the sun was shining and the sky was as blue as our kit. Lots of DMotRunners run parkrun each week so it’s really lovely to be able to give something back and support the core team. It’s also really great as some of our newer runners can come and give parkrun a go knowing that there will be marshals they recognise who are sure to give them a huge cheer! We had an enthusiastic bunch taking on all the volunteer roles (apart from marshals, Colin, Steve, John and the 22 minute pacer Neil, but he was made a DMotR for the day as he was wearing blue!). I got to be ‘Run Director’, (an honorary role as really the regulars do the hard work). However, it’s such a privilege to stand up and chat to everyone, give the official announcements and introduce our lovely DMotR Run Together group. After all the announcements, with a ‘3,2,1’ I set the runners away. 391 runners streamed out of Maiden Castle and we had to pick up our DMotR flag and hustle to the end of parkrun as we knew there were some speedy runners in the pack!

At the finish the team were in place, ready for scanning. A brief pause to appreciate the amazing setting that Durham parkrun enjoys, alongside the River Wear, with the Cathedral and Castle presiding over the City…and then we spotted the first runners coming along the river banks on the far side of the Wear, set for a speedy finish. After the first runners were in, the pace of the job picked up a bit as runner after runner crossed the line. The time passes in a blur from then on and suddenly we spotted the tail walkers and parkrun was over for another Saturday. Packing up happens like a well oiled machine and it’s back to Maiden Castle for a well earned coffee and a chat. If you’ve never volunteered before can I urge you to give it a go? It’s a wonderful thing to see people of all ages and levels of fitness out enjoying a run on a Saturday morning. Email durhamhelpers@parkrun.com if you’d like to be involved. And if you heard about DMotR for the first time this morning and want to know more, then check out our Run Together page, we’d love to see you: https://groups.runtogether.co.uk/DurhamMumsontheRun 

We welcomed international visitors from New Zealand, NSW Australia and Poland. Uk tourists from Perth, Bradford and Warwickshire. 

Another first finish for Dan Jenkin, who kept it very quiet he was also doing his 100th parkrun today! First Lady today for Elaine Bission, swapping the mountains for Durham riverbanks!

Milestone runs today for Maddy McCarthy and Matt Hamill both joining the 50 club. As mentioned Dan Jenkin joined the 100 club along with Lesley Charman. Well done to you all.

This week 391 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers and 48 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 43 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 39 amazing high vis heroes!:

Denise SMITH • Colin EVERSON • Rachel WRIGHT • John HUTCHINSON • Neil YOUNG • Mark HERKES • Yvonne COLLINGHAM • Karen BYNG • Kate MACPHERSON • Sarah ERLEBACH • Carla CLARKE • Nina Ann ROBINSON • Katherine DODD • Claire LITTLE • Laura GIBSON • Steve FARROW • Helen WILSON • Neil WILSON • Lesley HAMILL • Rachel LEIGH-FIRBANK • Elaine JENNINGS • Ruth STOKES • Jill YOUNG • Jessica JONES • Jane DOWSETT • Janet TELFORD • Louise COLLINS • Lisa EDWARDS • Deborah TAYLOR • Marian MUNDELL • Susan RODDA • Maxine WARD • Georgette CLARKE • James PARKER • Rebecca BLACKWOOD • Harry HUGHES • Kathleen VALLANCE • Rosemary FINN • Lucy WHELAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Durham parkrun Results Page.