Durham parkrun – Event #389 – 07/09/2019 – A lovely sunny morning in Durham

The warm weather encouraged 344 runners, walkers and joggers to attend parkrun at The Graham Sports Centre in Durham today. The location is easy to find from the details given on the Durham parkrun course page, there’s ample toilets, facilities and parking - it’s worth noting that it’s best to leave a spare parkrun barcode visible on your dashboard.

The parkrun starts out on the Graham Sports Centre athletics track (built in the 1980’s), which is part of Durham University. From there we head out along a lovely riverside route that turns onto “noisy bridge” (for those of you that haven’t worked it out, it makes a lot of noise with 300+ people running on it at once!) where you’re greeted by the lovely marshal (hi-vis hero) Colin at his official post of “Colin’s Corner” - seriously though guys, I hope you do give him a day off at some point!

Our first timers and tourists briefing was very light-hearted and informative. I particularly liked the use of picture signs showing the difference between parkrun barcodes and finish tokens - as well as a guide for those newbies to parkrun in general. The parkrun course was clearly explained and we were given lots of information on what to expect. Who knew that Sir Paul Sinton-Hewitt himself (may or may not have) quoted Durham parkrun as being “one of the best parkruns” around…

A big well done to all those who took part today, including those who achieved PBs, personal goals and milestones; and a big hello to those who were tourists from all over.

After completing the parkrun finishing along the beautiful riverside that overlooked the cathedral, my fellow tail walker team and I were applauded in by the team of wonderful volunteers (hi-vis heroes), and we all went for a lovely coffee in the (not-so secret anymore) Secret Garden Cafe.

The marshals are part of many of the wonderful volunteers who give up their time each week to make parkrun happen. A big thank you to all 24 of this week’s volunteers.

Volunteering is a really fun and rewarding way to be part of the parkrun family, so if you haven’t already tried it, please do give it a go! There are so many different roles to choose from and you’ll be shown the ropes by the Core Team, so it really is as simple as that.
This week 344 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 53 were first timers and 38 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 42 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:
• George NICHOLSON • Karen Anne CHALKLEY • Colin EVERSON • John HUTCHINSON • Mark HERKES • Richard JACKSON • Angus GRAHAM • Clare CLISH • Nick LATHAM • Millie CLISH • Aileen SCOTT • Naomi ERLEBACH • Emma APPERLEY • Kate YOUNGER • John TOMLINSON • Janet TELFORD • Peter TELFORD • Stephanie BENNETT • Katie DAVISON • Rebecca DONEY • Jill WELSBY • Julie WILMORE • Alex LATHAM • Emily FAWELL
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Durham parkrun Results Page.
The male record is held by Dan GARBUTT who recorded a time of 15:12 on 17th March 2012 (event number 32).
The female record is held by Jennifer WALSH who recorded a time of 16:31 on 26th May 2012 (event number 42).
The Age Grade course record is held by Val NAYLOR who recorded 97.65% (24:50) on 16th June 2018 (event number 329).
Durham parkrun started on 13th August 2011. Since then 13,811 participants have completed 111,714 parkruns covering a total distance of 558,570 km, including 19,178 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,160 individuals have volunteered 9,549 times.
All in all I found Durham to be one of the friendliest parkruns I have ever been to and I would love to visit again someday. Thank you to all who welcomed me.
Stephanie Bennett