EAST BRIGHTON parkrun REPORT #58, January 11th, 2020.


Let's start at the finish line this week because something exciting happened.  We had our first ever, female first-finisher, on the first Saturday parkrun of the year. Accompanied by our first ever canine first-finisher. Way to start the decade Tara Shanahan of the Good Gym* and your lovely dog (sorry I don't know their name).

If you've untangled that lot I have a few more firsts for you.  Of the 95 people who ran, jogged and walked the course: twenty-four were at EB for the first time, and a dozen were brand new parkrunners. Welcome everyone, it was brave, blustery day to make your debut. You all managed it beautifully. Given that brisk wind it wasn't a particularly auspicious  day for PBs (personal best times) but nine of you clearly said, "b****cks to that" and achieved them anyway!!

To anyone who hasn't been for a while a football team has started training on the pitch while we run. It's a lovely symbiotic relationship. I can still remember walking across an empty park just over a year ago wondering how we would ever bring it to life. It's a genuine thrill to see the space so full of life and energy, right at the start of the year.

Talking of energy, who got nabbed by little Chris with the volunteer board at the finish line? Enthusiastic doesn't quite do him justice. Thank you to those of you signed up for a volunteer slot or two. For the next month our core team is quite depleted so please forgive a little shameless plug on the volunteer front.

Regular runners - I don't want to woo you with the notion of "giving back" because I feel that occasional volunteering gives you something special. I think all our runner-volunteers feel a strong connection to EB parkrun.  On Saturday mornings the park is ours, we are custodians of something really exciting and fun and beautiful.

Shy runners and wannabes - I've seen volunteering give a lot of people confidence to run. If you get involved with our little park community pretty soon you will see that there is room for everyone. parkrun is the most genuinely supportive and inclusive community I've ever known.

Just want to get out-and-about folk - parkrun is a lovely reason to get out of bed in the morning, fill your lungs with fresh air, and support and absorb the joy of a group of people giving their all. I defy you not to get sucked into the excitement.  And of course stay for a cuppa at Cafe afterwards (which Marilyn and Steve are opening on Saturdays just for us all this month, right up to their official opening sometime in Feb).

Quite  few of our core team would love to mix in a bit more running with their volunteering. If you (or your mates) could mix in a bit of volunteering with your running - or if you'd like to volunteer with us on a more regular basis - we will all be winning.

But for now, let's end where we started, at the finish line. We were joined by two nordic walkers this week who crossed the line in front of the Tail Walker.  One of them, Carole - a first-time EBie - will Tail Walk with us next week.  Now THAT's what I'm talking about!!

Game on 2020 ... I can't wait to see what this year in the park will bring.

* if you don't know the Good Gym, check 'em out. A community of runners combining getting fit with doing good things. https://www.goodgym.org/

Report by: Catherine Considine

parkrun role this week: Run Director

Want to get more involved? We always need volunteers.  This can be a regular commitment or just hopping in when we are a bit short of help.   To keep in touch please opt-in to East Brighton emails and keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  You can contact us at: eastbrighton@parkrun.com

EB parkrun PEOPLE. This week 16 volunteers mucked in with characteristic gusto. Massive thanks to all of them: Peter RANSON • Terry James AVEY • Mark CONSIDINE • Graeme POULTON • Hannah MORNEMENT • Rachel COWAN • Nancy PLATTS • Catherine CONSIDINE • Charlie WILLIAMS • Paul PEARSON • Darren SNOW MBE • Michelle PEARSON • Lesley MORRILL • Andrew OHARA • Martha BRADLY • Tony BROWN

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