EAST BRIGHTON parkrun REPORT #59, January 18th, 2020


If I were to describe sunlight bouncing off the frosted slopes and bobble-hatted friends, chatting outside on a fenced veranda, hands wrapped around steaming mugs, faces aglow with activity done - where would you think we were? Swiss Alps? A fancy named ski resort beyond my spelling abilities?? Or EB after parkrun? With the cafe open and the sun shining there was such a lovely buzz in the park after the run this week.

But before the coffee and the toffee-pecan slice (oh yes I did!)...80 people gathered at the start line. Sussex County runners lead the course and gave us a thrill at the finish line when we thought the current record might be broken (not quite). Carol, a new EBie and Nordic Walker donned the esteemed orange Tail Walker jacket and performed said duties with elan. In between were regular EBies; and six shiny new parkrunners (welcome!); and  20 people who had never visited EB before.

More excitement?  Peter The Train Morris, celebrated his 200th different parkrun with us.  That's 200 parkruns each at different locations.  And Subramanyan Naidu Maripuri, a local runner, ran his 50th run. And a cracking sprint finish between grown-up EBie core member Emma and not-so-grown-up Little Chris.  Chris won!  (teehee). Big smiles all round for all of you!

Can you take the pace ...? Pete, one of our core team paced a 31-minute run, gathering a healthy pacing pack, at least one of whom achieved a PA (personal best time) as a result.  Regular pacers are something we are really keen to encourage this year. We're getting a selection of vests -  times ranging from 25-35 mins and a walk-jog pace.  If you are confident in running a steady time pacing is a great way to help us out and get a run in too. Please ask next time you see us, or drop us an email if you are interested.

We've been doing a bit of push on growing our volunteer team of late. Which has been so successful I forgot to include Gillian on the list this week! I'm giving her a special shout out because not only did she turn up, she stayed and marshaled. And joined us for a cuppa afterwards. And that Gillian is why we love you!

While we talking volunteers - quite a few of our core team of volunteers would like to run a bit more this year. Taking a quasi-regular volunteer role helps us achieve that. If over time lots of runners chose to run five and volunteer one (an EB half dozen?) it would create loads more running opportunities for everyone. In our EB Utopia we are all in this together!

It's Monday as I write. I've just come back from a walk in the park with Dougal the dog. We retrieved some stakes and tape that were accidentally left up on Saturday (oops!). Chatted with a couple of elderly dog walkers who always ask about the run. Met the Run East Brighton Crew (Run EBC) who are training for a 10k, after completing their first ever 5k at EB in the summer.  Waved at George the carpenter, outside the cafe, starting work on their refurb.

Apres EB parklife rolls on. But we are making an impact EBies. A beautiful one. Of that I am very sure.

Run Report by: Catherine Considine

EBie role this week: Volunteer Coordinator

Want to get more involved? We always need volunteers. Please don't be shy about hopping in a yellow jacket from time to time, or spreading the word. To keep in touch please opt-in to East Brighton emails and keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  You can contact us at: eastbrighton@parkrun.com

*And please could somebody please remind us to bring in all the stakes next week. Ta!*

EB parkrun PEOPLE: The best list in town! The 17 gorgeous folk who made a park run this week. Terry James AVEY • Mark CONSIDINE • Lewis SMITH • Andrew CLARK • Rachel COWAN • Nancy PLATTS • Catherine CONSIDINE • Klaus PULLEY • Charlie WILLIAMS • Catherine WARDEN • Andrew OHARA • Richard AVISON • Gillian CLINCH • Carol ENGLISH • Martha BRADLY • Poppy HERON • Becky BRIEN

EB RESULTS and (amazing!) RECORD HOLDERS: This week's full results and a complete event history can be found on the East Brighton parkrun Results Page.  Our current course record holders are listed in the event stats below.