EAST BRIGHTON parkrun REPORT #60, JANUARY 25th, 2020


Is it just me or has this been the longest January. Ever! Apparently this final stretch is the most miserable week of the year. And yet 82 people rocked up to EB parkrun on a fairly bleak looking morning and had a lovely time as far I could see!

While we are busting myths can we talk about women chatting? I was stationed out at Wilson Avenue - the farthest Marshal post from home. Perhaps because there are fewer distractions, I tend to notice more when I'm out there. And what I noticed this week is lots of men running together having a right old natter!  What on earth were you all chatting about!!??

It was lovely to see some of our January newbies coming back - apparently the end of January is when the resolutions crack. So R.E.S.P.E.C.T. to all of you. I know a couple of you achieved PBs this week (Personal Best times). That's how to smash January.

Some nasty January bugs slayed a couple of volunteers - but we rose to the challenge. Darren and Keith stepped up at the last minute to tail walk. Keith is the first blind runner to complete our course and runs quite regularly with us. Ain't nothing holding that man back ... well, except that he and Darren made my "men who chat" list!  Oh and Martha, who had completed her DofE award work with us has decided to keep volunteering.

There's a myth going round that EBies don't have a cafe. Not only is the cafe opening just for us every Saturday, it very close to opening full time. Next week we're hoping for proper furniture. And it has a name ... are you ready for this? ... East Brighton Cafe! I know. It feels like we finally have a home, right?

My final bit of myth busting for today is this - when I try and encourage non-parkrunners to parkrun they look at me in horror. But that's for runners, they say. It's not for me.  At my little lonely heart out-post this week I cheered people of all ages and abilities. There was a lovely young couple, who might be pushing a buggy round the course later this year.  There were buggy pushers and parents trying to keep up with their kids. There were gaggles of men chatting!!  And women of all ages. Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons and daughters and dads. And four-legged friends keeping their humans on track. One wonderful older woman took three laps at a powerful stride. There were regular runners and newbies: and friends running a little extra to encourage their mate across the finish line. No parkrunner was left behind.

There is nothing mythical about the fact that parkrun is for everyone. Every single week we see that in action.  Magical maybe? But definitely not a myth.

Thank you for making it happen EBies - see you next week!

Run report by: Catherine Considine

EB parkrun role this week: Marshal at Lonely Heart Bend

EB parkrun PEOPLE: This week 82 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 13 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 10 different clubs took part.

And 13 sexy, bobble-hatted heroes dragged their weary bones to the park to make it happen: Mike SCOFIELD • Chris NAYLOR • Keith TURNER • Peter RANSON • Terry James AVEY • Will BAKER • Steven TENNANT • Emma SWAN • Emma WROE • Catherine CONSIDINE • Darren SNOW MBE • Andrew OHARA • Martha BRADLY

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EB RESULTS and (amazing!) RECORD HOLDERS: This week's full results and a complete event history can be found on the East Brighton parkrun Results Page.  Our current course record holders are listed in the event stats below.