Here at EB HQ there is always, ALWAYS something to report ... Read on 'cos right at the end of this there is an invitation you won't want to miss!!

Since we weren't busy cheering your all round the park this soggy Saturday, we put our thinking caps on. And very lovely we looked too!  At just over a year old, it's time to plan for EB's future. And what we were thinking is - would you like to help? Our Core Team have done a damn fine job of setting EB parkrun up but a few of them would like to run a bit more. And with a broader volunteer gang we can create more opportunities to do just that - for everyone.

Let's start with a bit of myth busting:

Myth 1 - If I volunteer, I won't be able to run?

***Busted*** There are quite a few roles that allow you to run too. We always, always need help setting up and closing down. Fast runners, you can hop in and barcode scan once you've got you breath back. Tail walkers. Pacers. Run Report writer - we need you.

Myth 2 - OK, but if I join the Core Team I'll have to volunteer all the time, right?

***Busted*** The role we're really keen to train a few more people to do is Volunteer Co-ordinator. Once all the Volunteers are in place on Saturday morning, the VC has time to hit the start line. And run the run that you helped create. Now THAT's a damn fine feeling.

Myth 3 - But everyone looks like they know what they are doing.

**Busted*** OMG, if you had but seen us a year ago!?  Do I need to say more?? Suffice to say, if you are interested in doing anything, we are happy to take the time to help you learn. But seriously most of the volunteer roles are simple and we promise not to throw you in at the deep end.

Myth 4 - Don't the volunteers all know each other. Won't I feel a bit left out?

***Busted*** Most of us met setting up EB parkrun.  Almost every week someone new joins in and the most frequent and gratifying feedback we ever get is "EB is the most welcoming, friendly parkrun team you could ever wish to meet ..."

If you are remotely interested in getting a bit more involved here what to do:

1. Sign up to EB emails. To do this opt into East Brighton in your parkrun profile.  Sign in here: https://www.parkrun.com/signin/ and go to email options.

2. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or twitter.

3. Come and talk to us any Saturday.  Or email eastbrighton@parkrun.com anytime. We'd be oh so happy to have a little chat.


Marilyn and Steve in the EB Café are hosting a Café Launch sometime in the next few weeks.  We are all invited and will let you know the date, just as soon as we do!

So if you'd like to talk about volunteering from time to time, mixing up a bit of parkrunning and volunteering, learning how to do any of the volunteer roles, or joining the EB Core Team find us in the cafe after parkrun, or at the launch in a few week's time - we'll be there, supping a little fizz and nibbling a few tasty bites ... and chat, chat chatting ... see you there??

EB Love,

Nancy and Catherine

Your EB Event Directors