Run Report 114: Team Vermeer at the ready

Today's parkrun report is brought to you in association with TeamVermeer covering Run Director and the scanning team. With over 160 volunteering opportunities taken between us at East Grinstead, I'm sure many of you will recognise us along with Bruce the dog.  Parkrun has become a great part of our life and a way to spend some time together early on a Saturday morning.  After a week of practicing getting up early for work and school, it’s no more easy on a Saturday morning with seemingly tricky breakfast and clothing decisions to be made and debates about the accuracy of the various weather forecasts for the morning.

Time permitting, a pleasant, occasionally brisk walk to East Court follows and a final check on posts for parkrun just in case another role needs covering.  That time building up towards 0900 is a great opportunity to catch up with new friends made since parkrun arrived in East Grinstead, whether it's runners, walkers or volunteers, and welcome those joining.  The ability of parkrun to bring different parts of a community together – and to be its own community – is one of the attractions we Vermeers have found and one reason we keep coming back.

Today’s weather forecast looked ominous with some heavy rain scheduled for 0900, our thoughts moved towards the fun ahead for the runners at muddy corner and all the mini muddy corners that we've noticed appearing recently.  It's amazing how some glide across where others, like myself, head through them with trepidation, a grin or grimace and a plan to attack it the next time around.

On arrival, it was wet and muddy – perfect cross country running conditions and a hardy bunch of volunteers, 63 parkrunners and the tail walker were all set to go.  Special congratulations to Emma Mogg on reaching her 50th parkrun.  Not content with just  the muddy challenge, Emma added in a helium balloon to help celebrate and some cakes to share.  There were a few slips and slides going on around East Court but most importantly plenty of smiles, a lot of encouragement and some very satisfied runners at the end having made it.

Congratulations then to all taking part today and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Run Director


Coming for the letter E? – bring your trail or Football boots !!! – EG 113

Weather conditions - No rain!!!!

Once the fog lifted East Court was bathed in sunshine, however conditions under foot are wet, slippy and some might say challenging, some come prepared!!!!

Tourists hunting for the letter E - bring some grippy shoes!

East Grinstead parkrun is set in a beautiful park, run mainly on grass so if are completing your Compass or Alphabet challenge and have some Trail Shoes or even Football boots these are highly advised, or spikes if you have them - it will keep you on your feet!

96 people ran, jogged & ran this week

Stephen Trabucatti was first home, with Judy Hayler first lady, and we even had a new PB set by Chris Thompson on his second visit since 2017!

First timers & tourists

We had 9 people completing their first ever parkrun, so well done to Luca, Thomas, Emily, Eti, Greta, John, Felicia, John & Jem - you all did incredibly well as we are a hard course in the winter, but come back and see us again, or why not also try Tilgate (Crawley) which is all on paths to escape the mud!

Zero to Hero running club

At least 12 members came down from Bromley with family to run, push a Buggy, or get slightly lost in the wood!


Milestones - More than we announced!

Dave Worsell who is one of the core team completed his 100 volunteering role & ran his 150 parkrun

Ken Taylor was running his 50 (47 at East Grinstead) Michele Edwards was also running her 50 (39 at East Grinstead), and Angie Watson her 52 all at East Grinstead

Jackie Watkins (who bought the sweets at barcode scanning) celebrated her 50 volunteering


A massive thanks to the 24 Volunteers who helped set up, Marshall, timed, scanned and results processed, and most of all cheered all the Runners, Joggers & Walkers along

Once again I had one of our Tourists say how the course was tough, but we were one of the most friendliest parkruns they had been to - Thank you!

Even a cracked rib from Scarfell pike - Couldn't put off Roy Hill!

To reassure his daughter he is recovering well and completed the course today with no issues!



Have a good week and we look forward to seeing you all again next week to see what has been chopped down and left on the course, or even if the fencing will be removed around the pavillon!


Looking towards the Mansion at 8am!


Run Director



Run report 112 – The rain doesn’t dampen our spirits

The only thing more horrific than the assorted monsters who turned up for our Halloween special was the absolutely awful weather.  Despite a bright and sunny start the weather quickly turned perfectly timed to rain on our run brief and it didn't stop...

As usual, the people of East Grinstead did not disappoint with their array of halloween costumes. The many witches, vampires, clowns and skeletons were joined by our very special guest the Grim Reaper who very kindly offered to tail walk.


Special thanks to Caz Gould for this weeks pictures.

The appreciative groans form the assembled monsters indicated I'd hit the mark with my carefuly selected Halloween puns (wishful thinking?). Feeling lucky to make it out alive I started the run.

OMG! It was wet, windy and muddy, quite possibly the wettest parkrun we've ever had at East Grinstead. It rained and rained and rained. Just when we thought it couldn't rain any harder it did and then for good measure it rained a little bit more!

The bedraggled ghouls trotted past with each each lap getting wetter and muddier. Our trick? We made them run the course in reverse meaning the infamous "that hill" was now a fast downwards section, however, the climb to the top was a slow winding drag through the mud and rain. I'm sure they all loved it really.

Special mention goes to the many volunteers who braved the despicable weather. These heros donned fancy dress decorated the haunted woods and marked out the backwards course which was a real brain teaser for all concerned. Despite being soaked to the bone they all smiled, cheered and clapped the 61 runners around the course.

Callum Stone was first home in 19:03 with first lady Emma Page finishing in 27:06. Both decent times given the condition of the course. Mr Reaper was the last to cross the line in a speedy 42:56 but having failed to claim another sole due to the pace of the field. Good running East Grinstead.

Mr G Reaper

Following a very rapid pack up we retired to East Grinstead football club for some warming tea/coffee and toast.  What a relief to be out of that weather!

Rugby? What rugby? The least said the better....

Dave Worsell
Run Director



Once again, we won't be holding an event on either Christmas or New Year's Day - our course is very muddy at the best of times during the winter, and has no chance to recover if we hold additional events. However, this gives you all a chance to enjoy some different (less muddy) courses and do some parkrun tourism nearby!

Lisa Compton

Event Director


parkrun or Rugby – a difficult choice? East Grinstead parkrun #111

We anticipated a smaller crowd of runners this morning, firstly due to the weather – although it had finally stopped raining, the course was sodden, and it was very windy, all making for a difficult run. But we were also competing with the rugby, so a drop in numbers was inevitable. Nevertheless, 67 keen and eager runners appeared on the start line, including five parkrun first timers. Well done to Nick and Henry Haste, Peter Bedingfield, Sally Knight, and Daisy Ross, you certainly didn’t pick the easiest day for your parkrun debut! We also had nine tourists, including Robin and Jason Tucker, who were visiting from Jersey.

Stephan Trabucatti was the first to cross the line, the third occasion he’s finished in this position, and Sophie Buckle was once again the first lady home. Jessica Chitty was the only person to record a new PB, quite an achievement given how muddy the course was. Very well done Jessica!

As ever, the event was supported by 29 great volunteers. I heard of at least two parkruns which were cancelled recently due to lack of volunteers, and am so proud to say that at East Grinstead our volunteers never let us down; they turn up in all weathers to ensure the event can go ahead.

It was amusing to watch the number of people who dived for their phones as soon as they finished, in order to check the rugby score. And there was far less conversation in the football club after the run, as everyone was glued to the television. No doubt this scenario will all be repeated again next Saturday – but to encourage you to come along to parkrun instead of sitting in front of the telly, its our Halloween run, so please dress appropriately! We want to see ghosts, witches, vampires and all thing spooky. and rumour has it there will be a very, very scary tail walker…..


And see below for Derek Roberts ‘team report.’

Oh, and well done England!

Lisa Compton

Event Director

We decided to get the PB for the first team over the line at EG parkrun. Miranda and Jessica Chitty, plus Derek and Herbie Roberts decided Wednesday were a team. We all helped each other to get to the finish, up and down hills, and it seemed like a great idea to work together. A bit like the Comrades run in South Africa but considerably shorter.

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