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Eastleigh parkrun Future volunteer roster

Here is the volunteer roster for the next few weeks. If you'd like to take a particular spot, simply email To find out more, visit the volunteer page. Details about what particular roles do on the day can be found by clicking on the role name below, or visiting the volunteering section of the parkrun support site.

Future volunteer roster

 2 October 20219 October 202116 October 202123 October 202130 October 2021
Run DirectorLouise DRAYTONAngus COULL
Run DirectorBrian DRAYTONFiona COULL
Pre-event SetupClaire DEACONClaire DEACON
Pre-event SetupPaul KEMPPaul KEMP
Pre-event SetupLinda Mary WEBBLinda Mary WEBB
Pre-event SetupKatie GODDARDKatie GODDARD
Pre-event SetupRay WEBBRay WEBB
Pre-event SetupJenny LEEJenny LEE
Pre-event SetupJeff DEACONJeff DEACON
Pre-event SetupMichael LEEMichael LEE
Post-event Close DownKaren BOLTONKaren BOLTON
Post-event Close DownClaire DEACONClaire DEACON
Post-event Close DownYvonne GRANDONYvonne GRANDON
Post-event Close DownKerry FOLGERKerry FOLGER
Post-event Close DownKim FOLGERKim FOLGER
First Timers Briefing
TimekeeperMichael LEE
Finish TokensMichael LEESusan BUNYANPhilippa GILLHAM
Finish Tokens
Barcode ScanningSusan BUNYAN
Barcode Scanning
Barcode Scanning
Funnel Manager
Volunteer Co-ordinatorAmanda SAYERSAmanda SAYERS
Token SortingPaul SIDAWAY
Results ProcessorLouise DRAYTONAngus COULL
Results ProcessorBrian DRAYTONFiona COULL
Run Report Writer
Tail WalkerSandy WRIGHTPhilippa GILLHAM