Eastleigh parkrun is cancelled on 2020-12-05 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Eastleigh parkrun #492 – 11th January 2020

Not really a Run Report but a short piece with some news, and as they say, in no particular order:

1.  The post-Christmas extravaganza that is the post-Christmas parkrun party is this coming Saturday, you'll have to get in quickly if you want the past remaining tickets.

2.  On the subject of the party if anyone would like to bring cake that would be extremely welcome - time was when there was cake at Eastleigh parkrun every Saturday, but whilst that has changed I doubt the standard of baking has.

3.  7/3/2020 is our 500th run (weather and course permitting).  The Core Team are suggesting runners run wearing something blue.

4.  The Course is challenging for all at the moment.  It is especially challenging for two groups (a) those who have the wrong shoes, and (b) U11s, who are likely also to be in (a).  Whilst you can't really have the wrong kind of mud, you can have the wrong kind of shoes.  We are all acutely aware that January is a difficult month for many financial reasons: post-Christmas, tax due etc - but if you can afford to get some trail shoes you'll find your run transformed - it will also give you the chance to enjoy other local runs such as QE, Hogmoor, Moors Valley and Brockenhurst (the winter course) to a much greater extent.  Of course that's not possible for all.  Eastleigh parkrun will still be here come the dry, and no Eastleigh regular will think any the less of another runner who chooses to stay away whilst the conditions are as they are.  Please remember if you are running in the wrong sort of shoes you won't have the grip.  Please also think whether you really want your U11 to be doing Eastleigh as it is - it's fine for adults to get cold and wet, they can choose to do so, but do give your children the option.  There are some really fun, non-muddy parkruns around - there are options other than Southampton - Whiteley, Poole, Southsea, Lee-on-Solent, Littlehampton spring to mind, or the slightly less muddy Netley, Moors Valley, Brockenhurst and Upton House.  Come to think of it, if you took your youngster to each of those just once Eastleigh should have dried out by the time you finish that list.

This week 321 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 40 were first timers and 8 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 32 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 38 volunteers:

Karen BOLTON • Pauline HERD • Claire DEACON • Paul KEMP • David CLOTHIER • Gina Louise RODBOURNE • Mike DUKES • Ron TRODD • Linda Mary WEBB • Amanda SAYERS • Katie GODDARD • Robert BRYAN • Ray WEBB • Yvonne GRANDON • Brian DRAYTON • Mark ANDERSON • Nickie BOWEN • Jo NASH • Katie RAWLINSON • Jenny LEE • Michael LEE • Matthew SPRACK • Kerry FOLGER • Kim FOLGER • Finnian BAKER • Rita DRAYTON • Ian ROBINSON • Karen CURTAIN • Susan BUNYAN • Jessica HEADS • Emma HAWKINS • Eileen DIXON • Martin COOK • Ethan HAWKINS • Amelia-Jane DYER • Georgia DANIEL • Leah BLACK • Margaret BEST

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Eastleigh parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Tom ANDERSON who recorded a time of 15:18 on 19th November 2011 (event number 80).
The female record is held by Josie CZURA who recorded a time of 18:02 on 20th December 2014 (event number 235).
The Age Grade course record is held by Chris STEELE who recorded 91.78% (25:57) on 23rd November 2019 (event number 485).

Eastleigh parkrun started on 8th May 2010. Since then 12,520 participants have completed 96,943 parkruns covering a total distance of 484,715 km, including 15,659 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,255 individuals have volunteered 13,465 times.


Eastleigh parkrun #491 – 4th January 2020

Tourist Run Report - 4 January 2020

By David Cartwright Forbes | Home parkrun Alice Holt.

With the Christmas and New Year celebrations well and truly over and normality resuming, it was fantastic to see a keen bunch of 272 runners and walkers line up for Eastleigh parkrun #491. For you eager beavers out there, potentially your 6th parkrun in 14 days!

Our run briefing from RD, Fiona Coull, set the scene for what we should expect. Thankfully it was a dry and relatively mild morning, although the recent heavy rainfall had left its mark on the course. Beware of the mud - we were warned! Thanks also to Mark Anderson for the first timers briefing and for making everyone feel welcome at Eastleigh.

This week we were joined by parkrun tourists from Alice Holt, Salisbury, Leicester, Porthcawl and even as far as Australia! It was also great to see some more first-timers Cherry LIBRE,  Kitty and William HAMILTON, Philippos KATSOGIANNIS, Cynthia DZIKITI, Siobhan KILBY, Ross HAMILTON, Vanessa REILLY and Chenayi CHIGUVARE. Welcome to the parkrun family and we look forward to seeing you back here again.

Also a quick shout out to Joe WILLIS who took part in his first ever parkrun on New Years Day and was back again this morning - a further note on Joe in a bit.

Run briefings over, we were taken over to the start line where adults, children and dogs lined up ready to go. We took off across the field before making a u-turn and looping back, dodging the mud as we ran. The weather began to brighten up and there were plenty of smiling faces.

A total of 3 muddy laps around the course, with the occasional break from the mud over a gravel path. Although it was a ‘slip and a slide’ around the route, it was great fun and we were cheered on by the energetic pom-pom marshalls and the other fantastic volunteers.

A crowd of token distributors and barcode scanners waited at the finish funnel, along with RD Fiona to cheer us back in. A lovely course, made even better by the fabulous volunteers. And on that note, as Fiona said during her briefing, let’s all be sure to forgo our run every now and then and volunteer to give a little back to the parkrun community. If every runner volunteers just 3 times a year there will be a full roster! So what are you waiting for?

Today’s run would not have been possible without: Mark ANDERSONMargaret BESTLeah BLACKKaren BOLTONNickie BOWENSusan BUNYANDavid CARTWRIGHT FORBESFrankie COLLINGAngus COULLFiona COULLClaire DEACONJeff DEACONEileen DIXONAmelia-Jane DYERKerry FOLGERKim FOLGERKatie GODDARDYvonne GRANDONCarolyna HALEYRussell HAWKINSEmma HAWKINSEthan HAWKINSJessica HEADSPauline HERDPaul KEMPJenny LEEBrett LYONSAlison MEARSAngela MEDLEYSteve PENNMark POCOCKNicolas RIMMERAmanda SAYERSMatthew SPRACKRon TRODDNaomi WATSONSteven WATSONRay WEBBLinda Mary WEBB

Well done on the milestone runs for Astrid MANGEL (250), Joseph CROSS (100) and Liam PARADINE-FORD (50) together with any of the unofficial milestones.

Last but not least, congratulations to the 21 of you that hit a new PB today!

One of who was Joe WILLIS who I mentioned earlier. This morning he stormed his way to a new PB by shaving over a minute and a half off his previous time. Nice work Joe!

See you all next week! #DFYB


Eastleigh parkrun #490 – New Year’s Day 2010

Today, New Year’s Day, was the one, annual, chance to do a ‘double’ – that is, two parkruns on the same day.  Eastleigh was hosting theirs at 10:30, two hours later than Winchester and, being only about 8 miles and 15 minutes between the two I was going to get a half-decent break between runs.

Eastleigh isn’t exactly the flattest of courses, in fact at 130 feet elevation it is 327th out of almost 700 UK Parkrun locations, so I was going to need a decent break and, let’s face it, I need it more than most!

Certainly I needed it more than at least one Winchester stalwart who not only finished 17th after celebrating into the early hours, but then ran from Winchester to Eastleigh where he took part in the parkrun here too and finished 15th.  How on earth does that work?  So Matt, incredibly well done, and to anyone else who did the same – it makes me tired just thinking about it!

There was a good turnout; exactly 300 to be precise, not including the occupants of pushchairs and a variety of well-behaved dogs, and there were good contingencies from many of the local parkruns, plus representatives from as many as 52 different clubs.  There was a huge show of hands when the Run Director enquired at the briefing how many of us were from Winchester going for ‘the double’, and a pretty decent cheer to go with it!  The RD had deemed, in his infinite wisdom, to change the course using parts of the old, original course due to conditions underfoot and I must say it was very good indeed and certainly better than I was expecting.  It was ideal running weather, and although still a little soft in places, it was considerably better than in previous weeks when the wet and muddy conditions were quite challenging.  But such is the growth and popularity of parkrun that local events were enjoying record numbers today, especially Southampton with the biggest turnout of all in the UK at 1331, little Lee-on-the-Solent the 5th biggest with 987 and Bournemouth, 7th, with 967!

However, there were other notable achievements and landmark runs on this first day of the year – and what a way to start it.  No less than 61 First-Timers, of whom 6 were ‘First-ever’ Timers, and for the remaining 55 it was their first time at Eastleigh.  Congratulations for their 50s go to Gavin Lacey and Aviva Stein, and for 100 there was Greg Hockham.  Several runners were hovering around the 200 and 250 marks but, top of the tree, was Sarah Aldridge on 543!  Well done to all of those, and to Rob Bentley who topped out the Age Grades with 78.52%, and to Tom Bray who stormed to the finish 33 seconds ahead of the field.  And on the subject of PBs, there were 20 today.

I travel about quite a bit for parkruns and the constant for me wherever I’ve been has been the efficient organisation, the relaxed atmosphere, and the friendliness and helpfulness of the volunteers and runners alike, and Eastleigh is no exception.  I really did enjoy a chat with a most delightful runner on the course, a very young lady called Jodie, which made the run seem to go so much quicker.  The marshals were a great bunch too, with their encouragement and enthusiasm, and they really give you a lift.  And so I could not let this opportunity pass without a sincere thank you to all of the 37 volunteers who made this event possible, and especially to the core team and to those who turn up week in, week out, just to volunteer without the chance or perhaps the ability to run, for the benefit of runners like myself.  We really are most grateful for all of that, and on this occasion also to the ladies who opened up the coffee shop just for our benefit.   So if you are thinking of having a go, this is definitely one to start with!  There are plenty of roles you can choose from if you want to run as well, both before the event and after, so you needn’t miss out.  It really is fun, the instructions are simple and you’ll be back for more!

Dennis Spencer

This week 300 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 61 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 50 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 37 volunteers:

Karen BOLTON • Sonia RUSHBY • David CLOTHIER • Mark POCOCK • Amanda SAYERS • Katie GODDARD • Yvonne GRANDON • Brian DRAYTON • Mark ANDERSON • Nickie BOWEN • Mark PARKIN • Naomi WATSON • Steven WATSON • Jenny LEE • Derek QUIRK • Brett LYONS • Samantha DUNN • Michael LEE • Liz ARNOLD • Rachel MACLEAN • Kerry FOLGER • Jak PRETTY • Rita DRAYTON • Matthew GROUT • Philip 'big Phil' MORGAN • James HOLMAN • Susan BUNYAN • Jamie BROADEY • Eileen DIXON • Tim PADLEY • Alan DRAYTON • Tracey CONSTANT • Dennis SPENCER • Cheryl BOOKER • Amanda SILVANUS • Margaret BEST • Colin LOWE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Eastleigh parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Tom ANDERSON who recorded a time of 15:18 on 19th November 2011 (event number 80).
The female record is held by Josie CZURA who recorded a time of 18:02 on 20th December 2014 (event number 235).
The Age Grade course record is held by Chris STEELE who recorded 91.78% (25:57) on 23rd November 2019 (event number 485).

Eastleigh parkrun started on 8th May 2010. Since then 12,439 participants have completed 96,350 parkruns covering a total distance of 481,750 km, including 15,630 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,252 individuals have volunteered 13,388 times.


Christmas 2019 & New Year parkruns

Dear Father Christmas,

2019 has been tricky for me but Mummy & Daddy [delete/amend as appropriate] have been very encouraging and I would like to repay that.

As you did last year, please could you arrange that on Christmas morning they take me to parkrun? It's at the usual time, as you would know, 0900.

I promise I'll be good and won't open all my presents until afterwards. I just want the adults in my life to ensure that they get some exercise on Christmas Day.

Oh, and before I forget please could you also sort it that they take me to the New Year's Day parkrun. Mummy & Daddy [delete/amend as appropriate] say they are going out the night before but I don't follow why that means they can't take me.  I'll be up early so I can make sure they are too.

I don't really want Mummy & Daddy [delete/amend as appropriate] to know about the start time at Eastleigh (1030) as they might take me to one at 0900 and then I could run 2; apparently it's called a New Year Double!

Daddy [delete/amend as appropriate] says a New Year Double is something quite different, but I'm not sure what he means. Like my Christmas List, there's a parkrun one https://www.parkrun.org.uk/special-events/  I'm sure it would do us all the world of good to start 2020 with a parkrun or two.

I've worked it out that this year again means I can run 6 times in 14 days (21/12, 25/12, 28/12, 1/1 x2 & 4/1) and I would really like it if Mummy & Daddy [delete/amend as appropriate] did so with me.  I'm sure it would do them a world of good and stop them paying for another year's ridiculous gym membership, when as we know all they need to do is pull on some shoes and walk or run with me around a lovely park.

[Insert name]

P.S. as the last Saturday before Christmas (21/12) is always a Fancy Dress run, this year I've decided to dress up as [insert detail] I'm hoping that Mummy & Daddy [delete/amend as appropriate] will join in this year and not be such a humbug like Daddy was last year.


Eastleigh pakrun # 482 – 02/11/2019

"To cancel or not to cancel, that is the question?".

With many local parkruns cancelling Saturday's run what should we do? As you would expect parkrun has a whole protocol about cancelling an event, but not necessarily when to cancel. That decision rests with the RD and the ED; given the level of experience of the RDs at Eastleigh previous EDs and I have been quite happy to leave it to the weekend's RD. I still vividly recall as an RD having to cancel on the morning, not long before the event, as overnight rains made sections of the run impassable.  It's not a decision made lightly and I agonised over it. Oddly enough, for those of you with long enough memories, that weekend was before the Old Golf Course's evergreens were removed and, contrary to the view we had when that happened, drainage has since improved.

Of course parkrun does provide guidance and it's all about safety. So where along that line did we pitch it this last weekend? This is my personal view, but one I suspect the whole RD team endorses.

We knew the weather was going to be atrocious. We knew other events were cancelling. We know we can run a parkrun on fairly minimal volunteers. We guessed that really it would only be regulars who would be looking to run, so they would be aware and expecting a muddy and wet run - after all if you are reading this you probably know what Eastleigh is like once the winter rains set in. It's a run for good trail/fell shoes or spikes - it is most certainly not a run for Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite (other shoes are available).  Of course one thinks about the runners, but certainly my main concern was for the Volunteers. After all (i) runners pullout before events, (ii) runners pullout during events, (iii) Volunteers feel obliged to attend and (iv) Volunteers face the elements longer than any runner.

We were not so troubled about the runners or about Volunteers getting to the event, it was the length of time Volunteers would be out in it.

Which was why we checked with the Volunteers that they were happy to be out in the rain; why we brought the gals marshalling in early and why we moved the finish funnel, so the scanners could be sheltered. Nevertheless the Volunteers were out in that cold and wet rain for upwards of an hour.

So let's hear it for the Volunteers!

If I may a few reminders:

(i) The Pavilion on the Park are looking to raise some more money for more canopies, we benefit so if anyone wants to help them please speak to them;

(ii) If friends suggest they come to run at Eastleigh please do check that they have appropriate shoes;

(iii) Please cheer the Volunteers, after all without them we have no event and cancelling for the weather is one thing but cancelling for want of Volunteers is quite another.

(iv) Please do wrap up warm and if you can think about helping the clear-up post-run once over the winter please do Volunteer.

(v) Festive parkrunning is being planned and Dave CLOTHIER is the man to see for the post-Christmas parkrun Party. This year we're in the Pavilion so parking is not an issue and for those who have been there it's a great location.

(vi) As it's all about safety, if you're running now in the evening please wear hi-viz and use head-torches/lights.

The thing is that I know that every runner who crossed the finish line yesterday will have done so with a big grin on their face, or will have had one seconds later. We couldn't do it without the Volunteers.

See you next Saturday.


(Eastleigh parkrun Event Director)


This week 121 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 7 were first timers and 1 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 25 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

Wendy Margaret COUPER • Karen BOLTON • Pauline HERD • Claire DEACON • Paul KEMP • David CLOTHIER • Ian MARRITT • Frank LITTLER • Ron TRODD • Linda Mary WEBB • Amanda SAYERS • Andy MORGAN-LEE • Donna RODGER • Ray WEBB • Yvonne GRANDON • Nickie BOWEN • Jenny LEE • Jeff DEACON • Brett LYONS • Michael LEE • Alan MEADEN • Kim FOLGER • Susan BUNYAN • Danielle FRIEDMAN-BROWN • Jessica HEADS • Eileen DIXON • Steve PENN • Ethan HAWKINS • Leah BLACK • Margaret BEST

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Eastleigh parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Tom ANDERSON who recorded a time of 15:18 on 19th November 2011 (event number 80).
The female record is held by Josie CZURA who recorded a time of 18:02 on 20th December 2014 (event number 235).
The Age Grade course record is held by Lucy ELLIOTT who recorded 89.23% (18:34) on 20th June 2015 (event number 262).

Eastleigh parkrun started on 8th May 2010. Since then 12,202 participants have completed 94,347 parkruns covering a total distance of 471,735 km, including 15,519 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,232 individuals have volunteered 13,090 times.

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