Eastleigh parkrun #75 – 15th October 2011

On Saturday, we celebrated our 75th Eastleigh parkrun. It was a beautiful morning and the lake looked spectacular as the runners arrived before the start.

We were very grateful to Lordshill Road Runners for going that extra mile by not only providing a very large team of volunteers and pacers but also providing some delicious (and well decorated) gingerbread men. Nom nom nom!! ;-) Many thanks LRR!!

Many thanks as always to our course set up team who arrive at 8am to ensure that all the signs and cones are in place. Gareth, Dave and Ron, we couldn’t run such a great event without you. Ron deserves a special mention as he stands at the first railway crossing encouraging us all around the course. We hope to see you running at Eastleigh parkrun again soon Ron.

Race Director, Neil Garton, drew runners in for the pre-run brief at 8:55am and reminded everyone of Ellie Coulthard’s precision to detail with regards button-pressing. Fortunately, we had enough other volunteers on timers this week to ensure that Ellie didn’t have to multi-task.

We were very honoured to be joined by Ron Hill at the event. As it turned out, it wasn’t ‘that Ron Hill’. However, the Ron Hill who did join us has run 36 different parkrun events this year! Each weekend, he travels across the country to try another event. Given that Ron was injured at the start of the year, this is a very impressive feat. Well done Ron. We hope that you enjoyed our event and the Full English in the café after your run.

Three regular parkrunners ran their 50th parkruns on Saturday. Ever-smiling Robert Spencer, John Macinnes and Andrew Smith all joined Club-50! Congratulations to you all. We really hope to be able to reward T-shirts to you all soon. Special congratulations and thanks to John who has run all 50 of his runs at Eastleigh; joining Keith Whitaker (who again wore his string vest!) and Matthew Whitlocke as the ‘Eastleigh only’ club-50 members.

Extra-big thanks to the pacers at the event. Some very respectable performances from them all:

  • Sub-19 Ben Pitman 18:49 (11 seconds ahead)
  • Sub-21 Gary Painting 20:53 (7 seconds ahead)
  • Sub-23 Ian Fearon 22:35 (25 seconds ahead)
  • Sub-24 Gareth Jones 23:45 (15 seconds ahead)
  • Sub-25 Dave Williams 24:45 (15 seconds ahead)
  • Sub 27 – Steve Johnson 26:49 (11 seconds ahead)
  • Sub-29 - David Blackman 28:59 (1 second ahead)
  • Sub-31 Tom Papenbrock 31:01 (1 second behind)
  • Sub-35 Seamus Fearon 34:42 (18 seconds ahead) – We loved Seamus’ strong finish!
  • Get me around Yvonne Grandon

Well done all!

Before we head over for the results, one final mention must go to first-timer, Luke Powell (aged 12), from Southampton Athletics Club who finished 9th in a very respectable time of 19:34 and a very impressive age-grading of 75.98%. We hope to see you back at Eastleigh parkrun soon Luke.

And so to the results…

Firstly, 172 runners took part in the event. Of those, 20 were first timers and 58 recorded PBs! Well done all.

In the men’s placings, Ben Pitman (SM20-24, Yeovil Town RRC) won for the 3rd time in 18:49. In 2nd place, Alan Doney (VM40-44, Winchester & District Athletics Club) finished in 18:52 with Stuart Smith (SM30-34, Lordshill Road Runners) in 3rd finishing in 18:53.

In the women’s placings, Emma Patel (SW30-34, WADAC) won for the 5th time in 20:22. Sue Sleath (VW45-49, Hardley Runners) was 2nd in 20:24. In third place, Janet Littlewood (VW35-39, WADAC) finished in 20:29.

The following runners recorded the best age-graded scores:

Sue Sleath(VW45-49) was graded 80.96 % for the time 20:24 (18th overall).
Alan Michael Rushton (VM65-69) was graded 79.18 % for the time 22:01 (41st overall).
Joy Radford (VW55-59) was graded 79.16 % for the time 23:45 (61st overall).

In the men’s annual points competition, Andrew King leads with 1807 points. Colin Burville has 1693 points with Peter Costley in 3rd with 1670 points.

In the women’s annual points competition, Kathryn Steel has 1817 points, Karen Bolton has 1805 points and Tamsyn Smith has 1704 points.

Since Eastleigh parkrun started on the 8th May 2010, 2010 different runners (including participants from 118 athletics clubs) have completed 9192 runs covering a total distance of 45,960km.

The male event record is held by James Baker who ran 15:54 on 06/08/11, event number 65. The female equivalent is jointly held by Claire Nichols and Barbara Hosack who ran 18:19 on 22/05/10 (event number 3) and 19/06/10 (event number 7) respectively.

Just a reminder that we return to Wide Lane Sports Ground from Saturday 5th November.