Eastleigh parkrun #499 – Visitor’s Run Report

I am writing this run report as a tourist. This was my first time at Eastleigh, my usual parkrun is Lee-on-the-Solent, which is run on the promenade with a small section of shingle, so as you can imagine Eastleigh was quite different: 3 loops, mainly grass and a slight hill. No chance of a PB for me, but 37 out of the 381 runners did achieve a PB!

I take off my hat to Ben Chesterfield, fastest male at 18:21 (a PB), and the fastest female was Sarah Nangle at 22:37

The weather was not in our favour to begin with, threat of more than just drizzle, but once I started I didn’t even notice.

Friendly was not the word to describe the event; as a tourist I didn’t know where to go, but a fellow runner showed me the way and more importantly told me where the toilets were. Once the run began the marshals were so very encouraging, supportive and loud with their praise We always thank all the volunteers, but everyone on the day made me smile and truly feel part of the run and not an outsider.

One runner (I have no idea who she was) came and ran with me for a while, saying how well I was doing, and to keep going. I was obviously too slow, and she went on to those in front and began encouraging them. It is this community spirit that makes parkrun unique, and I don’t know if she is a regular here, but she was a credit to Eastleigh today.

The course was well marked out, which helped me know where I was, especially as doing loops is not the norm for me; the funnel and scanners were well placed and I felt safe throughout.

This is definitely a parkrun I would recommend to my fellow runners at Lee-on-the-Solent, and as a bonus I have crossed off E from my Alphabeteer and East on the Compass Club!

Good luck to everyone next week at Eastleigh’s 500th event.

Kathryn Harrison, A5454042