A message from the Core Team regarding U11s

Dear parkrunner/volunteer,

It is with a somewhat heavy heart that I find myself typing this message to all, for in fact it is aimed at the parents/responsible adults of under 11s and even then to a very limited number of those. To explain despite the postings on Facebook, in New Runner's Briefings and by RDs every week there are some parents who continue to ignore the Rule about under 11s and just want to flout the requirement. They simply cannot be ignorant of it.

The Rule is very simple: Under 11s must run WITH a parent/responsible adult. WITH means WITH. WITH means accompanied by. WITH does not mean somewhere on the same 5km course. WITH does not mean the parent dropping the child off or deciding to spectate. To this I have to add that it applies to all under 11s. A child aged 10 is an Under 11.

Yes it may well have an impact. If the adult has a child that is running slower than the adult, the adult must slow down. If the under 11 is faster then either one of two things have to happen - the adult speeds up or the child slows. If an adult attends with two children then the run will have to be at the pace of the slowest.  However view these as positives: you're running with your child/children.  You're exercising together in the open and not on the latest computer console.  The child might make you faster, certainly healthier.

I'm sorry if this is sounding too dictatorial but it is a requirement of parkrun both for Child Protection Issues and Insurance purposes.

If you think about it though there are only 3 Rules:

(i) at Eastleigh we run 3 laps;
(ii) runners may run with a dog on a short lead;
(iii) under 11's must run with a parent/responsible adult.

If you only run 2 laps then the result is voided - so unfortunately it will be with under 11s being left running alone. This is very much a last resort but the under 11's result will be removed and the parent can explain to the child why that has happened.

We have had a report in recent weeks of a parent being upset with a child as the child was running too slow, and reports of children being left. This cannot continue.

For those of you who thought there was a fourth Rule #DFYB; well it's no Barcode no Result - not a run issue but a results issue. You can always run and have a free one on us.

I hope to see you all next Saturday, suitably attired should you wish to.

Robert Bryan

(Eastleigh parkrun Event Director)


3rd February cancelled

We're sorry to say that the Course is still too muddy and waterlogged to run.  So there is no parkrun on 3rd February at Eastleigh.

Enjoy another spot of tourism.


Cancelled Runs 20th and 27th January 2018

We're sorry to report that given the state of the ground we have decided that we need to cancel the runs for the next 2 Saturdays. The ground is too water-logged and there is surface water.

Enjoy a spot of Tourism.


Saturday 30th and New Years Day parkruns

Following a course inspection this afternoon we have to announce the following:

1. The parkrun for Saturday 30th is, at present, on. Please do check for any last minute changes (and remember the wise runner will have a change of shoes should there have to be a last minute cancellation) - the weather forecast is not good.
Please also remember that Eastleigh offers the full off-road/off-tarmac experience. If you only have road shoes to run in then please do spare a thought as to whether you want to get these wet and muddy - other parkruns are available where the surface is less muddy.

2. We are sad to say that we have decided to cancel the extra run on New Year's Day. The course needs to recover and the most sensible thing to do is to cancel the extra one.


“Naked parkrun in the Buff” 23/09/2017

This Saturday, 23rd September, is the "Naked Run in the Buff".

For those that don't know the "Naked Run" is to encourage runners to run without devices - so no music, watches, phones etc - simply running to your own rhythm.

Now we recognise that many will like to record their run, especially as some Apps now reward runners for regular running. So the "In the Buff" is to allow for the watch being covered. Put a Buff over the watch and turn off the sound.

To make it more interesting we encourage runners to predict their time and then compare it to their actual finish time. Either go to the FB page and add your time to the Post, or there will be sheets for you to sign up for on the morning.


Naked parkrun Results (at event no 210)

Well the results are in.

The winner of the Eastleigh Naked parkrun is/are...

Eastleigh parkrun Naked predictions
Athlete Name Time Actual Diff.
Greg Cox 25:54 25:53 00:01
Chris Goodhead 21:47 21:46 00:01
Pete Watts 22:29 22:26 00:03
Bill Davies 31:00 31:03 00:03
Mark Heneghan 24:45 24:38 00:07
Christopher Stocks 20:59 20:50 00:09
James Heneghan 18:57 18:48 00:09
Dave Clothier 28:03 27:52 00:11
Gina Rodbourne 34:00 33:49 00:11
Holly O'Rourke 26:30 26:42 00:12
Frankie Colling 25:20 25:07 00:13
John Horton 22:10 22:24 00:14
Daniel Forshaw 24:59 25:16 00:17
Robert Bryan 20:14 20:34 00:20
Mark Anderson 26:00 25:38 00:22
Margaret Mcgilp 28:59 28:35 00:24
Geoff Orme 22:45 22:21 00:24
Julian Middlewick 19:25 19:00 00:25
Pauline Herd 30:00 30:36 00:36
George Hams 23:20 22:43 00:37
Alasdair Marshall 18:36 19:13 00:37
Callum Edwards-Wilson 25:18 24:41 00:37
Colin McManus 23:00 23:38 00:38
Tony Osbourne 28:00 27:22 00:38
Andrew West 27:12 26:28 00:44
Myles Haskell 30:27 31:12 00:45
Andrew Gould 22:40 21:53 00:47
Peter Morgan 29:29 30:22 00:53
Jeff Morgan 29:32 30:25 00:53
Rendel Ingram 28:45 29:39 00:54
Raymond Bryan 24:03 23:05 00:58
Emily Bradshaw 23:50 22:45 01:05
John MacInnes 22:59 21:54 01:05
John Kemp 26:38 25:28 01:10
Nickie Bowen 43:23 42:05 01:18
Isobel Haskell 30:28 31:50 01:22
Oliver Bryan 34:30 33:02 01:28
Paul Hammond 34:16 35:51 01:35
Alan Haskell 27:14 29:05 01:51
Aiman Alzetani 31:00 29:02 01:58
Carlo Van Leeuwen 19:01 21:07 02:06
Mo Alzetani 33:00 35:14 02:14
Paul Kemp 30:20 33:50 03:30
Ali Solomon 26:05 30:10 04:05
George Solomon 36:00 41:28 05:28
Tom Alexander 30:00 41:05 11:05

So well done Greg Cox & Chris Woodhead. Thanks to the 46 runners, that's 27% of all the runners this week (which obviously includes new parkrunners), who took part.

For those who have not seen the link elsewhere.  The photographs from this week's run, taken by Susan Bryan, can be found on her Flickr Page.


Tell us a story and get Eastleigh in print!

Last week we were joined by Lloyd parkrun Event Director Debra Bourne. Debra brought along to the event a voice recorder and tried to speak to as many runners as she cound. The reason for this...? Well, Debra is writing a parkrun book for the 10th anniversary later this year! We are delighted that Eastleigh will appear in this book, as we all know what a fine parkrun it is.

Debra is still gathering information and would really love some more feedback from our parkrunners, and has an an electronic form below, or is happy to receive emails. We'd encourage any of our runners or supporters to contibute. Please see email from Debra below with what sort of information she is looking for.

It was really great to run Eastleigh parkrun this morning - and thank
you for the cake.

As I said, I would really appreciate more input from parkrunners for
the book Im writing ready for the 10th anniversary in October this

I'm particularly keen to get more input about families (including both
families all at the same parkrun and extended families following each
other's progress at different events, running with dogs, running with
buggies, volunteering and what you get out of that, also coping with
severe weather and unexpected events.

I'd like to know more about Eastleigh's course changes, spreading out
to get more events going, relationships with local organisations (e.g.
as indicated in the run briefing), and how the dressing up got

If anyone wants to submit a story (and they can be anonymous in the
book if they want) there's a form to fill in at
http://www.parkrun.com/book/ but people can also email me on
debra.bourne@parkrun.com (lloydoffice@parkrun.com will also reach me).

Many thanks

Louise Drayton
Event Director


Christmas Day run CANCELLED

Unfortunately due to the excessive rain we have had over the last 48 hours we are cancelling the extra run scheduled for Christmas Day. We apologise for the inconvenience, but we have made the decision with runners safety as a priority. With more rain forecast over the next 24 hours we have tried to make the right decision with as much notice as possible.

There are other local parkruns holding Christmas Day runs, details of all are available at the Christmas compendium.

We will be reviewing the course again later in the week and will post updates for Saturdays run.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas

Louise Drayton
Event Director


Christmas Day and New Years Day runs


Ho ho ho, that Festive time of year is fast approaching and our thoughts have turned to what Festive parkruns will be on offer. As a special present just for our lovely parkrunners we have two Brucie bonus extra events.

I am pleased to be able to confirm that the following additional runs will be on offer at Eastleigh parkrun:

Christmas Day 09.00
New Years Day 09.00

Only one run per runner can be recorded on Christmas Day, but you can attempt the double and record two on New Years Day. We know already that Winchester parkrun are holding a run at 10.30am on New Years Day, and expect confirmations from other local events soon. Details of all Christmas and New Years Day events as they become available can be found on the Christmas Compendium

At Eastleigh we will also be making our usual run on Saturday 21st December a festive themed fancy dress and mince pie run, can we top last years Christmas T-Rex outfit sported by our very own run director Alison MEARS? There will be a small prize for best dressed male and female junior parkrunner.

As always we are reliant on our volunteers so if you'd like to volunteer at the extra runs, or indeed any event, please get in touch with the volunteer coordinator - eastleighHelpers@parkrun.com Why not encourage family members to come along and support you?

Wishing you all a very merry festive period

Event Director


Run Eastleigh ‘naked’ on 27th July.

As promised here's the reminder that this Saturday is a 'Naked parkrun'.
Let us know the time you hope to run, and do give yourself a bit of a challenge.

Please note that following on from Monday's Facebook etiquette post it's a naked run rather than an excuse for nudity. Leave your watch/gps/phone behind and see how fast you really can run without electronic gadgetry for support.

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