Christmas & New Year parkruns

Dear Father Christmas,

This year Mummy & Daddy [delete/amend as appropriate] have been very encouraging to me and I would like to repay that.

Please could you arrange that on Christmas morning I can go to parkrun? it's at the usual time as you would know (0900). I will forego opening some or all of my presents until afterwards. I just want the adults in my life to ensure that they get some exercise on Christmas Day.

Oh, and before I forget please could you also sort it that they take me to the New Year's Day parkrun. I've heard that adults tend to stay up the night before and sometimes have a headache afterwards - so it would be a really good way to start 2019 with a parkrun. In fact Santa, as that nice parkrun at Eastleigh is being forgiving the year and running at 1030 could I please go to another at 0900 too - you see I can run 2 on New Year's Day, that's allowed.

I've worked it out that this all means I can run 6 times in 14 days (22/12, 25/12, 29/12, 1/1 x2 & 5/1) and I would really like it if Mummy & Daddy [delete/amend as appropriate] did so too.  I'm sure it would do them a world of good and stop them paying for that ridiculous gym membership in the New Year, when as we know all they need to do is pull on some shoes and walk or run with me around a lovely park.

[Insert name]

P.S. as the run on 22/12 is always a Fancy Dress run this year I've decided to dress up as [insert detail] I'm hoping that Mummy & Daddy [delete/amend as appropriate] will join in this year and not be such humbugs.



“Naked parkrun in the Buff” 23/09/2017

This Saturday, 23rd September, is the "Naked Run in the Buff".

For those that don't know the "Naked Run" is to encourage runners to run without devices - so no music, watches, phones etc - simply running to your own rhythm.

Now we recognise that many will like to record their run, especially as some Apps now reward runners for regular running. So the "In the Buff" is to allow for the watch being covered. Put a Buff over the watch and turn off the sound.

To make it more interesting we encourage runners to predict their time and then compare it to their actual finish time. Either go to the FB page and add your time to the Post, or there will be sheets for you to sign up for on the morning.


Christmas Day run CANCELLED

Unfortunately due to the excessive rain we have had over the last 48 hours we are cancelling the extra run scheduled for Christmas Day. We apologise for the inconvenience, but we have made the decision with runners safety as a priority. With more rain forecast over the next 24 hours we have tried to make the right decision with as much notice as possible.

There are other local parkruns holding Christmas Day runs, details of all are available at the Christmas compendium.

We will be reviewing the course again later in the week and will post updates for Saturdays run.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas

Louise Drayton
Event Director


Christmas Day and New Years Day runs


Ho ho ho, that Festive time of year is fast approaching and our thoughts have turned to what Festive parkruns will be on offer. As a special present just for our lovely parkrunners we have two Brucie bonus extra events.

I am pleased to be able to confirm that the following additional runs will be on offer at Eastleigh parkrun:

Christmas Day 09.00
New Years Day 09.00

Only one run per runner can be recorded on Christmas Day, but you can attempt the double and record two on New Years Day. We know already that Winchester parkrun are holding a run at 10.30am on New Years Day, and expect confirmations from other local events soon. Details of all Christmas and New Years Day events as they become available can be found on the Christmas Compendium

At Eastleigh we will also be making our usual run on Saturday 21st December a festive themed fancy dress and mince pie run, can we top last years Christmas T-Rex outfit sported by our very own run director Alison MEARS? There will be a small prize for best dressed male and female junior parkrunner.

As always we are reliant on our volunteers so if you'd like to volunteer at the extra runs, or indeed any event, please get in touch with the volunteer coordinator - Why not encourage family members to come along and support you?

Wishing you all a very merry festive period

Event Director


Run Eastleigh ‘naked’ on 27th July.

As promised here's the reminder that this Saturday is a 'Naked parkrun'.
Let us know the time you hope to run, and do give yourself a bit of a challenge.

Please note that following on from Monday's Facebook etiquette post it's a naked run rather than an excuse for nudity. Leave your watch/gps/phone behind and see how fast you really can run without electronic gadgetry for support.


NAKED parkrun 30th March 2013

NAKED parkrun!
So as promised here's your opportunity to post your predicted time. Remember the idea is to run your parkrun on 30th March without watch, GPS, music, pacer or any other device. Just trust your own inner pacing clock.
Make it a bit a challenge too. There'll be a small prize for the most accurate prediction/run.


12 Days of Christmas

Counting the days down to the festive delight that is parkrun at Christmas we thought we'd help you along:

On the 1st day of Christmas parkrun flew to me Batman (Graham Watts).

On the 2nd day of Christmas parkrun sent to me a Father Christmas (Barbara Boshier) and a Reindeer (Frankie Colling).

On the 3rd day of Christmas parkrun disappointed me with 3 Bryan Boys.

On the 4th day of Christmas parkrun woke-up for me 4 Cleeves Kids.

On the 5th day of Christmas parkrun sent to me 5 Run Directors.

On the 6th day of Christmas parkrun gifted me 6 Set-Up Team.

On the 7th day of Christmas parkrun laid out for me a 7-metre finish funnel (no ducking out!).

On the 8th day of Christmas parkrun fed me 8 mince pies.

On the 9th day of Christmas parkrun started for me at 9.

On the 10th day of Christmas parkrun set out for me 10 red cones.


First Anniversary Event

Yes, this Saturday (7 May) will be the Eastleigh parkrun First Anniversary! It goes without saying we're extremely excited about this event, and we look forward to celebrating this special day with as many of you as possible. We hope that both regular and new parkrunners will come, as well as those runners who we haven't seen for a while. It seems a long time ago that we were gathered at the start for the first ever parkrun (as per the picture to the left).

The following prizes will also be awarded:

  • Male/female points championship winner
  • Male/female points championship runners-up
  • Junior male/junior female points prize winner
  • And two "special" club prizes!

So, if you think you may be one of the winners of these prizes, then make sure you're at parkrun this Saturday!

To make the event more of a celebration, feel free to bring along some edible wares (vital for energy for us runners!) for consumption after the event (well, you're welcome to eat it beforehand, but it may have unwanted effects!).

See you this Saturday!!

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