Eastville junior parkrun 17/10/2021 #165

One of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteer's was Run Director today and did a great job making sure the event ran smoothly, well done Jack! We had 21 finishers with 6 PB's and 4 first timer's, well done everyone! Thank you to all the volunteers, especially those who filled in at the last minute to make sure we had enough to run the event: Irina BUGORSKAYA, Becky BUSHNELL, Tom COLEBROOK, Derek DA SILVA, Sarah DRAKE, Edouard GUIDON, David HATTS, Jennie HATTS, Nigel JENNINGS, Ben JORDAN, Clare JORDAN, Jack MORRIS, Nick TUFTNELL, Theo TUFTNELL, Pamela VARCOE, Amelia Ann WALTON, David WILLIAMS



Eastville junior parkrun 01/08/2021 #155

After a wet start to the day it dried off nicely for our junior parkrun at Eastville Park on the first day of August. We had 15 wonderful runners and welcomed 5 first timers, one of which was the first finisher. Well done everyone! Thank you as always to all our dedicated volunteers who make this event happen.




4th July 2021. Event 151

Early this morning 9 children and lots of volunteers came to Eastville junior parkrun to run in this ever-changing weather. One of our volunteers was celebrating her birthday, but still chose to spend some of her birthday helping.

Of the 9 children there were 3 first time runners and even some tourists. The ground was still wet from a night of rain, but luckily the sun was out. The runners ran at a quick pace around Eastville Park including one of the new runners, who had just become old enough to run.

At the end of the run, even a pigeon decided to join in for around 100 meters before flying back to the trees. Everyone appeared to enjoy their run and enjoy being out in the fresh air.

After the run, the clouds came over and it began to rain. Thank you to all the volunteers who make parkrun possible. Abby TROKE  •  Andrew GRIFFIN  •  Andy JUBB  •  Anita ROWLAND  •  Ben JORDAN  •  Bob HOWELL  •  Clare JUBB  •  David HEMMINGS  •  Derek DA SILVA  •  Heather GRIFFIN  •  Jack MORRIS  •  Mel GILBERT  •  Nick TUFTNELL  •  Noah SAPLA  •  Pamela VARCOE  •  Sarah DRAKE  •  Thomas MILLER

Results:- https://www.parkrun.org.uk/eastville-juniors/results/latestresults


June 27th 2021

Today on the 27th of June it was cloudy and threatened to rain yet people came to the park to run (12 people) this included 2 first timers who came last week they had been walking in the park when they saw the event and joined in. The runners were raring to go. After we finished the warm up they started the run. The returning first timers shot into the distance and everyone else was in close pursuit. It was great to see so many smiling faces with their mums and dads. The returning first timers put in an amazing effort and got an amazing time. A big thank you to every one who volunteered especially the duke of Edinburgh volunteers. It was also nice to see the volunteers from the 5k who came to see the COVID protocols to make the 5k safer when it returned.

results can be found here: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/eastville-juniors/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=150

Report written by Duke of Edinburgh volunteer Ben


A slightly soggy Sunday – 16/2/2020 event #140

Well done everyone for coming along this morning, we nearly got away with it, as when we arrived it was just a damp Sunday morning. As the starting horn went Storm Dennis flexed a muscle, meaning the first lap was ran in the wind and rain. One young man chose to finish his run here, he still has a well-earned Hero chocolate for being a little hero and choosing to come along. Our other 28 finishers had come from all over Bristol, woking and South Wales, the first two finishers even coming from Wales, as a lovely bit of serendipity Rhys McNabb our second placed young man also placed second at yesterday's 5K parkrun at Aberdare!

Overall, we had 8 first timers at Eastville - we hope you'll come back to visit. As well as 3 PBs - well done!!

A huge thank you for everyone who came out to support, remember we can't run the event without volunteers.

The photo is of the Summer’s who all volunteered and ran – thanks guys.


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