Eastville junior parkrun 17/10/2021 #165

One of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteer's was Run Director today and did a great job making sure the event ran smoothly, well done Jack! We had 21 finishers with 6 PB's and 4 first timer's, well done everyone! Thank you to all the volunteers, especially those who filled in at the last minute to make sure we had enough to run the event: Irina BUGORSKAYA, Becky BUSHNELL, Tom COLEBROOK, Derek DA SILVA, Sarah DRAKE, Edouard GUIDON, David HATTS, Jennie HATTS, Nigel JENNINGS, Ben JORDAN, Clare JORDAN, Jack MORRIS, Nick TUFTNELL, Theo TUFTNELL, Pamela VARCOE, Amelia Ann WALTON, David WILLIAMS



A slightly soggy Sunday – 16/2/2020 event #140

Well done everyone for coming along this morning, we nearly got away with it, as when we arrived it was just a damp Sunday morning. As the starting horn went Storm Dennis flexed a muscle, meaning the first lap was ran in the wind and rain. One young man chose to finish his run here, he still has a well-earned Hero chocolate for being a little hero and choosing to come along. Our other 28 finishers had come from all over Bristol, woking and South Wales, the first two finishers even coming from Wales, as a lovely bit of serendipity Rhys McNabb our second placed young man also placed second at yesterday's 5K parkrun at Aberdare!

Overall, we had 8 first timers at Eastville - we hope you'll come back to visit. As well as 3 PBs - well done!!

A huge thank you for everyone who came out to support, remember we can't run the event without volunteers.

The photo is of the Summer’s who all volunteered and ran – thanks guys.



Eastville junior parkrun #138 – 26/01/2020

We were pleased to have lots of first timer's again on Sunday, a warm welcome to all of you! Congratulations if you were one of the 6 runners who got a new PB. A big well done to Neel who was awarded his marathon club wristband (21 runs). Ben was celebrating both his 100th run and his volunteer club milestone (volunteering on 25 different occasions) so shared some biscuits with us all.

If you were one of our 'unknown' runners please remember to register with Parkrun and print off your barcode to bring with you next time.

Monique took some photos which can be found using the following link:

We were quite short of volunteers so had to ask a few spectators in the morning to help out, so thanks to those who stepped up! Please do drop our team an email if you know you can volunteer one week, it really helps the event run more smoothly and on time if we have a full volunteer roster before Sunday morning.

Our high vis heros this week were: Sarah ASHBY, Jaromir BON, Simon DATHAN, Andrew GRIFFIN, Khazi HAROON, Benjamin HATTS, David HATTS, Jennie HATTS, Oliver HATTS, Mei-An HOE, Jennifer HOLLMAN, Nigel JENNINGS, Richard LAWSON, Alex MOYLETT, Mwidimi NDOSI, Ismail RASHID, Monique SAPLA, Claire TILEY, Lois TILEY


Eastville junior parkrun # 124 – 20/10/2019

We welcomed 31 runners including 6 first timers and 7 runners achieved PB’s. Well done everyone! A couple of runners reached new milestones, remember you can print off your certificates from your parkrun profile and we look forward to giving you your wristbands at your next run (just let the Run Director know).

We also had a new age category record for JW10 set at an incredible 07:30, which is only 1 second off the girl’s course record, congratulations Estelle!

Mel took some lovely photographs during the run which can be found here

And finally, a great big THANK YOU to all of our amazing volunteers this week: Paula BROWN, Alice DALRYMPLE, Sally DERRICK, Mel GILBERT, Oliver HATTS, Jennie HATTS, Benjamin HATTS, David HATTS, Ciarán HESLOP, Mark HESLOP, Jay HUNT, Debbie HUNT, Nigel JENNINGS, Clare JORDAN, Michael NUTT, Helen RISDALE, Lloyd SULLIVAN, Abby TROKE, Nick TUFTNELL, Melanie YOUNG.


Event 17! July 16th 2017

32 juniors plus various grown-ups took part in Eastville junior parkrun today lots of happy smiley faces, please share with all your friends how much you enjoy our event and bring them along it would be lovely to see them.
We started with the warm up that junior volunteers Bethan and Ethan lead and they did a fab job thank you, would anyone else like to give it a go? Let us know and we can put you on the roster you don’t have to make it up we will tell you what to say and its great fun.
Today I gave a half marathon wristband to Isla who has now run 12 junior parkruns at 4 different events. Well done Isla!
We also wished Zebedee a very happy 5th birthday we didn’t sing happy birthday but we gave him 5 claps and a cheer. Thank you for the cakes, I hear they were very yummy I saved mine to give to the little boy who was still running.
Thanks to the volunteers
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Hayley BENNETT, Jonathan BENNETT, Camilla BRIGGS, Steven BURGE, Mike COOMBES, Anne CURRY, Derek DA SILVA, Louisa DICKMAN, Eleanor DUVIVIER, Miranda FIELD, Jane GARDINER, Mel GILBERT, Meryl GRIMSHAW, Jennie HATTS, Mark HESLOP, Elliot JOHNSTON, Amy MORTIMORE, Rebecca PICKFORD, Mark PICKFORD, Aidan PORRITT, Ethan RAYNER, Alison RAYNER, Bethan RAYNER, Sarah THORNE

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