And we’re Back

After a week off due to debris caused by storm Arwen, we were glad to be back on the 4th December, and luckily the sun was shining.

Photo credit: Patrick Stonehewer

Photo credit: Patrick Stonehewer

402 parkrunners showed up to take part, in an event made possible by our 23 fabulous volunteers:

Adam CATTLE  •  Adam VAITILINGAM  •  Alice SCHUMAN  •  April HARTLEY  •  Becky BUSHNELL  •  Cath SEBOK  •  David HEMMINGS  •  Hazel HORTON  •  James BUSHNELL  •  James HARRISON  •  Jill DALEY  •  Jonathan GOODLAND  •  Marie BURKE  •  Mathew DAVIES  •  Matt AUSTIN  •  Nick TUFTNELL  •  Pamela VARCOE  •  Patrick STONEHEWER  •  Pete TOVEY  •  Phil SIMS  •  Ruth WATKINSON  •  Thea SCHUMAN  •  Tom URRY

On a sad note, due to a lack of marshals, we were unable to run the regular route including the lake. We need 10 marshals to run the ‘A’ course safely every week. If you haven’t volunteered in a while, please consider signing up to marshal (or for any other role!) over the coming weeks, no experience is required and you will receive endless ‘thank yous’.

Photo credit: Patrick Stonehewer

Photo credit: Patrick Stonehewer

Congratulations to Andrew Arthur, Elizabeth Gillian, Georgia Lewis, Katherine Ralph-Brown and Phillip Woolins on your 50th parkrun and thanks to all the tourists who visited. A big well done to Santa and the elves taking part to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

See you next Saturday!

Ruth and April, Run Directors, event


Happy Birthday to Us! Event #133

How enjoyable it was to reflect upon the four years since we started Eastville parkrun. Back in 2017, I was completely new to the responsibilities of becoming a parkrun Run Director, our core team benefitted enormously from the core team of Little Stoke, which sadly had been forced to close. I do wonder if our recent experience with Covid and the essential benefits of outdoors exercise might have made those times very different in retrospect, how the world has changed since Eastville started four years ago.

For that same reason we are only on event 133, we all know why it is not closer to 200, but we are now back in full swing with 452 participants on Saturday.

Eastville report 133

Photo credit: Hannah Jones

When we started again in July everything felt very strange and edgy, as Run Directors we were also anxious to make sure that we did everything carefully and took sensible steps to safeguard our volunteers and participants.

Now we are beginning to relax again and enjoy our weekly parkrun ‘fix’, with a full volunteer roster by Wednesday night I thoroughly enjoyed swapping my volunteer high viz jacket for a running top so that I could enjoy the experience as a ‘mystery shopper’. I loved the marshal who stood by the TESCO park entrance with a cow bell, it was only at the third time of asking that he admitted that it was the ‘last lap’ bell. This for me just epitomises the happy atmosphere that gives us such a relaxed and enjoyable event every week, whatever the weather.

Behind our event is a superb core team making things happen, thank you so much to Ruth and Steve as this week’s Run Directors and the awesome team of volunteers who looked after everyone participating. Special mention to Nicola from our core team who came with an ample supply of party hats to help celebrate our fourth birthday in style.


Photo Credit: Nicola Tanner

Jonathan Thewlis (Vegan Runners) was the first male home at 16.38 whilst Jessica Bruce (Bristol & West Athletic Club) was the first female home at 19.45.

Milestones include Elizabeth Pike doing her junior 10: Edward Burton, Eleanor Payne, Kate Aitchison and Erik Newton doing their 25th: Tricia Allen doing her 100th and Derek DaSilva doing his 200th. Derek also has his 100 volunteer milestone and has given fantastic support to our event at Eastville.

Congratulations to Caroline Lavis who at 24.31 has just broken the Eastville age graded record to achieve a stunning 97.14%. Very well done to all of you.

We had visitors this week from Hertfordshire, Southampton, Newcastle and Scotland, I hope that you all enjoyed your visit to Eastville.

Eastville report 133

Photo Credit: Hannah Jones

You cannot believe what a relief it is to the RD’s on duty each week to see a full list of volunteers well before Friday, so please help us by volunteering if you can.

If everyone who currently participates volunteers three times a year that would be enough to let all of our core team sleep easy every Friday night. Please do volunteer, it is great fun and can add a whole new dimension to the whole parkrun experience.

As always on a significant birthday it is time for reflection. This last 18 months has been particularly hard and many of us have lost loved ones during this dreadful pandemic.

For me, my regular running activity has helped me overcome these challenges during lockdown, my Eastville PB of 27.52 this week reflects the fact that my regular long runs over this last 18 months have helped my mental as well as my physical fitness. My role at Eastville enables me to help others hopefully do the same, it is so important to have parkrun in our lives on so many levels.

My ‘mystery shopper’ experience ended with top marks for all concerned, I hope all of you came up with similar scores. Thank you all for joining us this week and look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

This week’s event is dedicated to Dr Uthayanan Chelvaratnam who completed 35 of his 83 parkruns at Eastville. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and work colleagues.

Adrian Collins
Run Report Writer & Event Director
Eastville parkrun

Eastville parkrun event statistics
Problem with results? please contact
Events: 133
Finishers: 12,420
Finishes: 58,126
Average finishers per week: 437
Volunteers: 917
PBs: 10,350
Average finish time: 00:28:49
Average finishes per participant: 4.7
Clubs: 794
Female record: Charlotte Emily TAYLOR-GREEN – 17:52 – Event 63 (16 Feb 2019)
Male record: Andrew HEYES – 14:47 – Event 121 (14 Aug 2021)

Age graded record: Caroline LAVIS - 97.14% 24:31 – Event 133 (20 Nov 2021)



Run Report Event #132 13 November 2021

It was a lovely autumnal morning in Eastville Park as the volunteers gathered to set up for event number 132. Who can believe it’s been 15 events since we re-started after the long parkrun pause? A full season of parkruns and the beautiful colours in the park are definitely letting us know.

Autumn Colours at Eastville - Photo credit: Nicola Tanner
Autumn Colours at Eastville - Photo credit: Nicola Tanner

We had 469 runners, joggers, walkers, finishing-straight-sprinters, personal-best-busters and buggy-pushers, we sadly didn’t count how many dogs but there were several!

Run Director Andy Jubb keeping an eye on things - Photo credit: Nicola Tanner
Run Director Andy Jubb keeping an eye on proceedings - Photo credit: Nicola Tanner

Particular shout-outs to two of the first three finishers getting PBs, along with 75 other parkrunners at the event. Whether your PB was breaking sub-18 minutes or sub-30 minutes a personal best is always something to celebrate. Congratulations! We also had new age grade records for the SM18-19 and WM80-84 categories. John Hallett, with the latter, was visiting us from Poole parkrun and has completed 368 parkruns in total which is amazing!

As Run Directors it’s lovely to say that the event seemed to go smoothly with zero incidents to report – aside from a bit of returning lost property to owners, whether that was a stray barcode or a stray BMW car key! It’s great to see people having a catch-up before and after the run, and that reminds us of the importance of parkrun as a social activity as much as the exercise element.

More autumn colours at the top car park - Photo credit: Nicola Tanner
More autumn colours at the top car park - Photo credit: Nicola Tanner

Many thanks to the 30 volunteers who contributed in positions ranging from marshalling to barcode scanning, tail walking to volunteer coordinating:

Tricia ALLEN, Rachel BRAMWELL, Mathew DAVIES, Andrew DRAKE, Jonathan GOODLAND, Lesley GRANT, Steve GUEST, Elsie HORNE, Hazel HORTON, Amelia JUBB, Andy JUBB, Clare JUBB, James KAY, Jun LIU, Olivia LIU, Hilary MAIN, Oscar MILES, Carl NICHOLS, Simon OLIVER, Alice SCHUMAN, Thea SCHUMAN, Imogen SIBONA, Samuel SNELL, Nicola TANNER, Jill TAVENER, Tom URRY, Chloe VAITILINGAM, Pamela VARCOE, Lee WEST, Kerry WILLIAMS

If you would like to volunteer with us, please email You don’t have to have volunteered before, we’re always thrilled to have people come along for the first time and all roles can be explained on the day.

Next weekend it’s Eastville’s 4th Birthday! If you’d like to come along in something party-themed that would be lovely.  We're hunting out a nice party hats for the occasion…

We will do further announcements closer to the time, but as advance notice: Eastville parkrun will not be taking place on Saturday 25 December 2021 (aka Christmas Day) due to limited core team availability.

But we do intend to run an event on Saturday 1 January 2022 (aka New Year’s Day). We can only do that if we get enough volunteers to as a minimum fill the necessary course safety roles of marshalling and tail walking. So if you can help us out do let us know, drop us an email ! Thanks very much.

Nicola Tanner and Andy Jubb, Run Directors Eastville event #132


Run Report #131 6 October 2021

Thanks to Paula for writing this weeks run report. Many thanks to her and all our volunteers, we were particularly pleased to have a full complement of volunteers in place early in the week. Thanks go out to the volunteer token sorters too. If you'd like to volunteer please check out the gaps on our roster at and then email to sign up.

Paula also mentions volunteering at junior parkrun. Our friends at Eastville juniors are always looking for volunteers on Sunday mornings. It'd be great if more of our parkrunners could support them, so do email eastville-juniors@parkrun,com.

We'd like to add our congatulations to Elijah BUSCEMI one of junior parkrunners who completed his 100th parkrun and Christian ALEXANDER and James PARSONS who both completed their 50th parkrun, all at Eastville on Saturday. Finally joining the new 25 'Run' Club are Tommy GEORGE, Josie NORTH, Isabella THORPE and Katy PIKE.

Further afield, well done to Eastville parkrunners Shaan SOHI for acheiving his 10th run as a junior (at Chipping Sodbury), to Steve WHEELER for completing his 50th parkrun (at Severn Bridge) and to Eithne NOONAN for volunteering for the 25th time (at Kings Weston junior parkrun).

Adrian and Patrick - Run Directors Event 131



Eastville parkrun #131

This week’s run report is brought to you by the topic of psychology!

So the 131st Eastville parkrun began in drizzle under an ashen sky (pictured below!). Most of the parkrunners I spoke to said that it would soon pass, making me wonder whether parkrunners display above average levels of optimism and what a great study that would make! However, serendipitously, the rain cleared as people assembled and only recommenced as the last runners came in.

Photo Credit: Paula Brown

Photo Credit: Paula Brown

I stationed myself at the far end of the lake in an (embarrassingly rare) role as marshall at ‘big’ park run, despite marshalling often at Junior Parkrun. Marshalling provided me with a different (and equally lovely) perspective of parkrun and reminded me to marshall more often (note to self, it’s International Volunteer Day on 5 December). Happily, the Run Directors informed me that this week was one of those rare weeks where volunteer positions were all filled by Wednesday. While waiting by the lake I calculated (somewhat roughly) that marshalling once every 12 weeks would do the trick (with 400 odd runners each week and 36 odd volunteers needed).

With an avid professional interest in psychology, I am continually fascinated with the well-being effects of parkrun. Lacking any sort of actual knowledge of sports psychology specifically however, I quickly remedied this with a cursory google. In moments I discovered that the eponymous ‘runner’s high’ is caused by surges in the prefrontal and limbic (midbrain) regions of the brain which produce waves of lovely feel-good endorphins.

From my marshall standpoint I could see lots of happy smiley runner’s faces and some which looked like they couldn’t wait for it to end! Possibly the action of endorphins kicks in by the time the results are up (which, incidentally, links with the neurochemical dopamine linked with rewards and also addiction). Runner’s also apparently experience higher levels of ‘cortical flicker frequency’ which leads to better information processing and improved ability to ignore distractions. What’s not to love…?

The relaxed (smug?) post-run feeling witnessed in my continued research up at the coffee van is, apparently, due to endocannabinoids (biochemical substances which are similar to cannabis and are produced naturally in the body). Runners, whether hungry for success or slightly less hungry for it but nonetheless enjoying themselves, all seemed to be sharing in the deeply satisfying sense of having achieved something before 10am on a Saturday morning.

I was a bit sad not to be running but there’s no overlooking the benefits of marshalling… Today’s cheery marshalls and assorted volunteers seemed not to be missing out on these endorphins either. More superficial google led to a plethora of studies on the ‘helper’s high’ which leads helpful people towards benefits such as greater health and increased longevity in ‘highs’ similar to those experience by runners, those doing activities such as yoga and even the euphoric feelings felt during the act of, dare I say it, procreation! It’s quite the advert for volunteering…

Speaking personally, I forgot how many lovely thank yous one receives, comments on how nice your earrings are and a bird’s eye view of the full range of runners in all their glory. Another step towards the red volunteers T-shirt finished off by treating myself to a tea and almond croissant at the coffee van. Having the opportunity to stand for a moment while waiting for runner’s with no screens or immediate tasks also invited a much-needed mindfulness. All-in-all, a great way to start the weekend or a ‘tonic’ as my grandmother used to say.

For the fully-fledged diehard parkrun (stat) nerds among you, there were 435 runners (almost bang on the average of 436 for Eastville) with 53 new PBs. I calculated that roughly 152,250 collective calories were burned in under an hour. Alison Roberts had the highest age grade score of a whopping 81.22% and Sarah Kimpton had the highest number of parkruns at the event (380!).

Heron stood on side of Eastville Park's lake

Photo credit: Adrian Collins

And not forgetting our surroundings… At the starter’s honk, the lake’s heron appeared on the far island in time to see the first runner’s come through. As if overseeing the run, it took off not long after the tail walker set off up the path on the long climb to the coffee van (did I mention that there’s a coffee van?) and towards the end of another enjoyable parkrun.

This week 435 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 68 were first timers and 64 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 54 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 32 volunteers:

Jonathan GOODLAND • Julie MOLLOY • James BUSHNELL • Becky BUSHNELL • Andrew GRIFFIN • Mayur DESAI • Jane GARDINER • David FRANCETTI • Derek DA SILVA • Adrian COLLINS • Victoria DAVIES • Henry SLY • David HEMMINGS • Sam JOHNSON • Brian TOMLINSON • Sharon HAYWARD • James HARRISON • Clare CLARK • Simon DAWSON • Sarah DAWSON • Paula BROWN • Nick TUFTNELL • Nicola TANNER • Michael MCGRATH • Alice SCHUMAN • Thea SCHUMAN • Patrick STONEHEWER • Olivia LIU • Jun LIU • Pamela VARCOE • Marie BURKE • Chloe VAITILINGAM

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Eastville parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Charlotte Emily TAYLOR-GREEN who recorded a time of 17:52 on 16th February 2019 (event number 63).
The male record is held by Andrew HEYES who recorded a time of 14:47 on 14th August 2021 (event number 121).
The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline LAVIS who recorded 91.02% (26:10) on 14th August 2021 (event number 121).

Eastville parkrun started on 18th November 2017. Since then 12,275 participants have completed 57,205 parkruns covering a total distance of 286,025 km, including 10,199 new Personal Bests. A total of 908 individuals have volunteered 3,511 times.


Eastville parkrun #130

Thanks to Mark Williamson for writing this week's run report, as well as taking photographs to accompany it. If you'd like to volunteer to write a run report (or fill any of our other volunteer roles) please do email

Thanks as well to all of our volunteers for our spooky parkrun.

Rosie & Adrian - Run Directors Eastville parkrun #130


Eastville parkrun #130

30th October 2021

Ghouls and ghosts and spectres and skeletons were all around Eastville, although not in cornucopic abundance on this halloween weekend.

The core team of volunteers had clearly got into the spirit as had a few of the regular parkmates who grace Eastville on a Saturday morning.

I had worked in and around Bristol in the noughties as well as having been flatpacked off to buy some furniture very near to the parkrun but had neither the time nor the opportunity to visit this beautiful park on the outskirts of Brissle. Dropping off the M32 I knew I was in the right location, judging by the amount of parkmates wandering across the underpasses on the roundabout. Some free parking (every little helps) is always welcome and I didn't need to ask for directions, I just followed the steady flow. I met Ewan Cameron on the way up and we had a chat about the course. Ewan had taken the opportunity to sport a skeleton top for the occasion. He's a regular here having run over 30 of his 190+ parkruns on the three loops of the park. More of them later.

We walked to the assembly area and I said hello to today's RD's, Adrian Collins and Rosie Burrows, who were appropriately suited and booted for the festivities and ready for another spooktacular event.

I had noticed no one was down for run report and made the offer. It's a nice role to fulfil, gets a v credit and takes some weight off the core team. Trust me, it's always welcome at my home run so please do put your name down if you want to scribe. In fact, put your name down for any role at all. Full training and a warm welcome is assured at every event.

Photo Credit: Mark Williamson

Photo Credit: Mark Williamson

Soon it was time for  a briefing from Rosie, which was thorough but still posed some questions, even with the map for guidance. Oh well, just follow the herd!
Today's tailwalker, Neil Butterfield was on hand to point us to the start.


Photo Credit: Mark Williamson

We had a bride and hen party, out attending the serious part of the day before some light hearted ceremony and celebration later. (The bride missed her photocall)


Photo Credit: Mark Williamson

A whopping 51 parkmates came up as unknown. How many were new to parkrun, how many delayed a milestone, how many regret forgetting that barcode....who knows? Wow!  Please, please #RYB or #DFYB guys, as #NBNTNE and it's such a shame to miss out that credit.
Today's field of 331 parkmates saw at least 11 brand new parkmates so welcome to the family one and all. Be careful, it gets addictive. Around 40 tourists joined the happy throng today, visiting from as far apart as Poole and Norwich, Davenport and Liverpool, Cheltenham and Forest of Dean, and more locally, Bitton and Southville. Nice to see you all.


Photo Credit: Mark Williamson

Traversing to the start I bumped into Andy Evans, down from Norwich visiting his son and sporting his green run 250  t-shirt. I was wearing my new V250 t-shirt so we were sort of bookends :-) It was really nice to see so many happy faces on what had promised to be a soggy Saturday morning but the parkrun fairy intervened, gave us a welcome window of opportunity and it wasn't bad at all

Our RD briefing tried to mask us from the run to come, but once he took it off we could hear Adrian quite clearly. Briefing done we counted down and were off. Here we go...As a c=cardiac Athlete I run to HR so this was going to be interesting.

A flat bit, busy, lots of leaves but okay underfoot and then sharp right for a meander downhill, hang a right along some more flat to meet the best marshal point ever. I think it should be called "Gratitude point" as the marshal there gets to direct the runners in different directions on every lap and gets more thanks than anyone else. A right turn and it's up the short, sharp slope for the first time and a run through the start to do it again until Gratitude point and a veer off for a wander round the lake. So far so good and ticker behaving. I missed the single boat, mentioned in a previous report but was taken with the beautiful swans in the lake as well as the ducks. All the birds seemed blissfully unaware of the private battles, runs, struggles, hilarity and fun being had round the perimeter of their playfield. I swapped notes with Ian Haynes, veteran of over 50 circuits here and he gave me the lowdown on hills to come. Exiting the lake it was time for the second climb, which was a serious extension to number one and got me up to threshold. Steady!, This climb took us to the furthest extremities of Eastville before a turnaround and long downhill to rejoin the small lap again and pass Gratitude Point for the third time. Just one more uphill flat bit before a run into the finish. I exchanged pleasantries with a few parkmates before a cluster of us finished together, with some needing a nudge to get over the line.
A well controlled finish funnel ensured we got our tokens and were scanned safely.


Photo Credit: Mark Williamson

Thank you to my lovely scanner. I enjoyed our brief chat and yes, it is a good idea for runners to sellotape or laminate barcodes for conditions like today :-)


Photo Credit: Mark Williamson


Our thanks go to all of this week's volunteers for coming out, setting up in the rain and making sure we got our weekly fix of parkrun fun


Photo Credit: Mark Williamson

Thank you :
Adrian COLLINS  •  Alice SCHUMAN  •  Alison HITCHINGS  •  Barb MAYGER  •  Chloe VAITILINGAM  •  Emma HALLETT  •  Hannah HUDSON  •  Iman FADEL  •  James HARRISON  •  Jane SALEEM  •  Jenny GRENFELL-SHAW  •  Jonathan GOODLAND  •  Jun LIU  •  Kenny SMITH  •  Kirstie LYTHGO  •  Malcolm LYTHGO  •  Marie BURKE  •  Mark WILLIAMSON  •  Matt AUSTIN  •  Neil BUTTERFIELD  •  Nick TUFTNELL  •  Nicola JONES  •  Nicola TANNER  •  Olivia LIU  •  Patrick STONEHEWER  •  Pete CLARK  •  Raindeep SOHI  •  Rebecca KINGSTON  •  Rosie BURROWS  •  Samantha NEVILLE  •  Stephen MORGAN  •  Steve GUEST  •  Sue MORGAN  •  Tom URRY

Out on the course our first three parthletes home were..
S/VM: Adam Gooch, in a new PB of 17:00; followed by Nick Tuftnell (Who equalled his PB) and first timer Thomas Halling
S/VW: Hannah Plunkett-Cole in a new PB of 21:08, followed by first timer Lizzie O'Mahoney and the trio completed by Anna Britton from Bitton, also here for the first time.

Juniors: Ismail Rashid, also in a new PB, 21:30, followed by Joseph Brazier and Riley Bruce
Age Grade:Cath Wheeler, Nick Tuftnell and Adam Gooch.
Unknown: 16, 26 and 36
Great Western Runner Gavin Watkins is now eligible to buy a black t-shirt. Well done on that century Gavin and for being the only milestone this week.

Over 40 people beat the weather and their own best time to achieve a new PB this week. Well done everybody.
What a great course, great team and so easy to get to. Thank you for having us and I hope to see you again.
I had a lot of fun and hope you too enjoyed it just as much as me. I hope to return,
Eastville parkrun event statistics

Events: 130

Finishers: 12,207

Finishes: 56,770

Average finishers per week: 436.7

Volunteers: 907

PBs: 10,135

Average finish time: 00:28:50

Average finishes per participant: 4.7

Clubs: 778

Female record: Charlotte Emily TAYLOR-GREEN – 17:52 – Event 63 (16 Feb 2019)

Male record: Andrew HEYES – 14:47 – Event 121 (14 Aug 2021)

Age graded record: Caroline LAVIS - 91.02% 26:10 – Event 121 (14 Aug 2021)

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