Well done to our Sweatshop Monthly Prize Winner for August who is Peter Hamilton.  When he was younger Peter ran as part of his conditioning for his main sport of rowing but he admits that fell by the wayside while his family were growing up.  Now that they are in their teens he has enjoyed getting back to running. 

Peter now regularly travels to Ecos from his home in Doagh, often with one or two sons.  They are not so much in tow as leading him around the course and one week the three of them featured in the first ten finishers.

It is just as hard to achieve PBs when you are already running under 22 minutes but Peter’s progress has been steady with three PBs at Ecos in August.  He even headed to Victoria parkrun the week Ecos parkrun was cancelled where he matched his Ecos PB.  Peter tells me that he looks forward to Ecos each week but resists looking at his watch at the end of the run and instead looks out keenly for the results to see how he has done. 

We'd like to thank Sweatshop for their generosity and to congratulate Peter on his achievement.  Hopefully your new shoes will help you dip under 20 minutes.