Learning from parkrun – Share your experience to help others

Seeking Ballymena parkrunners to share their experiences- parkrun researchers are coming to Ballymena on Saturday 6th June

We invite you to be part of our research with selected parkrun sites (Swindon and Mile End, England; St Andrews, Scotland; Ballymena, Northern Ireland) in 2015. Our aim is to better understand how parkrun engages people to be active and to identify inclusive strategies to build on this success in the future.

We are particularly interested in understanding how parkrun engages people from different social backgrounds (low income, women, black and minority ethnic groups, older adults as well as people who have been inactive or are managing health conditions eg, overweight, cancer, diabetes etc). We have received funding from Cancer Research UK to do the project and we will share our findings widely with parkrun and beyond.

We would like to hear about your experiences in our online survey so please follow this link for more information (we will also bring paper copies when we visit on Sat. 6th June). The survey link is now open for a month.


We would also like to conduct some in-depth interviews with selected parkrunners/volunteers. If you wish to share relevant photographs of yourself that represent the meaning of participation, we would be happy for you to bring them along (digital or hard copy). You can email us or tick the survey box to say that you would be happy to do a 30 minute interview when our team visits on Saturday 6th June, 2015.

We would like to thank Susanna and the ‘Ballymena Co-Researchers’ for working with us. By taking part in the research you will provide valuable information on how parkrun ‘works’ as a volunteer-led approach to physical activity.

News story link – http://www.bath.ac.uk/research/news/2014/10/01/cruk-parkrun/
Our Email: run_researchCRUK@bath.ac.uk
Follow us on twitter @run_research

MANY THANKS from the UK Research Team:
Principal Investigator: Prof. Simone Fullagar, University of Bath
Co-Investigators: Dr. Gozde Ozakinci, Dr Sandra Petris, Mrs Muhsina Akhtar, Dr Stephanie Allen,
Research Assistant: Julia Sargent

This research has been approved by the Department for Health Ethics Committee, University of Bath


parkrun Cancellation


Ecos parkrun will be cancelled tomorrow as some of the paths are flooded. Even if it stops raining before the morning the Braid River may continue to rise and it will take a while for the water to drain away from the paths. 

Lots of you will still want to get your Saturday run and the forecast looks like the morning will be fair. There will be an option of running two laps of a route over the Millennium bridge (the curvy one) through the showgrounds and back along the road through the park. While there will be leaders for the run this is not an official parkrun and will not be timed or have refreshments. It will start at 9.30 from the Events area where we usually assemble. There will be traffic on the roads so runners will need to take care of themselves and their children. 

Alternatively tomorrow could be the perfect time to try out one of the four parkruns in Belfast if you haven't already. We'll not be offended and you'll get a great welcome at the other parkruns. Details of all are at the link below. Victoria starts at 9.00, Waterworks, Queen's and Falls at 9.30. If you want to arrange car pooling you can make arrangements between yourselves by posting on our Facebook page. A handy meeting point is Ballee Park and Ride (beside Donnelly and Taggart Garage on Antrim Road).


Announcing the start of Ecos parkrun, Ballymena

We are delighted to announce the start of another new parkrun.  Ecos parkrun will take place every Saturday at 9:30am in Ecos Park, Ballymena starting on 31 March 2012.

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