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Hi again
There are a lot of spaces available on this week's roster.
Have a look at the roster on our website and let us know if you can help by emailing to

Results 9 Oct 21

We have had a technical issue with the times this week so all runners are credited with default time of 59:59.
We may be able to sort it out but that could take some time so thank you for your patience. If we can't then at least you all have a run credit.
Thanks to all the volunteers who made this morning's run happen.

Please consider volunteering or we might not be running every week.

Hello again parkrunners,

a great big thank you to the volunteers who have stepped up this week and we have a nearly full roster for this Saturday already.

This is a great situation to be in this early in the week but over the last few weeks we have really struggled to get enough help to put on a safe parkrun for you all despite the high numbers of runners since we restarted. We have had to send out a number of appeals each week and even then it's been very late in the week by we were ready to go ahead.

There is a certain level of help needed to get a run to go ahead safely.  In the first  instance we will loose the timekeepers. We would move the timekeepers across to scanning to maintain the safe ratio of scanners to runners (for social distancing purposes).  If that is the case then all runners will get a default time of 59:59.

If we cannot even get to that level of helpers then we may have to cancel the run that week due to the lack of volunteers.  We have decided that cut off point will be 8 o'clock on a Thursday evening,  this will give people plenty of time to make alternative arrangements to run or volunteer elsewhere.  Once the event that week is cancelled we cannot go back on the decision.

If you can help out please contact us by email as soon as possible.  All of the roles are straightforward and we will show you how to do them if you have any problems.

Deborah and Paul, Co-Event Directors.



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Okay folks

we have tried an email appeal, we've tried a Facebook appeal and still we are short of a couple of volunteers for tomorrow's run.

As it stands we are short of a timekeeper and a scanner.  We may have to move the timekeeper across to scanning to maintain the safe ratio of scanners to runners (for social distancing purposes).  If that is the case then all runners will get a default time of 59:59.

If you can help out please contact us by email as soon as possible.



Event 211 – 18th September 2021 – Guest run report

By Stephen Dee, parkrun tourist from Dishley parkrun

I am currently into the third week of a 4 week tour of Scotland cycling, and Saturdays have been designated "Rest Days" so I can do parkrun.  Prior to crossing the border I had done two other parkruns away from my home run, hence I have know done 5 in a row: Riddlesdown, Clifton, Vogrie, Crathes Castle and now Elgin.  In the world of parkrun Countdown, I think I need a few more vowels and consonants, but it is looking good for Pirates! 

So, Saturday I turned up in good time at Cooper's park for my 14th parkrun and 11th location.  I like to arrive in good time, so I was early along with another parkrun tourist and a local expecting a 9am start.  So, I explained that most parkruns in Scotland are 9:30 starts.

Being early I was able to ear wig the volunteers briefing, where it was announced that one of the bar code scanners was celebrating their 50th time in that role.  I learnt afterwards, another clocked up 75 times bar code scanning.  Well done to both as without volunteers parkrun will not be able to take place.

In all there were 241 runners, including the two tail walkers.  Going through the results there seems to be loads of first timers, then I twigged they include parkrun tourists running at Elgin for the first time, such as yours truly.  So with a bit of a data sort, I concluded there were 12 runners who where really first timers.  Well done - I hope you enjoyed parkrun enough to run again on a regular basis. Remember it is a run, and
times are really only for you to measure your progress.  Some days it will be like running in treacle, other days you will fly along (metaphorically speaking).  Last week I felt like running in treacle, partly because of injury and partly because of the course, this week I felt a lot better and improved my time by 12 minutes but ended 153 places lower down!

For Elgin parkrun #207 the guest reporter was commenting on the record turnout of 296.  Whilst this week's turnout was below that, it was a very healthy turnout.  In the 6 weeks since being back post Lockdown, all of the Elgin parkruns have had 216 or more runners.  I am not sure what the weather was like for parkrun #210, but if it was wet like in the Dee Valley where I was (ED's note: it was very wet!), 216 turnout was pretty good.  All the parkruns since restart have been in the top 14 for turnout, and apart from #210, in the top 6 for turnout. So, when the Run Director was attributing the good turnout to the nice weather, that is only partly true - there is a definite upturn in numbers.

With the large turnout, I did make the mistake of hanging around at back of the start line, as with my time there was no point in clogging up the front for the faster runners.  As a consequence, I barely heard what was being said at the before start briefing.  No problems at the separate first time briefing.  So, if I missed out on commenting on any milestones -apologies, I didn't hear.

From the prerun chat with others, there was one park run tourist, who in all fairness probably could be reclassified as running their first parkrun at their new home course.  They had moved in to their new abode in the area, only 3 days beforehand!

What I like about parkrun with it being a run and not a race, it encourages all to run including some inspirational people to run.  A lady I ran for a short way with, was recovering from cancer so I was able to explain about the 5k Your Way movement, which is aimed at those with cancer under going treatment and post treatment, and their friends and family.  And as I was setting off to do other things, there was the chap doing the course on crutches and a walking boot in the final section of the pan handle.  Those who have broken their ankles, me included, know that it can be very difficult to walk after having had one's foot in the air for 6 weeks with no weight on it.  So well done to all those who are during parkrun during as part of their journey to recovery from whatever personal adversary one may be going through.

The course was as described on the tin, mix of tarmac and concrete paths. Although with the growth in numbers, some of the narrow sections were a bit busy with people.  With the large turnout it meant that a slow runner such as myself, had others one could pace and or chat with.  The pan handle shape also meant one got to see most runners in action.  On the pan handle section I noticed there was an unofficial time keeper.  When I passed him the second time, he predicted a time of 35 minutes for me, which was not bad, as I was 35:37 as after seeing him for the last time, I had paused to say thank you in my own little way to the two volunteers by the bridge.

I would like to thank the Run Director (Gwen) and her team of 17 volunteers for making today possible.  Without the dedicated work of the Core Team in the background and the Run Director and team of Volunteers on the day parkrun would not be possible.  So, thank you to all involved with Elgin parkrun.

ED Note: Thank you for visiting us Stephen!


Run report – Guest reporter

On 21 August we had a visitor, Cynthia Fry who has kindly wrote us a run report.  Many thanks to Cynthia for her report and kind words.

Elgin parkrun, Event #207, August 21, 2021
What a banner day!
A record breaking 296 parkrunners descended upon Cooper Park to take on the 5k course.  The 296 easily surpassed the previous week's record breaking tally of 273.
Wonder what next week will bring?
Meanwhile, check out this week's....
82 of our 296 parkrunners were First Timers at Elgin parkrun! Some were seasoned parkrunners indulging in a spot of parkrun tourism whilst others were making their debut at their very first parkrun.  I was one of the touring First Timers and was quite delighted with the whole affair.  What a welcoming team of volunteers!  From tip~to~tailwalkers there was a great buzz about this event.  I'll definitely be putting this parkrun on my list of faves.
We hope all our First Timers had a fantastic time!
Speaking of a fantastic time, check out the....
Congratulations to all our speed~stars!  37 of our 296 parkrunners set down PBs on Saturday!  Whether you were burning up the course like First Finisher Stephen MacKay with his 15:42 PB, or keeping the tail end of the field company like Margaret Munro with her 57:30 PB, you all deserve a round of applause.  Bask in the afterglow of your accomplishment and enjoy that coveted "New PB" next to your name in the results.
Check out the Personal Bests & all the rest at:
It's always inspirational to see so many youngsters take on the 5k distance.  Well done to all of you!
Check out the speed-stars who finished first in the following junior categories:
JW10:  Kiera Carlyle in 34:52 (First Timer!)
JW 11-14:  Hazel Forrest in 20:51 (First Timer!)
JW 15-17:  Ella Robertson 29:24
JM 10: Rhys Carmichael in 23:18 (PB!)
JM 11-14:  Finlay McLuckie in 19:20 (PB!)
JM 15-17:  Tom Palmer 19:16 (PB!)
A round of applause for the fleet of feet in the following categories:
Women's Category:
1st in was Hazel Forrest for Harrogate Harriers & AC  in 20:51 (First Timer)
2nd in was Rachel Forrest for Harrogate Harriers & AC  in 22:39 (First Timer)
3rd in was Lauren Bate  in 22:50 (First Timer)
Men's Category:
1st in was Stephen MacKay for Inverness Harriers AAC in 15:42 (PB)
2nd in was James Badenoch in 17:21 (First Timer)
3rd in was Alexander Howells in 17:50 (First Timer)
For those feeling the need for speed, get your skates on!
The Elgin course record in the Female Category was set on September 21, 2019 by Jenny Bannerman with 17:12.
The Male Category record was set on April 13, 2019 by Kenny Wilson with 15:29.
Juniors who complete ten 5k parkruns become members of the Ten Club.
Congratulations to Rhys Carmichael on completion of his 10th parkrun on Saturday.  He added an extra flourish to his 10th outing with an admirable 23:18 PB!  This JM10 parkrunner began his parkrun journey on July 20, 2019 & has collected 4 shiny PBs along the way.  All 10 of his events have been at  Elgin parkrun.  Kudos x 10, Rhys!!
Rory Marsh parkran his way into the 50 Club on Saturday.  This was parkrun tourist Rory's first visit to Elgin parkrun.  His parkrun story began on September 9, 2017 at Edinburgh.  He has 9 shiny PBs to his credit with 2 earned at Edinburgh & 7 at Curl Curl (New South Wales, Australia)   To round out his parkrun experience, Rory has also dipped his toe in the volunteering pool on occasion.  Congrats on your 50th parkrun, Rory!  Enjoy sporting your 50 milestone T-shirt!
At the helm of Team Spirit was Run Director Extraordinaire Paul Hughes.  Under his watchful eye, Paul's merry band of volunteers orchestrated a truly spirited event.
3 cheers & a standing ovation for these 19 volunteers:
Junfei HU • Paul HUGHES • Holly ROBINSON • Gwen JONES • Colin HALL • Martin BAIN • Dawn THIRKELL • Phill THOMPSON • Deborah MAIN • Frances WARDHAUGH • Sue REES • William COOKE • Shona LEESE • Kat STABLES • Tracey HOY • Lorraine LONGMUIR • Jase KILBY • Kathleen FRASER • Jacqueline PETERKIN
Savouring your chance to sport one of our fancy-schmancy high-vis volunteer vests?  
That's fabulous!  We need you!
We're keen to recruit new volunteers, & always excited to welcome back experienced volunteers.
For your chance to make a splash in the volunteer pool, check out future volunteer opportunities at:
As a First Timer at Elgin, I was absolutely delighted with the experience.  The smiley volunteers were ace, the parkrunners were a friendly bunch, the course was flat, the rain held off (thanks Mother Nature!), & the cafe at Decora was the cherry on the top.  Who could ask for anything more?  Thanks for your First Class hospitality, Elgin!  I'll be back!
Happy parkrunning & DFYB (Don't Forget Your Barcode),
Cynthia Fry



Just a reminder

May be an image of phone and text that says "partners pafkrum Vitality 'Y ONLY WE'RE APP all of our scanning and timing is done via the virtual volunteer app"


Further news

Further to earlier post:

Today we received notification from parkrun HQ that we shall be looking to restart on Saturday 14 Aug.

A few changes to be made but more info to follow soon, here and on our social media feeds.




Restart date


following announcements recently by governments about easing of restrictions there is understandably a great deal of speculation about our parkrun restarting.  We are awaiting official notice from parkrun HQ about such a date.

We as a team have already been doing prep work in the background to ensure all is in place once the start date is announced.  It actually felt great to be in the park doing parkrun stuff for the first time in such a long while.

We will keep you informed as soon as we know anything more.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.





(not)parkrun- why not give it a go?

Well it looks like it will be sometime before we get back to proper parkrun fun.

But, did you know that you can still have a bit of parkrun fun with (not)parkrun?
It's a way of keeping you running and in touch with the parkrun community - virtually or at a distance.

There's a full FAQ section at…/360009843618--not-parkrun-FAQs

Go on give it a go! Let's see how many Elgin parkrun can record each week.

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