Tutu 200th – 22/02/2020

Two two two - come on and do the parkrun... tutu tu come on and join the parkrun!




Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers this morning and every morning who make our parkrun just the very best it can be!  Today they were out in their tutus steadfast against the horizontal rain and 40 mile per hour winds (again!) doing a most excellent job of keeping ef parkrun going with this our 200th event here!

If you haven't volunteered with us before - please do try it.  It is fun, easy, rewarding (not financially but more emotionally and spiritually, and of course you will receive a parkrun credit and thank you message) and hugely appreciated. All you need to do is email ellenbrookfieldshelpers@parkrun.com and tell us when you would like to volunteer (Saturday mornings generally work best for us), which date you can help and what job you'd like tutu do!

Abbie Cooke is volunteer of the week this week for being the best ever Token hander outer in all of parkrun land and completing her 25th volunteer role today!

Rather fittingly...

The event was made possible by 22 volunteers: (you can't make this stuff up!)

Lynne NORMAN • John NORMAN • Janet BREAM • Sarah MACKEN • Julianne NIGHTINGALE • Philippa DAVIS • Carrie HUDSON • Sarah HAVERSON • Maxine GOOLD • Allison SKEGGS • Christopher ANSELL • Catherine REID • John O'CALLAGHAN • Marjolein GROEFSEMA • Ciaran WELSH • Alex LI • Amanda OSGOOD • Tom BENSON • Caroline GRIFFIN • Dave VALENTINE • Jasper HUDSON Token sorter • Abbie COOK 

Another impressive stat with some 2's in it:

Ellenbrook Fields parkrun started on 21st May 2016. Since then 7,113 participants have completed 40,450 parkruns covering a total distance of 202,250 km, including 7,052 new Personal Bests. A total of 602 individuals have volunteered 4,055 times.

Photo of star volunteer Maxine scanning the athlete barcodes and tokens looking resplendent in her tutu.  Also special thanks to Maxine who donated the wireless headphones which was the prize for Catherine Cam 222nd place finisher!




Prizes were also awarded to  finishers with significant twos in their position, 2, 22, 200, 122 and the best tutu, photo below:



Well done one and all and special thanks to those who embraced the tutu theme - it wasn't easy with all that mud and wind!


Aesthetically pleasing results with todays theme in mind also worthy of a mention:

Mark Gabbey with 20:02

Mathew Dixon with 22:01 - narrowly missing out on what could have been a splendid 22:02 (and yes I did toy with the idea of editing the time - but restrained myself!)

David Hodson with an impressive 22:22

The wonderful Kate Benson placed 200th!  Wonderful as she volunteers regularly and brings along the equally wonderful Tom Benson every week to volunteer who you would have seen out at marshal point 6 - complete with tutu in the driving wind and rain!

Sadly we didn't get a photo if either of them!


The junior parkrunners were celebrating milestsones of their own today:

Hugo and Jessica completed their 10th parkruns and 9 year old Mia completed her first!  Aiden providied further inspiration by completing his 50th parkrun!  Well done those kids!


We can't brush over (although we would like tutu) the mud that we are suffering at the moment particularly on the grassy bit on the little loop between 1 and 2 km.  Please take your time on this stretch of the course, consider running in the longer grass to the side of the mud, take the corner wide and ensure you have some good grip on your shoes. Road running shoes are adequate but indoor 'court' style smooth soled shoes won't be.  You do need a sturdy pair of running shoes or if walking, boots are useful at the moment.  I'd like to say it will dry up soon, but a quick check of the forecast doesn't suggest that is true or likely, although we keep our fingers and toes crossed!  How we will laugh and hanker after this mud when we are dealing with the hot dry dusty course of the summer months!

This week 389 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 47 were first timers and 36 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 27 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Ellenbrook Fields parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:04 on 29th October 2016 (event number 24).
The female record is held by Annabel GUMMOW who recorded a time of 16:48 on 20th April 2019 (event number 155).
The Age Grade course record is held by Yuko GORDON who recorded 95.28% (22:16) on 22nd December 2018 (event number 137).

Thank you and see you next Saturday for another little twist to our leap year parkrun event as it is our first ever ef parkrun on February 29th!!!