Cancellation of March events


Dear parkrunners

This is our position on today's news that parkrun UK has suspended all events in the UK until the end of March, with immediate effect.

Speaking as the RD for Saturday 21st March, the decision gives me a tinge of sadness, but also immense relief. I hereby heartily thank and applaud all of the volunteers who were on the roster, and who continue to support our event, and all of the wider band of our special community.

If you aren't on Facebook, please click here to see the global statement issued by parkrun. The UK Athletics guidance is to cancel all events until the end of April, so there's an expectation that parkrun UK will make a further announcement before 4th April.

Please do all the right things to support each other during this suspension. Follow the NHS advice (click here) and take the pandemic seriously. Above all, avoid any temptation to attend in groups and run the parkrun course, for two reasons:

1. The silver lining to the cloud of suspension is that our mucky grassy sections will have the perfect opportunity to start recovering.

2. The landowner's generous permission for our regular events doesn't extend to informal groups. Please don't do anything that would risk our long-term license.

Just like Arnie, the best parkrun in the Hatfield area will be back!
RD Tim