Ellon parkrun # 22 – 16/04/2016

The run

Another cold and windy one this morning, but we mustn't grumble as at least we didn't get soaked or get caught in bad hailstones. This week we had 46 runners with 8 first-timers.

Apparently the runners got a little shelter from the wind in places but had to battle against it in others.

We were a little bit short of helpers again, which wasn't ideal and the timer and tokens fell out of sync. Results have been published but there may be some errors remaining. Email us at ellonoffice@parkrun.com if your result is wrong.

Please remember to observe good finish funnel etiquette. Only go into the funnel if you intend to pick up a token, and do not go through the funnel more than once.

Little stoke parkrun threatened with eviction

You may have seen parkrun in the national news this week following the decision by a parish council to attempt to charge Little Stoke parkrun for using the public footpath. At the local level events have zero revenue and so this effectively means that the parish council are evicting the event.

One of the arguments used against Little Stoke parkrun was that the runners 'monopolised' the footpaths during the event. By reported accounts this is an exaggeration, but the take-home message for us is that it shows the importance of developing a good relationship with the other users of the footpaths.

We do not have priority use of the footpath. Please do your bit for your event by showing the utmost consideration to other path users. If this means that you have to move off the footpath or slow down or even stop then so be it. It's only a run.

Co-Run Director appeal

Ellon parkrun currently has 3 Run Directors, which in itself means we are not a very robust event. Due to holidays etc we are really going to feel the strain over the next couple of months. As a first step I'm asking for a few people to come forward and try co-Run Directing with me. I'll be there as normal pre and post-run and you can learn what the role involves and see if it is for you. I do find Run Directing to be very rewarding but I'd prefer not to be doing it 75%+ of the time as I enjoy taking part too.

Please email us at ellonhelpers@parkrun.com and come and give it a try.



Many thanks to this week's heroes

Andrew CRUICKSHANK  •  Craig WILSON  •  Fiona MCCALMAN  •  Gillian ARCHIBALD  •  Glen CHALMERS  •  James MORTIMER  •  Robert BUCHAN  •  Royston WALKER  •  Steven GARDEN