Ellon parkrun # 29 – 04/06/2016

The run

This week there were 83 runners, of whom 13 were first timers and 33 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 9 different athletics clubs took part.  There were 8 volunteers.

A fine day for a run once again.  It was very warm for the runners but just about right for the volunteers.



There was a little glitch with the results which means you may have initially received a time of 59:59 in your text or email.  A further glitch was discovered later on and this has now been corrected.  The results now conform with the feedback we had from various runners but please email us if your result is different to your self-timed result.

The 25 volunteer club

Congratulations to Fiona McCalman for joining the 25 volunteer club.  Fiona has supported us since the start and has done most of her stints at Ellon.  She will now be eligible to claim the coveted 25 purple t-shirt.  Many thanks to Jackie Garden for the cake.


Fiona celebrates 25 volunteer occasions.  

Many thanks to this week's heroes

Andy FRASER  •  Dougie GRAHAM  •  Emily GRAHAM  •  Fiona MCCALMAN  •  Irene JAMIESON  •  Jackie GARDEN  •  James MORTIMER  •  Steven GARDEN